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  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    This Hotlap competition is a true measurement to test your skills. See if you have the alien speed, or just try improve your qualifying skills.

    This is a challenge with a difference, there are points to be won, to see if you are truly the

    King of Hotlaps

    The event will run from Tuesdays to Sundays. If there is another Assetto Corsa event planned on the Sunday afternoon/evening, then it will be until Sunday 12pm. Any times submitted after this will not count.

    The car and circuit will change each week. I have left Mondays free to tally up the points and post information.

    Please see the rules and how to participate below:

    How can I compete?
    • First, register and get an SRP Racing License.
    • Now get on the Assetto Corsa server and make sure you use your Real Name that is also used as your SRP racing license.
    • You can follow your progress by clicking the "Lap Times" button at the bottom of this post!
    Drive as fast as possible. Cut rules are set by the track, and these have been turned on. If you cut a corner, or go more than two wheels off the circuit, it will give you an Invalid Lap

    You can have as many invalid laps as you wish, but only your time for a Valid Lap will be taken. You can lap as many times as you wish, there is no limit.

    The only limit for time is between the days that are set.

    You MUST use the SRP Server to record your lap time.

    Apps Required
    You will need to download the pTracker tool that works alongside the sTracker tool on the server. This provides us with all the info we need to make sure you do a valid laptime, and that you have a valid AC account, etc., etc...basically it makes my life a lot easier.

    Its a really simple APP for AC, doesn't take up any resources, of FPS, and will really help, as a driver...I love it tbh....but here is the link:

    All the info is here:

    I will say from Round 2, if you don't have pTracker activated when you do your hotlap on the server, the server will report your lap as INVALID, so you will not score any points and your time will be deleted. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

    We want this to look as pro as possible, so you must do a valid lap in Single Player mode BEFORE you set a time on the server. This must be done for EVERY ROUND.

    Points and Honours
    A points system will be in place and will be recorded. There are two honours up for grabs as follows:

    King of Hotlaps (most top spots gained)
    Hotlap Challenge Winner (most points gained)

    So potentially, one person could grab both honours.

    The points will be as follows:

    1st = 50 points
    2nd = 49 points
    and so on all the way down to 50th.

    This is not a league as such, so keeping the points close together hots up the competition.

    Cars Used
    On each event a single car will be used, so there will be no classes. This enables it to be an even playing field for everybody.

    Circuits Used
    The circuits used will be legal modded tracks which the community has produced, or official circuits. No illegal material will be used.

    Here is a list of the 12 rounds:

    RND 1 - Ginetta G55 - Donington National
    RND 2 - Tatuus - Brands Hatch GP
    RND 3 - McLaren F1 GTR - Monza
    RND 4 - KTM - Prato Short
    RND 5 - BMW 235i Racing - Blackwood Reloaded
    RND 6 - Alfa Romeo GTA - Brands Hatch Indy
    RND 7 - Lotus 2 Eleven - Barbagallo
    RND 8 - Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM - Spa
    RND 9 - Ferrari GT2 - Imola
    RND 10 - Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 - Nürburgring Sprint
    RND 11 - Nissan Primera BTCC - Pukekohe Park Raceway
    RND 12 - Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II - Thruxton

    You will be able to follow each event by clicking this button:

    Password is for the server is HERE.
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