[Aug 9th, 2014] SRP PMSC S2 - Round 2 (Hope Racetrack)

Discussion in 'PMSC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

    Hey ..Huseyin ,you also need to read the rules and respect that rules ( not like yesterday ,asking after qual ...why i'm DQ ??? ), you are what you DO , not what you just TALK , so...less talk and do what you say . Punct

    ....and guys , is not about track , or new drivers here .... is about how they drive in online racing . I was driving and more carefull all the time no mater where i was driving , if there was a guy with lag...i was more careful to not crash ( even if i was faster ), just to avoid an accident .

    This is a league championship and not a just a sprint race once in a week ...to remember each time how we need to drive .
    I take each race seriously , i can't play NFS in this kind of online racing and for this guys who take this online racing ..just for fun ....this league or just any race on rF , rF2 , GTR2 ...or others sim ....just stay away and play NFS , if you can learn to have respect for others drivers on the track.

    Is hard to run a championship , is hard to work an all this things in the back of a big league ,not just to get in a car 15 min before the race ....and crashing in first corner
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  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Just go away is of corse the easiest way. I would prefer you report things you described as there are clear rules how to behave on track. With this you would help to make the league better as i'm the meaning people are able to learn if they get the right response about her driving. But you can't exlude some of your teammates, which show some of what you described as negative points. As said, leaving is the easiest way, and show me you not interest in a longer commitment, becauses to make things better need time. In season 1, such problems was simply not existent as drivers known each other very well. At least the bahavier after incidents (which simply belong to racing) was much better then this season. But i believe that's learnable.
  3. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    solution: BIGGER and HARSHER PENALTIES. Simples! you hit someone and you get 10 place grid drop in next race. Thats an example. It'll make people more careful wouldn't it?
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  4. Danny Schubert Licensed Driver

    because comments are simply deleted, just because you do not bear with the truth?

    the fact is that mr löffler itself in the last race was unprofessional, with a smoking engine to drive before his opponent so that the opportunity has not overtake the last, and may all know, so why is it deleted? properly because their cloth the truth not bear with !!! and he himself shot down one's true !!

    your five criminal points you can go where you otherwise push, because I will anyway not go in this unprofessionelen league where kids are just crash on the way
  5. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Danny: If you're not happy in this league, just leave it and don't re-post anything ... I've been admin of a small league and i know how hard is it to organize. So shut up now. You left the league, so don't post anymore in this thread...
    If you have a problem with Loffler, just talk by private message...
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  6. Mike Bell Licensed Driver

    Ok, I had to miss the event the other day due to a shoulder injury i'd sustained, so I cannot comment on the driving standards, but your doing the league an equal dis-service by acting this way on the forums, Geoffrey pretty much hit it spot on, if you have a problem, sort it in PM as opposed to ragepost in the forum this way. It also serves as an equal dis-service to yourself and your team, its a double edged sword in that respect.

    Sometimes there is incidents in racing, that almost cannot be 100% avoided, maybe Hope was a bad round for some reason, nothing says that the rest of the season wont be squeaky clean. You gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.
  7. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Hey Danny, someone like you should not have such a great name!

    The door is this way ------->

    Close it behind you.
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  8. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    Danny you keep mentioning people crashing and being kids cause of it... you T-boned me remember so you can join the "crasher group" too ;)
  9. Dan Rusu Licensed Driver

    I read everything is posted.i agree with Shane opinion,penalty has to be harsher so we do not have anymore that carnage as we did have in race 1.
    Seems that people stil think a race is won in the 1st corner wich is completely wrong,if some race from a long time and they keep doing well they didn't learn anything and they behave worse than rookies.Beside those i heard also the excuse of breaking points,wich a childish explanation to the errors that are made.Everyone who has some experience that in race car does not behave like in qualification,that at start tyres are colder and you cannot break as in a hot lap,that you have more fuel and car behaves differently.So who arguments their faillure by this reason,need to take some driving lessons,are enough guys who can do that and teach how to drive,in top are very talented drivers,so if don't know how to breake,i am sure one of the top guys would give you a hand to understand how the car behave in different situations on track.
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    The penalties available are described here:


    You can see that there is a cumulative effect if someone repeatedly causes incidents, and we will certainly apply them when needed.
    Penalties which were given for the first round have been posted HERE, and are visible in the results tables.

    Currently we're looking at the driving infringements, but also breaking of other rules. For example:
    That's a rule which has been broken at every opportunity so far:
    <Chat et="176.1">Gary Lennon: restart:?</Chat>
    <Chat et="210.4">Dan Rusu: restart pls</Chat>
    <Chat et="216.5">Andreas Loffler: no</Chat>
    <Chat et="594.9">Dan Rusu: people cannot undeestand that a race is not won in the first corner,petty that are such awful people,rookies</Chat>

    Hope (race 1)
    <Chat et="90.3">Adam Mocarski: res?</Chat>
    <Chat et="94.5">Nikodem Wisniewski: restart</Chat>
    <Chat et="96.6">Nikodem Wisniewski: its joke</Chat>
    <Chat et="104.3">Nikodem Wisniewski: no fl end this is results</Chat>
    <Chat et="114.6">Dan Rusu: restart</Chat>
    <Chat et="125.6">Dan Rusu: total reckage</Chat>
    <Chat et="126.3">Andreas Loffler: noooo</Chat>

    I only show the chat which occurred while the race was running. In my opinion, every one of those should be penalised (yes, Löffler's as well). Not only are drivers breaking a rule TO WHICH THEY AGREED when they applied for a licence, but asking for restarts in a league race?!? Incredible, in every sense of the word.
  11. Dan Rusu Licensed Driver

    I did that error twice and will accept any penalty that will given.
    For sure that will not happen in the future.
    I apolagise for that error.
  12. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Ahmen to that brother. I could not believe my ears!
  13. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

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