[Aug 21st, 2015] BMW M235i Challenge - Round 2 (Paul Ricard)

Discussion in 'BMWC Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser


    Endurance Cup:

    Training: 35min [21:00 CET = 19:00 GMT]

    Qualifying: 30min unlimited laps [21:35 CET = 19:35 GMT]

    Race – standing start: ca. 90min = 41 laps [22:05 CET = 20:05 GMT]

    tyre wear multiplier = x2
    fuel usage multiplier = x2

    Server name: SimRacingPro.com BMW M235i - server OFFLINE

    Server password: Passwords
    Racing rules: Rules & regulations

    Time till event
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Provisional results

    Round 2 Q.jpg

    Round 2 R.jpg
  3. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Anyone had a go round here yet. I reckon this will be my hardest round..
    I'm moving next week, but have managed to keep the PC in place until after the race Friday, then it goes in a box! (everything else will be moved by then :eek: )
    So I'm getting my practice in this week as I wont be able to next week. Never driven here before in any sim/game/series, never liked the look of the track, and now I know why. Very unpredictable, just trying to get a predictable setup is becoming a nightmare, though im enjoying the technical challenge of the driving style needed.
    How is everybody else finding it? Anyone got any representative laptimes in?
  4. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I haven't tried running any laps yet, and I'm not sure whether I know the track or not, but I have this odd feeling that I do know it and I do not like it. I suppose I'll find out.

    What a useless post!
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  5. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    I loved the car when I first tried it. Now I hate it. That big straight kindda useless for this car.
  6. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    At least you can try some of the "more advanced" gears by the end of the straight. It almost makes sense to flick the 7th gear in when you get to the short down hill slope at the end of the straight. 8th is still too big. ;)

    Also I started to hate this car during the Spielberg race, but I started to like it again today.
    I finally figured out why half of the cars changed into tail happy spin machines after latest updates: The cars didn't change. What changed was how AC talks with Logitech wheels. Some Logitech users haven't had any problems, and some of us have had about 60 degree feedbackless gap in the middle. Cranking up some Damper Effect from the profiler solved the problem and tadah! No gap in the middle, and all the cars started to stay on track again... Life is full of wonders.

    Anyway my best laps so far have been around 2:17 - 2:16, I'm sure I can improve as soon as I get the hang of these increasing and decreasing radius turns. And there's some weird cambers and elevation changes too messing up my *cough-otherwise-perfect-cough* driving..
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  7. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Ran some laps, and the verdict is in... I hate this track :)

    Dull, annoying corner... dull, annoying corner... forty six mile straight, sixty more dull, annoying corners. I hope we don't have to do any kind of long race here at any stage. Oh wait...

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  8. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    lol, Neil, as I was reading that I was thinking "I hope he realizes its an enduro round!" At least we can all suffer with headaches afterward together :)
  9. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    The track i like , nice open track, lot of space if u miss an curb , unfortunatly for my team mate no tree to hug around here :p .

    I think there will be nice passed on slipstream on that huge long straight , despite that still no need for 7th gear .

    Lap time irrelevant in this early stage managed low 2:14 but it think the fast guys will go as low as mid-low 2:11 by race time.

    Also once server is up i'm curious if tyre wear x 2 will make any difference , in off line mode it does not affect them just yet.

    Personally my biggest problems are those closing corners which get tight toward the exit lots of practice will be needed to get a fast line throw them.
  10. John Stingu Licensed Driver

    The 7th and 8th gear are made just to save fuel when driving on a road, because this car is a replica of the street car with some adjustments.
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  11. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    The closing corners I can do, its that bloomin' T1 chicane that gets me!
  12. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    GOOD NEWS! Well, for you guys anyway. ABS in 1.2.3 is bugged, being fixed in 1.2.4 at end of the week..........just when I stop practicing. So I'll see you at the back of the grid :(
  13. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    Is there an ETA for when the server comes online with Paul Ricard? I just wondered because I presumed it would be a sort of 1 week on, 1 week off with the current tracks. But since it's nearly Sunday, I guess that's not the case?
  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I don't know who is managing the server Ross, I'm only trying to solve the skin pack problems.

    Generally, practice servers are provided 7 days before race day, so yeah, it should be running Paul Ricard right now. I'll chase Andreas and Shaun and see what gives. ;)
  15. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi Chaps,

    Rob mentioned this to me late last night ( as had all the kids around for B'Day ) and I can honestly say, I don't know anything about Paul Richard. I have advised Andreas to let me know when he wants server's up, the config and the tracks, as I have been working away all this week (left Monday morning, returned Friday night).

    Andreas has 3 methods of contacting me (here, email and my mobile number)

    As soon as I know the info, the server will be setup in seconds

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  16. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Looks like the cut detection for this track is not too great ...so we all will try to keep two wheels on the red and white curbs in the corners shall we ?? ....love the track though .....
  17. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Only a few hours until race starts , and the quaiet Paul Ricard track will be roaring with BMW's !!!
    Good race to all :D
  18. Dieter van den Bosch Licensed Driver

    If anyone sees a car on very odd place, it's probably me exploring the big parking lot...;)

    Good luck everyone:)))
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  19. Marco Sbordoni Licensed Driver

    Please go slowly in that case.
    You could find myself already parked somewhere strange part!!!!

    Good luck everyone
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  20. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Gl folks ...Gl team !!!

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