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Discussion in 'AC HLC Season 1 (finished)' started by Shaun Clarke, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. Dean Snell Licensed Driver

    Sign Me Up Scottie :)))
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi Dean, welcome to SRP HLC, consider yourself all signed up. Oh this is going to be fun, let the battle commence from 10yrs ago HA HA
  3. Dean Snell Licensed Driver

    It's started... Did a 1:53.8 on medium tyres.
    Have you seen this FOV calc for AC Project Immersion I advise to add 5 degrees to the answer.
  4. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    I have a question. Where is the Nordschleife hotlap round? I'm missing that. We should add that to final round, correct :)?
  5. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Its in Germany mate.....there answered your question....NEXT :D
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Agree, it's in germany. And from this it must be part of HLC if you asking me :p. Green hell should be fun, even with this sim ;).
  7. Lars Brugman Licensed Driver

  8. Remco Majoor Licensed Driver

    Im up for some hotlapping. Since I don't have time anymore really in the weekends, this is perfect!
  9. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Welcome Remco, you are all signed up. Please have a read of the rules, and have pTracker installed.

    We do use sTracker, and you will need to complete an offline lap in the same car and track for each round, so that your split sectors and other various information is displayed.

    If you have any questions, please ask.
  10. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Translation : Nordschleife : (German name) often used instead of the phrase "Life's too bloody short". ;)
  11. Andy Riches Licensed Driver

    sign me up please Shaun, i love this car! (GTA) :)
  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Welcome Andy, all signed up Sir. Please make sure you have pTracker installed, and you also set an offline lap time in the same car and track...bla bla bla, I explained everything on Steam Chat.

    Have fun :)
  13. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Just a small point... in the Blurb posted for the Latest pTracker it does state, a clean lap is needed on the track but "With any car" !!

    So any future events run using the same tracks will not need to be run in single player again.
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  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Thanks for that Stacy. I have been testing the latest version ( wanted to make sure it didn't break anything) and everything seems ok, so for the next round and going foward, I was going to get to everybody to upgrade. I will post the link in the next round thread
  15. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    They also added auto reconnect for when is disco's from the server.

    About . Bloody . Time lol

    I`ve lost a few laps because it's disco'd :)
  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    There is also some more detail. Me and Rob H tested tonight, details will be in the Round 7 thread
  17. Damian Eikelkamp Licensed Driver

    I would like to participate!
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  18. Mark Berends Licensed Driver

    me to!! i would love to! cant wait until ptracker works...
  19. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Welcome Damian and Mark, you are both signed up. Please make sure you read the rules (most important have the latest version of pTracker and the tracks) which you can find here

    Mark, I have emailed one of the drivers here in the HLC that talks to the dev of pTracker, asking him to look in to your's and Marco's problem, so hopefully, we will get an answer soon, as it has only been Marco that has suffered before you, and with over 3000 downloads, I have not seen this reported yet, so thought it might be a one off. But now there is two of you, this problem can be duplicated.

    As you have reported your problem from day one, we will allow your time to stand (with out split times), just as long, your Checksum codes match( you cannot check this, I do) and your laptime is set VALID

    Any questions, please shout
  20. Mark Berends Licensed Driver

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