[Aug 2nd, 2015] SRP PMSC S3 - Pre Season R1 (Montreal)

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  1. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    oh man !...could have had a podium in both races , but it didn't work out good at all..... quali was the real big problem, as I crashed and couldn't set a time.....but there was some great wheel to wheel action there !! this series will be fun ... :)... in race 1 started last and worked my way upto 4th and had a great battles along the way , but lost my left front wheel on the last lap..... Race 2 was a big disaster as I had a small incident and lost places on lap 1 , then it got worse as I had a drive through for speeding in pits :( oh well ...
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    That was a good start and nice racing :). As we still in the pre season, where is still time for testing, i would really like to get also feedback how you personal rate the event. Means the format, etc. We have still the possibility to experimental a bit next time. For example tyre wear. Was it ok, should we increase them. All such little things what got attention from you.

    From my side:
    - What comes for sure for Sprint event is the superpole qualy, observed from the server. Means everyone who do more than 1 timed lap get DQ from qualifying.
    - Also i want have that team mates have to use the same pitbox, that they have to speak about there strategy, who comes first and so on. Which would also more realistic.

    - also we want make it possible to only change front or rear axe instead of all 4 wheels.
  3. Risto Kappet Licensed Driver

    Q: Good!
    R1: Bogged on the line, was 2nd and knew Martin can be as fast as me but uses alot more tyres.
    Sticked behind him for most of the race, but as i started piling up the pressure, i went into the wall a bit in S2 and lost front suspension. Thanks to his own DNF; managed to drag the car to P2
    R2: Planned to pit early to do fast laps early on to clear traffic, but messed up my pit limiter button and got stop-go for speeding in pits. Cost me well over 20 seconds. Then just pushed to the maximum and finished inside 20sec of the lead and with fastest lap so that was my goal done.

    Overall great event and very excited about RF2, this sim and mod really require attention to the realroad and tyres and how you manage the pressures and temperatures, a great extra dimension into driving when coming from RF1.
    Unfortunatley my FPS was pretty bad so I could never really get into a rythm and find the limits. I dont have a great PC but on this track the lag was much greater than on other tracks ive driven in RF2. Probably thanks to the grandstands and trees and stuff. I do have everything turned down to the minimum and also got the maximum out of the config files but was still way down on the level after which you feel the smoothness and dont get input lags.
    Somewhat weird, that even after disabling everything and all effects, smoke for example is still rendered and all lights and reflections stay.
    Also the track was still full of details even on the lowest settings. In some RF1 leagues ive done, ive seen the admins change some track files, so that when you select the lowest detail, it actually takes away most objects on the track so there are minimal running issues for those who require it, perhaps something simular can be done in RF2? :)
    Also the detail of the tyres and driving is superb, but the FFB feels a bit floaty and vague so need to find tweaks for that aswell. Mr Bonar? :p
    Race itself was great, maybe the tyre wear could have been 2x aswell so that there would actually be a choice between driving carefully or pitting for tyres. But i guess for longer than 25min races that will be the case anyway. Superpole is great, cant think of anything besides that.
    Hope that the number of attendees and their pace increases and will be a great season, onfortunatley only Martin was here today but Walk has quite a few more drivers planning to join this challenge! See you in the next one
  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Well, I spent a lot of time going through the ISI forums a couple of years ago to try and help with my RF2....never before had I driven a sim where you actually need to drive in a way to manage your tyres...it really is so different than anything else to me.
    I think a lot of it comes down to feeling things through your wheel, once you have that right, you have a chance :)

    I will never be the fastest racer, but my hope is that if I can manage my tyres, there will be places to be gained in the last few laps :)

    What wheel are you using Risto? Im on a T500 with Clubsport V2 pedals, and am more than happy to share my settings for you to try out
  5. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Tyre wear seemed well balanced for me....I may say that as I may get an advantage as Im pretty good with my tyres though ;)
    Cant really fault anything really :)
  6. Kane Lasky Licensed Driver


    The races were a tale of opposites for me. First time I tried the mod was yesterday, it's not the hardest part to drive but definitely needs to be set up properly in order to go fast. This probably isn't the best track to do setup work in a car and with the limited time I had available I entered the races with a decent but certainly not optimal setup for the car.

    For me at least the car was slower with new tires as to get the car turning with the set up I had I needed a little bit of oversteer and when the tires are new it's very difficult sometimes to get the car turning and spinning nicely for the super pole.


