AC Hot Lap Challenge - The Finale

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  1. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Final post and results will appear here......
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    We have reached the end of the HLC1 and what a great series it has been. From round 1 to round 12, there has been fun and games in the pitlane, there has been driver banter, and there has been competition throughout the field.

    From Round 1 with Neil Rocks saying he "found time for a few laps" and Rob Hermans saying he believes in "a fat lady singing", to round 2 where Andy decided to flex his muscles to little effect, as he was soon put in his place by Rob H and other drivers. All of a sudden, Andreas Löffler appeared from nowhere, and placed himself top of the grid.
    With another round gone, hype and chit chat was building in the pit lane with drivers expressing their views, and on to round 3. Rob H again, stamped his authority and Kris V making excuses, with some "heel and toe" rubbish.

    Niranjan was happy with this car and track, as the round beforehand he said "let’s say the Tatuus was a sweetheart and this is a bit*h who would bite your balls off". Not sure what women he is involved with, but we will leave it at that.

    Again, when the dust had seemed to settle, Andreas popped up to post the fastest time, pipping Rob H. This was going to be the battle of the series, I imagine.
    There have been so many funny comments from the drivers, that this could go on all day, but this just goes to show, it doesn't take a genius to write a race report, the drivers write it themselves.
    Round 12, and it was all work and no play. Drivers jumped on this to set the fastest time, and some waiting for a decent setup. Stacy started the first sound off towards Shaun saying "Only 31 points behind you Shaun... be afraid, I'm coming for you. (always the optimist)" with Shaun replying, plain and simple…."Stacy - Challenge accepted"

    As it stands, Stacy is behind Shaun in lap times, so not making up the points there LOL
    Niranjan soon piped up, as he always does, shouting about the car, the track, the weather, his beer is not cold enough, he was wearing the wrong socks, oh you name it, but he was lying in 3rd position, and Shaun Clarke soon told him straight. He said this is a HLC (Hot Lap Challenge) not a HLE (Hot Lap Easy)

    Even Dean Snell had a pop at Shaun. He said "Shaunie baby be afraid, be very afraid I'm coming after you muahahahahaha" what is it picking on the series creator, I think he has enough trouble, keeping the driver in toe, let alone public challenges LOL

    For a first event with AC, the HLC has been a great success, and we, the organisers have learnt a lot along the way. I would like to thank all the drivers that took time to take part, and post some funny comments, as they didn't realise I would use them later on.

    So for the trophies and standings for the first Assetto Corsa Hot Lap Challenge………

    In third place is…….Kris Vickers

    In second place is…...Rob Hermans

    And the Winner of the first HLC in AC @ SRP is.........Andreas Löffler

    Andreas Löffler is also crowned King of Hotlaps, as he took the most top spots throughout the series with 4 wins, including a hat-trick (rds 2,3 &4) and a win in the final round.

    Many congrats to the winners, but most of all, thank you to all the drivers who took part. Without you, this would not have happened.

    Thank you all, and I look forward to more in the near future….very near

  3. Rob Wilson Licensed Driver

    Many thanks for organising and running the competition (and not just to Shaun - everybody who was involved). Fun times were had :D
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  4. Andy Moore Licensed Driver

    Agreed, thanks guys, it was fun

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