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  1. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    The one and only time a MK3 cortina will ever be referred to as "Fast or Flash" o_O
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Round 2 @ Brands Hatch

    Round 2, and it was off to Brands Hatch in the Tatuus (Formula Arbath) and there was me thinking, this would settle down after Rob Hermans threw down the gauntlet in round 1. But it didn’t take long for all the testosterone to kick in again.

    Straight away Rob Hermans was showing off with his comments “Never once got an "invalid lap" message when I went off though.” Which says, he is always 'online' and Kris Vickers had to make some family adjustments so he could put in some laps, with doing the impossible, as he said “Right, convinced the missus she needed an early night so I could get some laps in”
    So with the server open, Rob Hermans, laid down the law, only for Rob Taplin to come in and spoil the party...a man on a mission. But Kris had other ideas…with his “missus” as he said out of the way and being able to concentrate, instead of the household chores, he put in a blistering lap to top the table.

    This didn't last, as he started making real driver excuses saying “Meh, I really hate this Tatuus. Do the lower class open wheelers really handle like this??” Only if you're driving them. Kris LOL. Andy Bonar, a latecomer to the series, blasted his way to the front of the HLC.

    Andy said “Really like this car and track, very nice indeed. Cheers for the setup Rob, works very well. I'm going to gloat for all of 5 minutes because I'm sure it won't be there long” so there is a secret tag team going on here already.

    Rob Taplin was unhappy with Andy’s lap time, due to it being so quick, but this pair have obviously competed on another sim, as Andy said “I would say given past'll knock a second or 2 off that yet”...while he giggled and blew raspberries in the background.

    In the meantime, Rob Wilson was suffering setup issues, and then Rob Hermans flexed his muscles and blasted his way to the top….again, much to the disappointment of Andy Bonar.
    With Andy and Rob H. engaged in a conversation, it was up to the series director to step in, and told the children to calm down…

    After they both calmed down, Rob Hermans' reply to Andy comments was Muhahahahahaha!
    After a slight server glitch, Rob Hermans improved his time again to further extend his lead, and Kris Vickers had other duties to attend to. He said on Thursday “that`ll have to be it from me for this week's challenge. I'm away from home until Sunday night and probably too knackered to put more laps in”.

    There were a few missing this time around, with Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan saying “sadly I think I have to miss this one.” which was a shame after such a great performance at Donington.
    With time ticking away, it was Shaun Clarke, the series creator who was posting all the laps, with Norman Bruce and Luka Peklaj, and although Luka improved on his time, it was Shaun Clarke that has been the major mover, not only improving his time, but moving from 13th to 8th . When we spoke to Shaun he said: “I knew I had it in me, just had to find time to ignore the wife, ignore the simracingpro forum and get down to business. I am never going to be the fastest person out there, but at the moment, to be in the Top 10, that is just fantastic.”

    That didn't last long with other posting faster times, and then the shock: Rob Hermans knocked down to third with the time ticking away, first Eric Stranne topped the charts, then Andreas Löffler stamped his foot down and proved he is not one to mess with…and this is how it stayed.

    So Andreas took his first win and Eric in 2nd with Rob Hermans in 3rd. The newcomers flexed their elbows; Niranjan Kumar, Peter Beres and James Skinner all posted great times. All points count.

    In a quick interview with the series director, Shaun Clarke he said: ”This is really becoming a series that people enjoy, and I am enjoying it. I will never be at the top, but just getting people together, having fun, and throwing in a little banter, is just fantastic. One track, one car…I will beat Rob Hermans…just once, that’s all I want. Oh, and just as long I keep in front of Rob Taplin and James Skinner in points, I am a happy man.

    Towards the end Rob Taplin was a little unhappy, although he beat Shaun Clarke, he said:“What?? Never mind the aliens, I bust my balls using your time as a target and now you've lopped off 1.5 seconds?!? My toys are now out of the pram and scattered all over the floor my friend. ;-)” so the toys are now back in one place, ready for him to throw them out again at Rnd 3.

