[Aug 3rd, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 5 (Zandvoort)

Discussion in 'SRPMC Season 2 (finished)' started by Aaron Channer, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Ben Hackeson Licensed Driver

    Well I normally do a lot more practice but I hadn't today, I was about just under a second off the pace before quali.

    In quali the first few laps I followed Shepherd round and stole a few of his lines and found some time, about 5 tenths worth, so I was really happy with fourth in the end.

    The start went alright, I wanted to get past Nico really early so Andy could run away, which didn't happen, I never got into a good enough position to sneak through without letting Seb or Rob through. About 4 laps through I made a small mistake in the final sector which cost me 2 positions. From then I decided to save tyres as in practice I got a puncture 11.75 laps in I got a puncture and I needed to do 12 laps first stint (I expected an extra lap on the race). I held back for a while and then decided to attack, which quickly ended up really bad for Seb (sorry again). I waited a little bit and lost a position to Aaron and couldn't figure out how to drive my newly shaped mini so lost so much pace. I overtook Nico after their crash and heard Andy had 60secs damage repair. On the 12th lap Chris' front left blew and mine was about to blow as I overtook him into a right hander which was really awkward trying not to go straight on.

    So I thought I was just about a net second, but as I came out the pits Geoffrey had come from nowhere and was second, and I thought it was Shepherd behind me but it was Dariusz so I was so confused at how I was battling Geoffrey and Dariusz for second and wondered where everyone else had gone. (I now realise they probably got 4 tyres changed). I had got more damage in the pits and the cold fronts plus a worn left rear tyre was horrible to drive, the middle sector was like ice. I managed to spin a Mini without touching the grass... and lost 4 positions, and Shepherd and Channer had reappeared behind me, I tried to let Chris by so he could catch Nico and steal some points from him as I knew I couldn't hold on with my car but I don't think he got the memo and we ended up battling for a while but both braking early XD Eventually after he got by, I struggled to hold Aaron behind me and went for pathetic spin number 2, I was now 6th all alone. To complete my day, on the last lap I forgot what corner I was at and drove straight into the gravel :/

    So a strange day, 6 contenders for the win, 5 are involved in some kind of race destroying incident. Well done to Rob for getting through it and the like of Aaron and Dariusz for finishing strongly. Oh and Smile and Walk will stop crashing into each other soon. :)
  2. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    The file is located in C:\GSC2013\ReplayFridge\REPLAYS. You access it in game via the "Replay Fridge" (I think it's called) button on the home menu.
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    As I had said in my interview with Geoffrey, it's been a long time since my last win in a league (against a decent field, anyway), but that I try not to expect anything...just doing my best and be proud of my performance is my main aim...what a load of rubbish! :p:D

    Although my mental discipline got me to a good point in the race to take advantage of others' misfortunes, the moment I understood that a win was possible, I was fully committed to achieving it and "just do my best and have fun" turned into "keep this up and I'll have a home race :eek: WIN!" :)

    Grid position after Q was where I expected to be, although I didn't manage to break into the 1:59s, which I had done in practice. GF apologised for holding me up on my fastest lap, but there was no need; in a situation like that (both cars on flying laps) it's up to the driver behind to make the space before starting the lap. It was my own stupid fault for being too close to another car when I was 0.3s faster on that lap!

    After a decent start (remembered how to use the launch control, and avoided a false start this time! :rolleyes:), a few of us had a nice close battle for P2 while Shepherd built his lead at the front. I misjudged my braking a few times, and banged into Nico's rear but it didn't cause too much damage or loss of speed. Andy V. seemed to be a bit down on his usual pace, but that's no excuse for braking too late, I know. Apologies for those hits, anyway. ;)
    There was an exciting moment where there were 3 of us entering T1 nearly side-by-side, but not many other opportunities for a pass, so I tried not to let the car get too greedy with the rubber.
    When Nico and Andy had their pit entry incident, I caught myself saying "niiiice" under my breath...and then realised my mic was still transmitting! :oops: Didn't mean it like that, honest! :p Soon after that, Chris had yet another puncture, handing me the lead.

    It was an easy run to the flag after that, but managing a 10 second gap sounds easy...not so easy when you're not in that position very often. Time seemed to slow down and I was watching the lap counter every single lap, just wanting it to be over. A great relief to cross the line and flash the lights for a home race victory!

    Thanks everyone, for your congratulations and compliments, thanks to Aaron for yet another successful league, and thanks to Warren for the consistent performances, bringing home more points for the team. :)

    See yous at Taruma [IMG]

    Provisional results are up:

    click the image for detailed results
    NB: results are provisional until made official by the race directors.
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  4. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well done Rob Hermans! Oh my god! My 2 pitstops strategy didn't work ;(
    The goal was to made 2 pitstops with 3 runs but as fast as i can. (I can't keep my tyres and i know on Zandvoort i couldn't resist). Unfortunately i missed my start and Bonar, Matthews and Swiderski were in front of me and i loosed many time to overtake them. Then i had a contact with Dariusz in the first sector, we were side by side, but i had the inside lines, we both insist and this finish in a small contact. We didn't have car damage and i let him pass back. (Sorry for that mate).
    Then i try to make my end of first run extremelly fast. I make the first pitstop after 15minutes. All going perfect. I make a 2nd run pretty good and i was 2nd with Swider' & Nico attacking me. Then after 30minutes of race, i wanted to make my 2nd pitstop. I gone on the right side of the straight but Swiderski didn't understand that and followed me thinking i didn't wanted to stream him. But this was for do my pitstop... And BIM contact. Sh*tty entry pit of Zandvoort ;( Then with the dissapointment, i came on pit too fastly. I made a pitstop of 52 seconds to repair all the car then when i left the pit: Stop&GO of 10 seconds. I made it and finish (finish because when i came in a race, this is for finish it (for the BTCC guys, remember my silverstone race3 ^^). Anyway see ya for next race.
    I will now have to prepair my WTM TouringProSeries race on Laguna Seca, and the TopStep SRP (don't know for which team i'm gonna run actually). Let's hope i will be more lucky this time ;)
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  5. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I thought it was there too but this folder is empty :-(
  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Indeed, I think Nico is looking for the video file created when you hit the "export" button in the replay editor, Eric. I will have a look for you in moment.
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    By default, GSC exports to .avi file, size 800x600, using a built-in codec (cvid). When you export a replay, it creates an .avi file in ...GSC2013\ReplayFridge\Movies
    The movie file will be named the same as the replay file.
    You can change the default export settings in your .plr file (in the MISC section at the bottom), so you could use a higher resolution or a different codec.

