[Aug 3rd, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 5 (Zandvoort)

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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Date: Sunday 3rd August
    Practice Server: simracingpro.com Mini P
    Race Server: simracingpro.com Mini R
    Track: Zandvoort
    Class: Mini Challenge
    Game: GSC 2013

    Practice: 7 Days (Server will be up at least 7 days prior to each event)
    Qualifying: 20:00 BST (20 minutes)
    Warm Up: 20:20 BST (5 minutes)
    Race: 20:25 BST (45 minutes)

    Start: Standing Start

    Pitstop: Open

    Weather: Dry

    Fuel Usage: x4
    Tyre Usage: x3


    SRP Driver Licence Point System
    Rules & regulations

    Game Aids
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Automatic Gears: No
    Swingman View: No
    Traction Control: No
    Anti-Lock Braking: Low/High
    Stability Control: No
    Spin Recovery: No
    Opposite Lock: No
    Steering Assist: No
    Braking Assist: No
    Auto Pitstop: No
    Car Damage: 100%

    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    To report a race incident CLICK HERE
  2. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Entry List

    Drivers (Alphabetical)
    1. Joshua Anderson #53
    2. Mike Bell #8
    3. Nicolas Béver #88
    4. Andy Bonar #76
    5. Andy Breedon #7 (R)
    6. Norman Bruce #49
    7. Aaron Channer #13
    8. Murat Erdogdu #99
    9. Sebastien Foucart #23
    10. Geoffrey Fournier #22
    11. Ben Hackeson #2
    12. Rob Hermans #43
    13. Tony Matthews #77
    14. Ariciuc Razvan #3
    15. Marco Sbordoni #40
    16. Warren Schembri #10
    17. Chris Shepherd #21
    18. Dariusz Swiderski #69
    19. Andy Vandevelde #16

    Blue Bull Racing (Bonar #76 / Matthews #77)
    Long Hair Dont Care (Bell #8 / McGlade #78 Anderson #53)
    Movie-Go Racing (Channer #13 / Ferreira #37 Breedon #7)
    O-Sport (Shepherd #21 / Brayshaw #44)
    Smile Power Racing With Aurora Designs (Hackeson #2 / Vandevelde #16)
    The Black Rebels (Hermans #43 / Schembri #10)
    Walk Racing (Béver #88 / Foucart #23)
    Walk to Racing (Fournier #22 / Razvan #3)

    Pit Groups

    PitGroup1 = Norman Bruce+Murat Erdogdu
    PitGroup2 = Long Hair Don't Care
    PitGroup3 = Walk Racing
    PitGroup4 = Movie-Go Racing
    PitGroup5 = Smile Power Aurora
    PitGroup7 = Marco Sbordoni+Christopher Hall-Nelson
    PitGroup8 = Andy Breedon+Dariusz Swiderski
    PitGroup9 = Blue Bull Racing
    PitGroup10 = TBR
    PitGroup11 = Walk to Racing
    PitGroup12 = O-Sport
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Provisional results:

    click the image for detailed results
    NB: results are provisional until made official by the race directors.
  4. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Question: The race run at night?
    Thx for answer.
  5. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Daytime, Seb'. :)
  6. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

  7. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Lets go drive some laps. I wonder how the GSC Zandy is. I've always been terrible here, I don't like bumps.
  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    This version of the track is far smoother than the RACE07 one you experienced with the Porsches, Chris. It wasn't fun being unable to adjust the suspension on those cars, but the Minis are fine around here. :)
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  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    A reminder to all drivers:
    Please don't forget to check that you've done the latest skin pack update; there were a couple of changes since the last round.
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  10. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Qualif: 6

    Race: I note that Ben Hackeson that ruined my race.

    See you soon for the next race.
  11. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Qualif: 9th

    Race: Never know when race start, i loose place and overtake 1 or 2 drivers later. I note that Dariusz Swiderski has ruined my race. See you soon for the next race.
  12. Ben Hackeson Licensed Driver

    I'm so sorry, foot caught the clutch and messed up the braking, I waited and then saw your tyre jumping down the road, if it makes it any better, the damaged caused on my car meant I lost second.
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  13. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Tyres rule again!