    Well, Round 2 done, and it’s all looking tight at the top with joint leaders.


    On to round 3 with the Mclaren F1 GTR and Monza
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  3. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Round 3 @ Monza

    So off to the fast Monza in the first car from the DLC, the McLaren F1 GTR. This was always going to prove to be a demanding car to drive. You need a feather foot and lighting reactions, otherwise you end up facing the wrong may, as many of us found out. So on to the session.

    Right from the off, Rob Hermans posted a lap time, that I would class in the alien league. Kris threw in the towel early on, saying I don’t envisage being very quick this round, I'm pretty new to heel-n-toe. With damage on, I see a few gearboxes getting shredded”

    Niranjan was happy, as he said “this is my all-time favourite car” let’s see how he fares in the lap times. I think his description was fantastic. He said “let’s say the Tatuus was a sweetheart and this is a bit#h who would bite your balls offand I think he had a point.

    James didn't like the car either, he said “my relationship with this car has now gone from mild amusement at its difficult nature to full-blown hatred... It's like trying to tame a particularly unhelpful wild horse with an attitude problem, every time I try and slow down to get the hang of it, it just wills me to put my foot down again!

    Then, to everybody’s disappointment, Rob’s flight was delayed, so he had more time to exercise his current dominance, and he posted another yet faster lap.

    Everybody was trying to match him, but times seemed to settle down, then Rob shared his setup, and the times lit up again, with Niranjan, James, Kris and Rob W. all improving on their times.

    We had a couple of newcomers to the challenge as well: Dean Snell and Kévin Ledoux. Both posting great lap times and both in the top 10.

    When all seemed done and dusted up pops Andreas Löffler, to take the fastest time of 1:49:478, pipping Rob H. by 0.03s and taking the win. Second was Rob H. followed by Eric Stranne.

    Just to put Andreas’s time into context, the lap record for this combo is 1:49:227, so just goes to show how blistering quick this was.

    Now off to Round 4, the KTM at Prato short

  4. Dean Snell Licensed Driver

    I would just like to say congrats to everyone for posting a time and especially the Aliens as the McLaren F1 was not an easy car to keep facing the right direction o_O
    I would also like to thank SRP for accepting me and for the welcoming and helpful members.

    Now bring on the KTM. Good luck all. See you on track :)))
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  5. Christopher Hall-Nelson Licensed Driver

    Damn my computer problems! GRRRRRrrrr

    Id have been right up very near the top with this one.
    Sick o' me life man!
  6. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I propose a reduction of a single point for every driving aid used to set the lap your gained points for (MWAHAHAHA)

  7. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    missing the race report :( :)
  8. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Give me a chance's coming shortly :D
  9. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Round 4 @ Prato Short

    After some very mixed feelings from Round 3, it was off to Prato Short. A previous track from NKPro converted to AC and the KTM Xbow.

    Straight from the word go, it was Peter Beres laying down the law and Rob Wilson following closely in 2nd place. There was no sign of the Aliens as yet, with Rob H stating, “he just not had time to join in yet” hmmm I beg to differ.

    Kris Vickers came in, with a northern language of his own. He said “Mother Hubbard!” what a nursery rhyme has to do with Hot lapping, I am not sure. Maybe he is the Stig, and listens to them while driving as he said “I managed a 1:21:544 and didn't notice pTracker Server connection was grey instead of green”, but he still went on to improve.

    Rob W was using Kris Vickers' slip stream as this point….hmm tactics forming throughout the field now as this really hots up. And how the Aliens have popped in for a show of force, with Rob W saying “Hermanator has jumped straight in at the top again to put us lesser mortals in our place anyway!!

    Another chap upset with the Aliens with Kris Vickers saying “Bloody hell Rob (Hermans), stop setting such quick times!! I don't think I've got much more I can shave off that time, so can’t see me beating 1:21.3. Now, to wish away the week so the other quicksters don't get a drive before round 5 . . .” I feel your pain, said Shaun Clarke…I am wishing as well.

