[Aug 23rd, 2014] SRP PMSC S2 - Round 3 (Spa Franchorchamps)

Discussion in 'PMSC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Endurance event:
    Training: 25min [21:00 CET = 19:00 GMT]
    Qualifying: 10 min (Hotlap modus) [21:25 CET = 19:25 GMT]
    Warm Up: 10 min [21:35 CET = 19:35 GMT]

    Race: – standing start 37 laps: [21:45 CET = 19:45 GMT]

    tyre wear multiplier = x1
    fuel usage multiplier = x2


    last season podium:
    1.jpg Andreas Löffler 1.jpg Miguel Neto
    2.jpg Miguel Neto 2.jpg Domingos Vaz
    3.jpg Tobias Tannreuther 3.jpg Andreas Löffler

    Server name: simracingpro.com PMSC - server ONLINE
    server IP:

    Track: Spa Franchorchamps

    Server password: Passwords
    Racing rules: Rules & regulations

    LIVE TIMING: www.simracingpro.com/forum/index.php?pages/Livetiming/ (click PMSC on the left)
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    entry list R3:

    entry list R3.jpg
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  4. Conor Keane Licensed Driver

    link for track wont work... :confused:
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Try it now please, Conor :)
  6. Conor Keane Licensed Driver

    Perfect thanks :)))
  7. Roy Magnes Licensed Driver

    Time for my season opener, then :) Too far into the season, but still enough races to make a fool out of myself in ;)
  8. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Slow down Andreas!! :D

    Some of these kerbs are actually huge. Can we have a couple of pics showing whats aloud and whats not because after the last race, where I was constantly keeping 2 wheel on track, only to find out that we could have 3 quarters of our car on the grass and a wheels width on the kerb.

    If we have the 2 wheels on tarmac at all times rule then all is ok but as soon as you allow more, pictures are needed to show what the limits are.

    Thanks mate.
  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    The rules for this league are here:


    Nowhere in that thread does it say that the rules are different from standard SRP rules, which clearly state:
    I don't understand why everyone gets confused about this. The main reason we have these rules is that usually the sims don't give penalties for driving outside the white lines, meaning we would have to spend HOURS reviewing replays to enforce that. Secondly, it's much harder to judge whether you're driving inside or outside the boundary if the rule was white lines, especially in cockpit view (which many serious racers use). It's easy to FEEL when you are no longer on the kerb with your inside wheels and fully on the grass or run-off area through the force feedback (which almost all racers have).
    We don't need pictures, because this rule is clear enough. At this circuit, there are high kerbs with even higher bumps beyond them (the red painted areas) and also quite large green run-off areas. Those red and green areas are NOT kerb, only the red&white areas can be considered kerb.
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  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Rob, to be fair, basing this on 3 years service here at simracingpro, ;) SRP guidlines on this rule are bit sketchy mate. Different admins have different rules for their leagues. Its no good running 2 leagues where if you put an inside tyre over the 'white line' you get HEAVILY penalised and then in another league you just state that we are using standard SRP rules. Its confusing for us Rob :confused: and we were at a disadvantage. There is no way I would go from one league were I have to keep 2 wheels inside the white lines at all times and then straight away in another league change to lawnmowering the grass with '3 quarters' of my car and keeping 2 tyres just on those huge kerbs....Lets be honest here, i'm not exagerating am I Rob...? Nor looking for a reaction, its just a few pics would have given everyone the same idea about how much you can attack the kerbs. I'm sure you understand this Rob, your a good driver, but your just getting all admin'y on me eh....:p You know that that screenshot was worth half a second a lap on fresh tyres, right ? A little bit less on worn but still a huge advantage. Not only did you gain a little at the screenshots exact point-little over a tenth-but it opened up the immediate right hander a ridiculous amount which gave you a couple of tenths on exit but not only that you then had a greater speed down that massive straight......So, forgive me for wanting clarification. :(
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Of course, that would be confusing, I understand. Granted, we have had a situation where individual league organisers have their own rules for their leagues, but with regard to the cutting rule, the "at least two wheels on the kerb" has been the same for every league. Give me examples of where the "white lines" rule is being used, and I would want to change that to be in line with the standard SRP rules.