    Got the pole lap. 1:59.575

    Kept the lead of the race and built up a 5.5 seconds gap to 2nd, 3rd and 4th places who could not get away from one another. Happy Days! I decided to pit on lap 12 which this time turned out to be 1 lap too many, or half a lap even! Yes you guessed it, I got another puncture for the 3rd race in a row, costing me massively. Possibly 3 wins out the window, an absolute cert today. :mad: Managed to drag it back to the pits and replaced the tyres. I was back in 6th place after this I think and managed to battle back to 2nd place overtaking, Channer, Hackeson, Swiderski and Bever. So I have to be happy with that I suppose. Very Nice battle for a few bends with Ben Hackeson but had a fantastic battle with Nico, once again. Cheers mate.

    Top race Rob, you deserve a race win, your always there, lurking. :)

    Cya next race!
  14. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Rob won :), from now you won't have any chance anymore. I know Rob get only faster, not slower :D.
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  15. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    One of my worse simracing race ever...

    Qualy: P3 with a bad 1.59.7xx
    My best time in free practice was 59.510 (My best possible was 59.4). In qualy the grip is better, i MUST do a 59.3 but i did mistakes all laps and got P3 with 59.7.

    I know i was able to take the lead and win this race because i had a good speed on this track. Unfortunatly, i had a strong Andy in front of me and he did a great defense. We had a good fight and i could not find the place to overtake him
    So... what could i do??? I found the solution when it was the time to go to the pit...
    No its a bad joke!!!
    I would like go to the pit at the best moment of the race and i expect to go to the pit one lap before Andy. Like that i had a chance to be in front of him after our pit stop. BUT, Andy came to the pit at the same time of me... I was totally lost. I didn't know what to do. I braked (Maybe to late or maybe andy brakes to early) and after i choose to do one lap more. I tried to turn left but it was to late. I crashed Andy and pushed him to the pit back side. I was again totally lost... I didn't know what to do. I stopped my car 2-3 sec and after i put gas to continue my race. I'm SO SO SO SORRY about this accident. I ruined andy's race... my apologies about that mate. If i have a sanction, i will agree with it.

    My car was damaged but i chose to not repair the car in the pit. I was 5th and i jump 2nd.
    I used my tyres to much because my car was damaged. I must be careful. Chris catched me and we had a good fight until the last lap. But i'm really upset to have ruined andy's race and i don't deserve my podium.

    Grats Rob for your victory :)

    Chris... you are a great driver but dude... you need a good team mate or i don't know... maybe a better brain :D This race was for you!!! What's wrong with you??? :D
    When i saw you with your tyres issues, i was smiling again and i told to seb... Chris is the biggest noob as i know :D HAHAHA
    Cheers mate :)
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  16. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Thanks for Nice words mate! Your right, I need a teammate to do all the hard work for me and tell me strategy! Because I missed the first round I did not give the races my full attention mate and have not tested full race runs! I fill up the tank to the max and base my strategy on everyone else during the race. If I am behind I will try to pit before and if I'm infront I will wait to see when everyone else pits by looking on the trackmap and then I will pit one lap later. :D Unfortunately it has caught me out 3 times in a row now!! Its such a fine line on these tyres with the stints we're doing.

    Maybe you sell the french noob Foucart and be my teammate next season, then you can do all setup and strategy, tell me the best option and then I win championship! Hehe! ;) :p
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  17. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I tried to export my accident replay but i don't know where the file is saved. I don't find it.
    Someone can help me or someone can do a little video of my crash with andy to show what's happened!?
  18. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I have spoken with Channer and he has said you are DQ from event and lose 30 points for bad sportmanship! :) :p
  19. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Sell Foucart??? NEVER!!! He is the best team mate as we can have!
    Be your team mate? Hum... no it will be not funny ^^ I prefer to have you as a strong contestant to kick your ass - it's more funny :D

    Haha you hope for this ^^
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  20. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Yes; to both. :)

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