    Sitting top of the table, Rob H was placing his bet on Eric Stranne will flex the KTM to the maximum, although Eric reported a dodgy HDD (the rest of the field breathe a sigh of relief).

    Another Alien – Niranjan was not feeling well, which he said “that's a pity as I tested the KTM for a couple of laps some time back and it felt great...” but in his words after “Proper sleep + good food + Rob's setup = speedy recovery“ the competition took hold.

    From the bottom. With Shaun Clarke having his time spread elsewhere, he was testing the new Thruxton, and didn't rub it in too much, he accepted the strongest place in the league…he was supporting all above him.

    It was great to see some newcomers to the series as well, welcoming Lars Brugman and Kévin Ledoux who posted good times in their first event. Dean Snell finished in the top 10 as well as early front runner Kris Vickers.

    Eric recovered from an ill hard disk to take 3rd and Niranjan recovered from just being ill to claim fourth.

    Andreas took top spot, his 3rd on the bounce is proving the man to beat at the moment, but Rob H is hanging in there, very very close on points at the top of the table.

    We now head in to an old classic amongst sim racing fans. Blackwood was originally done for LFS, but permisson was given to convert it to AC and what a great job was done, coupled with the new BMW m235i, this is going to be a close event.

  10. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Round 5 – Blackwood Reloaded

    So for Round 5 of the SRP Hotlap Challenge we headed off to Blackwood Reloaded with the BMW 235i Racing. A track that was produced for the sim Live For Speed, with permission it was converted over and given the DirectX touch, and what a circuit it is.

    Niranjan was pleased. He said Another Smashing combo...Nostalgic...#LFStribute

    After a few technical issues, racing got under way, it was Niranjan who said “this car is not my kinda car, struggling to get a feel for it...might not be too competitive this week I'm afraid...let's see how things go...”, but Neil Rocks loved the car, so a right mixed bag out there.

    People seem to be keeping tactics and comments to themselves in the pitlane for this event, and not a lot people were willing to comment, until Niranjan was quoted asking everybody else “is it just me, or does anyone else feel this car is a big blue whale, floating about with a mind of its own and just won’t do what it is told ??and Rob Hermans totally agreed with Niranjan comments…is there a change in the wind coming??

    After a few more laps thrown in by all, it was Niranjan again, he really liked the press conferences this week. When asked how he thinks he is doing, he said “This week I was really able to put in some work for the HLC and I managed a time of 1:17.711 , and I have hit my limit, for the moment I'm in 3rd place...this combo was deceptively tricky and it took me too much time just to figure out where I was losing time...and I didn't really enjoy this car...I won’t be doing any more laps as I have to prepare for another event tomorrow it’s time to say thank you for the event !! Good luck to everyone and grats to the winner

    There was a massive buzz in the pitlane, one Alien down…and another one shortly followed. Rob Hermans when questioned said “I'm not enjoying this car either. It seems I go slower whatever I do to the setup, and I'm nowhere near finding out where I'm losing time...I'm likely to give up on this one and admit defeat...unless someone would be so kind as to let us into your secret? To which there was silence…

    But the other Alien, been so quiet all week, was disappointed with his time. Andreas Löffler said “0,001 behind Kris was horror of course, so I did another run in the morning. That I got even Peter wasn't the plan, but nice

    Pitlane really taking off now, Peter Beres said in reply to Andreas Damn Andreas, I was shaving my time with tiny steps yesterday, I thought it could be enough and don't wanna run tonight, but I must do a try

    With laptimes all rushing in towards the end, Kris Vickers was not happy, he said “God damnit. I was happy in second! but he had to settle for 4th place.

    Peter Beres took his first win, and Andreas Löffler in 2nd, and Eric Stranne in 3rd. Rob Hermans could only settle for 6th, but Niranjan was happy with 5th, and has moved in to the top 10 overall.

    So now for Round 6, which is going to prove a challenge. The Alfa GTA at Brands Hatch Indy. There has already been talk in the pitlane. Shaun Clarke said “where’s the water, we are driving a boat.”

