[Aug 30th, 2015] SRP PMSC S3 - Pre Season R5 (Toban)

Discussion in 'PMSC S3 Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    This is a single event regarding PMSC season 3. Every SRP licensed driver is allowed to join by sending a post here in this thread.

    Sprint event:

    Training: 25min [19:00 GMT]
    Qualifying: 10 min "Superpole" (1 flying lap) [19:25 GMT]
    Warm Up: 10 min [19:35 GMT]

    Race 1 – standing start: ca. 25min - 17 laps [19:45 GMT]
    ↑ NO pit stop required ↑
    Race 2* – standing start: ca. 25min - 17 laps (with P1-P10 in reverse order) [20:20 GMT]
    * ONE pit stop is mandatory with all wheels changed. ↑

    tyre wear multiplier = x1
    fuel usage multiplier = x2

    Server name: SimRacingPro.com PMSC - server OFFLINE

    Track: Toban Raceway

    Server password: Passwords
    Racing rules: Rules & Regulations

    Time till event
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Entry list R5:
    1. Andreas Löffler
    2. Daniel Bernasconi
    3. Norman Bruce
    4. Adrian Brezeanu
    5. ...
  3. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    post reserved for results
  4. Daniel Bernasconi Licensed Driver

    Sign me in please. We are coming home from holidays on sunday, but should be early enough to be there.
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I used to have a lot of fun on this track in rF1...not 100% sure I can make it though, so "maybe" please, Andreas. ;)
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  7. Norman Bruce Licensed Driver

  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That should be v0.901 ;)
    (I've reinstated the old version in the Downloads thread)

    You had better remove me from the reserves list then please, because there's a big difference between the v0.901 and v0.92 Porsche; the older version has a bunch of horrible understeer, which is gone in the new version (on a default setup). I don't want to drive the old one anymore, so I'm out. :/
  9. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please ,

    Managed to complete a timed lap here is proof :D :

  10. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Maybe u already posted it (sorry i did not follow) but can u direct me to a link to new v0.901 mod , not to use it this Sunday since we go with old one but for future use , and if that understeer is gone then this car will be a blast ;)
  11. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    What about we test the new mod version Andreas ? , i mean what is the worse that could happen ? the more players testing it the faster we can see if there is any problem.

    Just saying do not shoot me :p
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Look at the Downloads thread Adrian, links to both v0.901 and v0.92 are there. :cool:

    Andreas said that he has not had time to test the new version yet, and with only a few days left before this event, it's a bit late to start changing which mod will be used. I have to say I agree with that way of doing things.

    The "worst that could happen" isn't really the issue, the point is that there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. We all want to have fun racing, and if we change things at the last minute, the (very few) people who are interested in racing the event are likely to give up and not come back next time due to shoddy organisation, you get me?
  13. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Get you Rob :cool: , and thx for link :rolleyes:
  14. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    when i try to enter server it loads then : "U have been booted : vehicle class did not pass filter" i think if i remember correctly the message and kicks me out of server.
    Maybe it is not the old version of Porche ? it is configured for the new mod ?

    thank you
  15. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    I have a look now to the server, did you update your rfactor 2 to the new built ?

    @ Rob: The mod description said they reduced oversteer. You say now the old v0.901 is more understeer, thats interesting indeed and don't fit together but ok. For this event its sure too late to change now mod and server. But i want look to the new version. Just it also had could help me if drivers have had a look hisself and tell me their opinion. Then i had also react in the week.

    If there are lesser than 10 drivers this event, then i will do just a mod test session. I try to let update the server for it and everyone who like can join me. If there are 10 drivers for this sprint event, then the race will occur as planned.
  16. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Just to remind everyone: the rF2 servers being used currently are not official SRP servers, and we (SRP staff) have no control over what's being done - we have to go through the person who owns that server. Do we know if it's running b998? And which version of the mod?

    Yyyeah, I'm pretty sure they meant to say "reduced understeer". You'll surely notice the difference when you try it.
  17. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    I updated my game to the new built and could join without any problem. So, server is, as announced to me, on the new rfactor built. I didn't touched my Porsche version. So, everyone with mod v 901 should be able to join. If not, i would recommend a new installaion of the mod.

    Maybe they meaned reduced understeer, but written is something else. But ok, i will test it and make my own view, latest on sunday.

    Reworked aspects
    - As requested, new filter system to select only the car of the mod;
    one general filter named AMGT3, and specific filters if you want choose one one car of the mod for challenge cup:
    - Updated Z4 physics to correct the game CTD with this car
    - New gear box in the 854
    - Less oversteer in the 799
    - Every car received new, scratch built chassis flex file, made with the ISI tool
    - Every car has a new damage file, based on Camaro GT3 ISI file
    - Updated cockpit rendering, external and internal windows with the new ISI tone mapper
  18. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Yes Andreas, my curent game build 998, the simracinpro server says build 998 and my porsche is the one i use all along v0.901 but it still kicks me out

    I will download the old car mod again maybe something got wrong with it, and i will report back if it works after reinstaling porche

    Edit : uninstalled SRP_PMSC_QR5 mod, uninstalled v0.901, redownloaded , reinstalled but still no luck :( , it keeps says booted
  19. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Then it can only be the track from my point of view. You installed the one in the top post ?
  20. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

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