    I honestly thought I would be a little bit faster in the quality only running a 40.5 but still good enough for sixth for the preseason.

    Race one:

    I ran a reasonably smooth and steady first race and would've ended up on the podium except for the mistake on the second to last lap breaking for the hairpin while under a lot of pressure from Kevin and another driver behind him, basically getting on the brakes too early before the car was straight locking the rears and going into a very long spin off into the gravel losing two spots. I think I ended up P5.

    Race two:

    Race two was riddled with some small mistakes and overall I drove very tight and tense and was literally in a pile of sweat when done. I definitely needs more laps in the car because I wasn't driving with much confidence or 100% control.

    Like to send an apology out to Niranjan for the contact at the end of lap one coming in to the last chicane that caused him to spin and lose a few spots. I lost a bit of concentration when Risto broke way later and headed into the pits. I thought he was trying to make a pass around the outside of me so I tried to get on the brakes harder and just let him by. Nevertheless he went into the pits and I locked up and went straight a little bit, and into the back of Niranjan.

    My race was really lost from my pitstop. I made about as perfect of a pit entry as you could make and was surprised to see an extra 10 seconds added for some damage caused in the slight contact with Niranjan.

    Then a really strange half spin touching the outside curbing at the beginning of S2 trying to put pressure on Andy Moore. Then finally one more off having contact with Andy Bonar while making a pass attempt up the inside of the last chicane. I wasn't fully alongside but in far enough that I couldn't back out. I could see why Andy turned in to take the corner, so sorry to him as well.

    All in all not a disaster and if I had turned the damage off on my pit I may have ended up two top fives which I would've been happy with for my first drive the Porsche.

    Post race:

    All in all I only have good things to say about the event and the mod. I really like the long preseason and I think Andreas did a great job with the presentation and documentation of all the league information. Kudos for that, and to all the SRP staff who had a hand in this.

    Andreas asked for some comments about the format and here is my short list.

    I didn't like that the server was set for 25 minutes of practice. This meant we had to keep constantly resetting and starting over on a relatively green track making it difficult to do long runs and also work on setup.

    It seemed like the track was totally green every time it was reset I think we could've had just a little bit more rubber set down for the base server setting. I'm sure this was probably due to the fact that everybody was scrambling to get a server for the race at the last minute so no worries.

    More importantly, I think for realism if we're going to do pit stops there should be a pit window. I as well was thinking about pitting on the first lap as you could gain some track positions and the car was actually faster on worn tires at least for me. This isn't really realistic I think you should have to do at least one third of the race distance whatever that is before you can pit.

    Thanks again for the good event... see you all on track!
  7. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    No worries Kane, there was very little contact made... I knew you would go for the pass there, you had every right to....I tried to leave as much room as I could, but saw the contact coming so I bailed out and cut the chicane slightly...had hoped that would have let you keep going, but I guess not. Good fun race :)
  8. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

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  9. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    :rolleyes: Super video highlight Andreas , look awesome :D
  10. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Andreas !! That is some Skill there !! ... respect !!! beautiful video :D
  11. Daniel Bernasconi Licensed Driver

    Thanks a lot Andreas, great job! For me it was the first official league race ever in a GT Car and... it's really a huge difference to the F1 Mod's I raced the last 10 years. But I have to say... A lot of fun and of course a challenge for me. So my lap times are still not fast but my goal for the next weeks (maybe months) is to have clean races, do not too much mistakes and learn more and more to handle the car. In Montreal I'm happy to don't be last in both races and handle it all quite safe.

    I think the format is very good. I can sign all Kane Lasky worte above, also the part for the pit window. I'm looking forward to Laguna Seca!
  12. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  13. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Ups a bit late here :D Thanks for the races here, I can't do the next one, but I try to do the one after that :)

    Some feedback though: Not much about the format, that's entirely up to the organizers anyway. Except for the aforementioned pit-window which is badly needed, otherwise you are making a bit of a mockery of the reverse grid by pitting on lap 1 ;)

    Tirewear is a bit silly on these tires, very similar to the new EGT tires. You would need a x4 multiplier to make them a factor. Also was the setting to no mechanical failures set on purpose? Just wondering.

    See you guys, atleast on some of the preseason races :)
  14. Martin Lepassar Licensed Driver

    Don't know if bug, but this cost me race win ( my own fault anyways because of pushing for fastest lap meanwhile gap to 2nd was over 10sec ):
    Crash @ 0:35
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