  11. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Round 6 @ Brands Hatch Indy

    We took a step back in time, back to the 60’s with the Alfa GTA. This car has never raced ( in its hay day ) at Brands Hatch, so this was going to be fun for all.

    Walking around the pit lane just as it opened, Niranjan thought this was going to be a close event, on such a short circuit. Shaun Clarke was suffering. Due to his age, he said "this car is not a racing car, it’s a boat", so mixed feelings already on day one.

    Shaun was not the only person, not feeling this car after he reported motion sickness. Kris Vickers said "not a great car to drive, as it slops about like a barge" another one that is not floating it, and they called this a Classic Touring Car.

    With the lap times coming in, it was your usual top 5 drivers posting seriously quick laptimes. Andreas, Rob H, Niranjan, Peter Beres and Eric Stranne all occupied the top 5 slots. There was some swapping as people shaved their time, but this is how it stood….until…….

    We had a couple of new comers to the series, but I will interview and report on them later.

    Shaun Clarke went out for some more laps, but he made sure he had backup, he put the RNLI on standby, just in case he got beached somewhere. After a run, he checked the laptimes, and how close could it be. He said "just checked the lap times, and how close can I get off of my first top 10 finish...0.003 of Mr Bonar's time.....that's it, gloves are off, sleeves rolled up, I am on an Alfa mission today"

    So with that statement, we all watch, and he did it, well sort off. He beat Andy Bonar, but didn’t make the top 10 as he wished.

    Then came along one of the newcomers to the series, invited by the series creator, he goes by the name of Andy Riches. WR Holder and old friend of Shaun. When we spoke to Shaun and asked him about Andy Riches, he said "well I like to spice things up a little bit" and spice it did.

    Andy Riches, blasted away and posted a 56sec laptime, with Andreas, in 2nd, posting a 57. Andy Riches' time would not count though, as he had onboard timing issues, but he went out again, and still posted the fastest time of 57.009 with Andreas still in 2nd with 57.057.

    Niranjan saw what was happening and shouted to the pit lane "Help..they are coming", but he also said "we will keep fighting".

    This is where Shaun said "I invited an old friend of mine, thought it would spice things up" but little did he know, this friend of his would make it more difficult to reach his first top 10 finish…Shaun was gutted and didn't want to comment.

    After some more laps, Shaun has posted a quicker time, and he said "Well, I beat Andy Bonar, but haven't reached the top ten, may next time, but I am glad to dock this boat".
    Heading for the end, and Andreas getting really frustrated with his laptimes, blaming Rob H for not sharing setup information, but Rob said, he hasn't used his own this time, and well, it might have stopped Andreas' run of dominance.

    What a story, new guy comes in and blows the competition away, but the question is, will Andy Riches be able to keep this up? Or will Andreas, Rob Hermans, Niranjan be able to pull something out of the bag…

    Round 7 will tell.

  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I firstly want to apologise for the lack of race reports for the last two rounds. I just haven't had time (nor the creative mind) to put something together. I leave for Wales tomorrow morning and not back until Friday Night, so I need to get some laps in tonight for this HLC Round. Hope you all understand.

    Cheers Chaps

  13. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Just downloaded what I believed to be latest version of BTCC Primera for next round and still have the missing engine sound problem ??? answers on a postcard please.
  14. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Had the same, its due to the fmod update in AC. if you youtube the issue theres a video with a link to an old pre-update sfx file, Just rename your current one and replace it with the downloaded one and hey presto, sounds!
  15. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    did you download it from out AC downloads?
  16. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    All good, Thanks Rob.
  17. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    No took it from the "Official" link on AC forums.
  18. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    my link in the download section, has all the fixes in place ( sound issue's, setup issue's) that why I posted them Stacy
  19. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I was going to post that link in the next round....your jumping ahead, just because it's FWD LOL right up with you Stacy
  20. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    I used your link Shaun. Still had to do the fix.

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