    If you want pictures for Spa, look at last season's thread for this event. I know it's a different sim and a different version of the track, but the rules are exactly the same. Meanwhile, I'll try to make images which explains the standard rule.
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  12. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Its like I said in the my previous post......If we have the 2 wheels on tarmac at all times rule then all is ok,(meaning no pictures needed) but as soon as you allow more, pictures are needed to show what the limits are.

    I just want to know exactly where I stand Rob. Some kerbs are a hell of a lot wider than others. Some you can only fit 2 wheels on whilst others you can get a whole car on, with more track left seeing as you only need to leave 2 wheels on kerbs.

    With pictures I know whether I'm not using enough track or whether I'm just simply not fast enough. ;)
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No, I still don't agree with that, because none of the sims we use give penalties for exceeding track limits using the white lines as the boundary. Or do you still not see that watching hours of replays is a poor use of time?
    Nope, don't agree with that either, because it doesn't matter how wide a kerb is: the boundary is the outside of the kerb, and that's the limit of where your inside wheels should be. Simple.
    Oh alright then, here's an addendum I made to the driving rules (with pictures!), hopefully that makes things clearer for everyone.

    I do understand your thinking Chris, but I would advise taking the times set on the servers with a pinch of salt, particularly in practice sessions. Who knows whether someone is running less fuel, or cutting the track...maybe they found a shortcut which the game doesn't penalise. Of course they won't get away with it in the race, but the time is still on the board! We're not going to ask people to send in their replay files of practice sessions.
    As long as everyone knows and abides by the rules in the race, right? I still don't really understand how you got mixed up regarding the cutting rules at the last event, but I assure you that this is how it's always been; we've NEVER insisted that the white lines are the boundary, mate.
    (where's that example I asked for, btw?)
  14. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    I get crazy when I read your posts Chris :D. it seems it is much harder to understand than I ever had thought (although Rob explained it perfectly, sometimes I think you just want to anger me ;)). If a corner have a red/white, yellow/ black or whatever different nice design, then you can use as much curb as you want as long two of your wheels are still on the curb. That's it! If there isn't a curb, stay with two wheels on the tarmac, most bordered with a white, sometimes also yellow line :).
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  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I'm sure Chris isn't trying to wind you up, Andreas. He's only looking at your time and wondering where he's losing out. How about posting a video or .vcr file of one of your laps so that he can see for himself? ;)
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  16. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    You get crazy way when you read my posts Andreas, because your in love with me! :p

    I did think you might mis-interpret my post and you did. I did wright that I was not looking for a reaction from anyone, I think it was just unfortunate that the screenshot in question was you mate. Lol. ;)
    I would not ask this of Andreas nor expect it from him or anyone else. Never-the-less, there's about as much chance of this happening as there is me winning the race this evening. NONE! :) I'll give it my best shot though, I'm nowhere near fast enough, yet. I have only done those laps in the SRP server, so nowhere near my usual practice lap count for an event.
  17. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    driver briefing:

    - Spa have usually three critical sections in opening lap.

    1. First corner "La Source" hairpin. Don't be like the guy on the picture ;).

    spa 2012 start crash.jpg

    Do in training a simulated start to know where to brake, but be advised to brake much earlier in the race if you have cars in front of you.

    2. Of course high speed corner "Eau Rouge" after the hairpin: Rules stay same as always, if you have someone 50% beside you, leave him some room - inside or outside of the corner. If you're not 50% beside, back off to avoid any contact. If you're not sure of being able to drive side by side through the corner, back off - remember, there will be still 37 laps to go. Again, warning to drivers further back, remember that you can't drive Eau Rouge as fast as always in first lap, little traffic hold-up is to be expected when cars in front have to sort themselves out.

    3. Les Combes after Kemmel straight. Fastest point on track. Be sure to brake early enough. Especially if you have two cars in front side by side and therefore no room to avoid if you brake too late.


    - There will no restart of the race, whatever happens!

    - I don't want read any provocation or something similar in chat, even if it's not meant in badness. You can joke in TS, chat isn't there for that. If any incident happen, stay calm and report it later on.

    That's already all I wanted to notice extra this time, which counts of course for every other race as well.
  18. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Time till start of the event:

  19. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    this league all depends on natural talent, because i dont think many practice for it until the last 2 hours or so, i might be wrong but that's what i do atleast.
  20. Adam Mocarski Licensed Driver

    Thanks again Mr. Sheperd.

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