[Aug 23rd, 2014] SRP PMSC S2 - Round 3 (Spa Franchorchamps)

Discussion in 'PMSC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Sorry Mike ...i have ruined my race with that pitstop ( maybe your too ).
  2. Mike Bell Licensed Driver

    It didnt help, but i ended my race in a wall anyway so it didnt matter :(
  3. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    I was practice the pitstop only for my second race ( i was in time there...just with 1 min before the start,but CONNECTION LOST :( ) , and i was doing that mistake what have cost me a lot of time and Mike ,i'm sure you have lose minim 10 sec with me on entrance ( sorry again ). Was a nice fight with you until that pitstop, after ....was just a boring race for me
  4. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Another Lap 1 TURN 1 smash! This one was pathetic to be honest. :(

    So painful that was. Gutted. :(

    You're having a laugh right?

    I can't quite see how it is my fault that I got hit from behind by a driver that had also been hit from behind, which left me facing the wrong way, stationary, waiting for all cars to go past but you drove into me....not to mention that it's my fault also that you then flew into the hairpin way too fast, knowing you had a puncture, resulting in you smashing your car up, pitting and then quitting.
  5. Adam Mocarski Licensed Driver

    Who said that it was your fault? I'm just sayin' that I had again incident with you. My speed was the same as cars in both side of me. Withdrawal from the race was not due to hitting the barrier but loss of time which I have after hit in your car and loss my splitter, then I had no fun with drive.
  6. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver


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  7. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver


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  8. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Brilliant screens you took Marius. I really like them! Maybe it would be better without the name of driver? (my personnal advice).
    Keep that for the next round mate!
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  9. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    :) just take it some screenshots , nothing special ...indeed , will be better without name :)
  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Nice screenshots!! :)

    F1 is on ------> GO GO GO!! Oh no, poor Fernando! :(
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  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  12. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    good job to the guys finishing, also sorry to Marius Nicolae for the incident at the end of Kemmel Straight, and for unlucky contact with Andy Vandevelde. my race went not as expected, but i hope to bounce back in the next race for sure ;)
  13. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    You mean that unlucky contact that pushed him into me and caused the turn 1 chaos! It was small contact but you should have avoided it.

    You had an incredible start to even get that far up the grid. If you did not get a stop 'n' go (if you did, it makes the turn 1 incident even worse) then that's the best simracing start I have ever witnessed. So, did you?
  14. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    nope had no penalty.
  15. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Well then, as I said.....

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