    I believe most people would use a capture program like FRAPS; it's probably easier if you just want a small part of a replay, and it allows you to change the settings without having to edit the .plr file.
  8. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I found it here: C:\Users\names\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Game Stock Car Extreme 2013\ReplayFridge\Movies
  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Ah, that will be because you have UAC (User Account Control) switched on. It's on by default on Windows (since Vista) so that n00bs don't mess up their install. Any Program which is installed while that is switched on will automatically have a backup stored so that IF anything goes wrong, it can be retrieved. I don't know if turning it off will allow the .avi file to be created in the correct folder, however... :confused:
    This page shows you how to turn it off with Windows7:

  10. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    Firstly, a very well done to my teammate Rob for winning our home race!!! Top notch stuff and you fully deserve it!!! :)

    At first, when I saw his name at the top of the list, I was thinking it was because of other people doing their pit stops, especially because he had a lead of about 10 seconds but it didn't take long to realise that he was ahead of the pack. With every lap passing by, when I was on the main straight, I would be checking his position and see if he was still in the lead and by how much and hoping that he could bring it home. As each lap passed, the nerves were increasing just that little bit more and more :)

    If that wasn't enough, I basically had Murat on me for the whole race and he sure kept me honest the whole way. Knowing how much this track was wearing out the tires, my plan was to keep things a bit steady, be consistent and not push things too hard but I did not have that opportunity :) In all fairness, I think Murat was also a bit quicker than me but I managed to hold him off. Was really great fun racing you Murat!! Well done!!

    In the first half of the race, he did pass me at some point but I got the position back after he went wide at the chicane. On the lap when we both pitted, he passed me again but I ended up coming out of the pits about 3 seconds ahead of him. Had a good lead on him but he slowly came back and we were at it again for the last 10 minutes. On the last lap, we both had Andy join in the fun and I was hoping he and Murat would be battling each other a bit to give me some space and enable me to get home in 7th. However, it was not to be, Andy passed Murat quite quickly and was on my tail. I then went wide at one of the corners on the second sector which enabled Andy to get through and there was no way that I would be able to get the position back off of him. So I started 12th and finished 8th

    Definitely my best performance in the series so far when it comes to consistency. Obviously, I'm not one of the fastest guys out there so I try to be as consistent as possible. Don't go off track, don't damage the car, etc, etc or as I like to call it NSS (Nothing Stupid, Stupid! :) )
  11. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Yes, nice pit entry, Andy! Perhaps a little bit lucky to do a full 180º, and not go head on into the wall?
    From that camera angle, it looks way too late to change your mind Nico; you've crossed the dotted line which separates the track and the pit lane, and if you had carried on without hitting Andy's car, you would have had to drive across the diagonal lines...
  13. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I don't know why but in replay i can see my brake point but when i export the replay, the view is not showed...

    My first think was to pit with him. My second was to not hit Andy and my 3nd was to do one lap more... But as you can see nothing happened as i planned... o_O

    Its Andy's fault... why he goes to the pit when i want to go in it!!?? :D
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  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I think only the TV view angle is exported, even if you select a different one. Use FRAPS, mate. ;)
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  15. Murat Erdogdu Licensed Driver

    Nice work Rob,
    So much fun for me. i was battling with Warren all the time, which was so enjoyable. I was using clutch+H pattern, which confused my gears sometimes :)) Joined the practice period so late, thanks to Rob for redirecting me for the .rfm file ;) In the pits, i was expecting to exit in front of you Warren, but, i waited unnecessarily, pit crew had already finished their work, i couldn't understand :)) Anyway, thanks for the great battle, grats ;)
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  16. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    Horrible Horrible Horrible race :(

    I knew on qualli its was going to be close i practise really a lot offline aswel online .
    I trew an 1.59.9 on the online butt i kept my actualle pace secret as i knew i could do a 1.59.5 .
    So in Qualli i did a splendid lap witch i was sure off ghetting the pole until that Sheppy :D maneged to ghet past in his last lap timed . grrrr:)))

    Race start went good , i could overtake shepperd at turn 1 butt decided to keep it easy specially as Nico was behind me as he was my main competiter. I reallised quicly my grip wasn't the best i had so i had to let shepperd go and focust on ghetting to keep Nico behind me.
    I must say i had to pull alll the best out off me to defend as hard and fairly is i hope to be.
    I maneged to do that until the pitstops so i was sure before entering i could ghet infront off Nico again butt unfortunatly something else happend .... haha :confused: . By the accident i forgot to turn off damaged repair and costed me a 64 sec pitstop i knew my race was over and maybey a possible win.

    Don't worry about it Nico , Racing incident happens and i geus Walk Racing and Smile Power will ghet more battle's on the track that will ghet some hearth's go out off control . Aslong we don't fight on forums and Pm's it all part off racing with occasionly a penalty for the one or the other.

    Congrats To Rob for his excilent win butt be sure u won't ghet it next time so easy anymore :p
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