[Aug 9th, 2014] SRP PMSC S2 - Round 2 (Hope Racetrack)

Discussion in 'PMSC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser


    Sprint event:

    Training: 25min [21:00 CET = 19:00 GMT]
    Qualifying: 10 min (Hotlap modus) [21:25 CET = 19:25 GMT]
    Warm Up: 10 min [21:35 CET = 19:35 GMT]

    Race 1 – standing start: 25min [21:45 CET = 19:45 GMT]
    ↑ NO pit stop required ↑

    Race 2* – standing start: 25min (with P1-P10 in reverse order) [22:20 CET = 20:20 GMT]
    * ONE pit stop is mandatory with at least two wheels changed. ↑

    tyre wear multiplier = x1
    fuel usage multiplier = x2

    last season podium:
    track not used

    Server name: simracingpro.com PMSC - server ONLINE
    server IP:

    Track: Hope Racetrack

    Server password: Passwords
    Racing rules: Rules & regulations
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    entry list R2:

    entry list R2.jpg
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  3. Huseyin Karademir Licensed Driver

    Can't join in server
    Looks password is wrong.Is it same password as last race ?
  4. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Official server still need a bit time to come up, please have a look offline so far. Have to still work out one thing which might need a further change to the track.
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Practice server is ONLINE. If you get a .gdb mismatch, just re-download the track from the link above and overwrite files when installing.

    NB: a practice server for the next round will be available no more than 7 days before the event.
    If you see a server running the same mod/track combo, don't assume it's there for you.
    We regularly run a server to test the settings for the upcoming round, called "TBR PMSC Testing". This is not the SRP practice server, does not have the same IP and password, and the fact that you can't join is not an error. ;)
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  7. Huseyin Karademir Licensed Driver

    Is possible to put countdown counters please in track threads
    Who has a time difference will be easier to see how many hours left for the race than do a math :))
    Just an idea
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  8. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  9. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    It's very disappointing what i have to read in chat and TS. I never experienced this in any league i did before. Many drivers seems very unprepared for the races, have no idea abaout the rules or format and so on. To this comes many insultings. Absolutly no tolerance and sympathy to each other, like we are in war :eek:. Not to forget the absence guys without report. If it go on like this we will not finish the league. Today it was very stressful to me, never felt comfortable over the event and thats not what i'm aiming for.
    I have not that much experience with rfactor, so that this issue with a dont working pit can happen. I don't noticed that before, how i had could noticing this ? But together we can find a solution, if you are open for it. But anyhow many just explode if some doesn't went right. Thats racing, mistakes happen. If you can't bearing that, go playing Trackmania! All incidents will viewed and penalties handed out. That still Round 1 is open, i'm sorry, but i do this in my free time, not full time.
    I think we just drove 2 races, 3 with Monaco and we known not well so far. From this it's hard to estimate each other on track, that misunderstandigs can happen more often then in fields of drivers which did already hundreds of races. Neverthless i think also many incidents come also from worse preparing as this car in rfactor isn't that easy to handle in compare to for example Race07. But, they not to remove, and notice in a league race we never make a restart, so don't call for it again. That was in Monaco the first and last exception.
  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Qually - 3rd

    Race 1 - 1st

    Race 2 - Started 10th and got into 1st place on about lap 5 or 6, with 1 contact, very small but enough to make 34 secs in pitstop!?!?

    I rage quit !! Wish I didn't now but most of you know me and my moto ..... ALL OR NOTHING!! :)

    See you Spa!

    EDIT: Sorry for not sticking around, had to fly off to work! Here now.... :(
  11. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Andreas ...i think most of us have running this kind of racing simulation from some time , i still can't understand why some of them still don't get it how to run a proper race . There can be a lot's of clean fights even if they are not for the win , but that mean to respect all the drivers in the race .
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  12. Andreas Schmich Licensed Driver

    Its not about the pitstops..or that the qualy doesnt work right..or so...its about the drivingstyle..even on practice...they dpnt use pitlimiter..the brake into like there is noone infront of him..and in the race they go totaly nuts...the brake even later like they would do on there fastest lap...when these kind of crashes happens in 3 of 3 races it makes no sense to drive forward..its just waste of time...you cant even drive side be side on a straight line here without hitting each other..and this sucks...therefor KSM Simracing Team quit these league and wish you all the best for the next races...
  13. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I would like to point out to you Andreas, that around 'here' it has not always been like this. Infact, it is only since the influx of new drivers over the past couple of months because of the new Porsche league and SGT league.

    So for you to quit a league so prematurely and what seems like giving up on SRP, then this speaks volumes about you.

    Its a shame and for one, I would be saddened to see you quit the league and SRP, as I'm sure many others will also. :(
  14. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    There is not about new drivers , if they know how to drive a proper race car in a race , there is about this " need for speed players " who have found rFactor .... i hate this drivers what don't have respect for others drivers on the track . This mod have high damage and if you push little bit a car in front of you ...that car may have big damage there , and saying just SORRY ...is not enough when you ruined race of another driver. I don't say incidents will never happen , it will happen ...when drivers push to hard .

    Andreas DON'T QUIT !
  15. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Yes! New drivers meaning, new to the SRP not 'new' meaning only just started driving..... ;)
  16. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Chris... some of them are still very novice on rF or just in ONLINE RACING egal how many years was in rF or another online sim.... and not even learn how to drive proper in a championship or in just a race :)
  17. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Yep! There has been some hard, heavy contacts unfortunately... :(
  18. Huseyin Karademir Licensed Driver

    Why Marius keep saying same stuff that we already talk last night in person ?
    There is nothing that we still don't get ,problem is that you don't get it !!! And we are grown enough to get thinks our self not from you !!!
    Even you asking for sorry and you got your sorry then complaining sorry is not enough !!!
    I want clean race I do respect others not only you and stop give a lesson to others. We do mistakes push hard or not ,you do too !!!
    Please when you say something look another way too. Online race can have a many problems but you don't talk too personal to other ,like you don't know, you don't get, talk like we are 5 years old, hate people who have no respect because of crash does not make them non respectful bla bla bla you don't put people that lower you don't talk that way!!! They already told just give a report and stay quiet that's it !!!
    Now Andreas please don't take a wrong !! You are saying about braking point and driving style just like Marius
    Did you check replay in first corner your braking and your team mate.(big crash)
    Behind me you cut the track 3 times and hit me very small one . You hit A Binder he was pretty much front of you, you did late braking.
    So whatever this is not report !! I am trying to help you see another way before you judge others and quit. I was not in any plan to report or complain some one driving, again just trying to help you look with different eyes.
  19. Luke Walsh Licensed Driver

    I respect the guys who run this league as I understand its a challenge in itself but I can't help but feel that the track choice didn't lend itself to clean racing. That first braking point was manic and saw so many accidents, myself included. I want to like this league but it feels like while everyone is here they act like children...
  20. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    I'm not running this league as the feeling with the Porsche wasn't as good as i wanted. But as Andreas said, i think, there are many incidents because there are many news drivers and they don't know eachother. I think, there will have less and less incidents in the end of the season... ;) So be patient and do fair racing, so i can enjoy Andreas's videos.

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