[Aug 9th, 2015] SRP PMSC S3 - Pre Season R2 (Laguna Seca)

Discussion in 'PMSC S3 Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Martin Lepassar Licensed Driver

    You're a funny guy! Watch your replay.. You took that corner with too much speed, you just made me disappear, the kerb made it worse and you understeered into me. I left you a lot room in the corner, suck's when people don't respect you same way. I was already on the side of track, If I would have gone more to the right then I would have ran out of kerb very fast.
    Whats the point to protest, since you're the one who probably makes decisions and it wont bring back possible podium for me anyways?
    Like I mentioned before.. No respect for you anymore ;)
    Going for the first gap is stupid too, since you knew I've got problems if you catched me every lap, you would have gotten pass in few laps anyways, since I had only 20% front tires left at that point. But hey, I understand if you didn't notice that, since you didn't notice me on the outside too.
    Corner is hard? Maybe you should practise more if " corner is hard " for you.. Nothing hard going sidebyside there.
  2. Daniel Bernasconi Licensed Driver

    Was an interesting race for me. I never did a 90 minutes race before. Not really a problem for the first 30 or 35 laps, what is the usual distance I know from another F1 League with normally 50% race distance. Then more and more concentration lags... I also hat a body repair on pitstop 1, I forgot to turn that off in the pit-menu. And of course, I never was fast enough to compete her. But it was fun and a good training I think. For me the mod is good, a Little less understeer would be nice. But I can handle it the way it is, and it is the same for every pilot. I hope I didn't disturb somebody on the track, thanks for racing! :)
  3. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Quali : P3

    Race : DNF

    I totally missed my start. I prefer to be really careful at the first corner and let passed another driver. Race is never win in first corner specially when it's a 90 minutes race.
    I was P6 after T1.

    I took my race pace lap after lap. I was back P3 after Martin's crashes.
    I was in same pace that Kumar and Loffler but 5 sec behind.
    I didn't understand what's happened at first pit but i lost 10 sec. I put 80 litters and change my tires... maybe that ? And you guys ?

    I did some mistakes in my second stint but I was alone. 18 sec behind P2 and 10sec in front of P4.
    Then to get more fun (because I was bored to drive alone) I tried to got the fastest lap. And I did. 1.25.5 at lap 38 (i think).
    After that I was maybe little bit devolved and I did a mistake in fast left (end sector 2). I hit the wall, not to much but I lost my right rear wheel. Race was over :-(

    90 minutes race could be fun but we must be at least 20 cars for the start.
    We were only 12 with big gap between lap times and drivers in race.
    I hope that we will be more for this season.
  4. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    You gave me the room that i had to take the curb inside otherwise we had already touched there. Why didn't you took the curb as well to use all room which was was there ? So, it sucks if i gave you the same respect as you me ? I gave you the most room i could with going first time side by side throught that corner. And if you on the loosing side with tyres, why taken the risk in that corner anyway ? You see, there are always too sides of the story.
    Watching the replay you see there was still room for you. And interesting my view at the end. How much i saw from you in cockpit ? Nothing, so, where should i know 100% sure that you still there ? And for that i was letting room in an adequate way. You simply preferred to let us touch before taking all possible room. But everyone can have a look hisself:

    And to give up if its not neccessary is btw. respectless to all the other drivers. The pitcrew can all repair 100% with that mod, so, nobody have to give up if not a rear tyre is missing.
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  5. Martin Lepassar Licensed Driver

    If I would have tried to avoid contact then it would have putted me on the sand, because kerb there is very short. In video can clearly see how you turn into corner very soon and just understeer into my line, thats my opinion, well, I hope we'll have same situation some time and you'd be the1 outside, we'll see if I get penalized, since you think it's normal which it is not. But hey.. whats to point to argue " admins are always right " ;) In my opinion it's clearly not leaving enough racing room.
  6. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well, this is very hard to judge guys but i think it's better to wait for admins point of view!
    And i think Martin: when an admin is involved in an incident, he won't judge the incident he's in!

    About my race, i did P5 in qualy which was the best i could hope as Loffler, Lepassar, Béver and NK were clearly quicker than me! Good start putted me in P4 by overtaking Béver at the start.
    I was way too cautious and he overtook me some laps after. Then i was alone all the race, won 3 places because of Loffler, Béver & Lepassar fault/incident. I did a mistake at lap 42 in the chicane loosing a tyres but changed it. It made me loose a place, Neverauskas was P2. There were a 13 sec gap at lap 50/61 but i slowly close the gap and overtook him in lap 60.

    So happy with that 2nd place, and i'm in the same lap as the winner. Well done NK and all finishers. It was very hard race on a difficult track where it's very rare the breaks moments you can have!

    Let's hope there will be more drivers next time...
  7. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    With all do respect i do not see what all the fuss is about ?

    Martin u messed up exit of T4 and there fore Andreas was given the oportunity to pass.

    He pass u clean let u room in the corner, it was a corect pass at least 2 wheels on tracks curb

    But because he tryed to let u room on outside after T5 he killed his exit line by turning the wheel to much and that allowed you to gain on him and try to re-pass.

    But as u were doing that re-passing u lost the back of the car to much throttle and no grip / used tyres and u hit Andreas as your car started to slide.

    Well this are my facts from the video replay above.
  8. Martin Lepassar Licensed Driver

    Losing my car wasnt the issue, since I had 20% fronts and 80% rears :) My car wasnt sliding a bit, the contact made it slide.
    Geoff, protesting wont change anything so what would be the point.
    Thats a good example and if I get involved something like this and, get penalized then I can just give a Link to this thread.
  9. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    In that case my mistake about the car starting to slide, i did not see a contact before u start sliding so i presumed your slide was due to lack of grip.
  10. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    This should be solved or not by PM to Andreas, whether he is involved or not.....

    Airing dirty laundry, and casting doubt on the integrity of an Administrator on a public forum is not the correct way to do this.

    These are just "Test races" for all sorts of things, track suitability, rule implementation,overall format.

    This type of problem needs a little bit more gentlemanly conduct, and not muck slinging.

    From a completely unbiased point of view...... 50/50 at worst, "Racing incident" get over it and move on.
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  11. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    And Martin.... Your Avatar says far to much about you. :rolleyes:
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