[August 14] Formula 3 at Autodromo Internacional de Floripa

Discussion in 'Game Stock Car - Events' started by Guy Moulton, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Formula 3
    Autodromo Internacional de Floripa
    Date: Tuesday August 14
    Server Name: simracingpro.com GSC 12
    Track: Autodromo Internacional de Floripa
    Class: Formula 3
    Game: GSC 2012
    Practice: 3:00 PM EDT /19:00 GMT (60 mins)
    Qualifying : 4:00 PM EDT / 20:00 GMT (10 mins)
    Warm Up: 1 minute Warm up, then Pits open 180 seconds, Formation/Standing
    Race: 4:15 PM EDT / 20:15 GMT 2x20 min race
    Start: Formation/Standing Start
    Pitstop: No Stops
    Weather: dry
    Password: Get it here
    *GSC 12 sometimes wants to add on a lap after time has run out.*
    Rules & regulations
    You can sign up by posting a message in this thread.
    Sign Ups
    1. Guy
    2. Matt
    3. Dariusz
    4. Dino
  2. Matt Horst Licensed Driver

    Hope to make it.This is a great track,never drove it until tonight.I hope we can get at least 10 drivers for this.
  3. Matt Horst Licensed Driver

    When i joined the server for some practice i got a "floripa track geometry mismatch" and "floripa gdp mismatch"Must be a different version or something.

    Edit:Yep i have version 1.0,downloading new version now.

    Edit:Good to go
  4. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    OK, cool. I saw the error messages on the server this morning and I double checked and I could join, I was like uh oh damn. OK, glad you got it sorted,Matt. Looking forward to racing next week.
  5. Dariusz Swiderski Licensed Driver

  6. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    OK, trying to boost numbers, I mixed up the format a bit. 2x20 min race, no pit stops. Shorter practice, shorter warm-up.

    We run race 1, then race 2 we start in the race 1 finishing order, starting immediately after race 1. All I have to do is to advance the session along and skip practice/quali/warm-up and we end up at the next race.

    2 x 20 min races
    NO pit stops
  7. Matt Horst Licensed Driver

    If practice is shorter i may not make it home in time.I barely make it as it is.
  8. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Love to but on nightshifts :(
  9. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    OK, didn't know that was an issue for you, Matt- I'll make it an hour again
  10. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please
  11. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Don't get into the gravel. Almost an instant DNF. Fucking pain in the ass since the whole last sector is designd to put you in the kitty litter. The curbs are killer too. The cars drive like the stock cars (I don't know how an F3 can drive like a touring car). and the stock setup is just like the stock cars (huh?)

    I don't like these pieces of shit. Or the track. I'll be there but I don't think this race will end well.
  12. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I must admit I don't like these cars much either, which is surprising since I like almost every open-wheeler and I read from many guys that this is their favourite car in the game.
    The chassis has a good feeling, but I don't quite get why these wings do not produce more downforce for the speed that these cars get (240 kph+). It may have to do with the tires that they have, seems they aren't really good for the car. I don't think that the car is far from reality though, considering how spot on the F-Reiza feels :)

    The gravel is an instant dnf that's true ;( The track is not bad apart from the graveltraps.

    I will still be there though, I appreciate all the stuff in the game, not everything has to feel great from the get go.
  13. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    I expect a F3 to handle really well and be planted. It must be in the tires, I agree, Dino. I have the same trouble with these as I do with the stiock cars- I can't place the car where I want to. It has to do with this tire model they use, I just cannot get the hang of it.
  14. Matt Horst Licensed Driver

    Yeah i don't really car for the f3 myself ether.Would much rather race the classic or f1.Not to late to change to f1 or even stock cars.
    Out of curiosity what kind of lap times are you guys getting?I'm around 1.32-1.33
  15. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Let's keep it just for this week just to say we did it, but it's looking like we won't be doing this again. Who knows, maybe for some reason they race really great? Yeah OK....
  16. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    4 on 4 off days/nights :(
  17. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    I used to work a crazy schedule too. I know how it sucks to schedule anything, much less a weekly race.
  18. Kevin Cordice Licensed Driver

    sign me up please:)
  19. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I had a good time today, even with these difficult cars.

    Sorry for my rolling backwards over the track on race 1 :oops: My car got hugely upset over a big curb and I smashed into the barrier from that. I immeditaly hit escape and thought I was out of the track, but instad I was still rolling backwards and there was a another screen that asked if I wanted to escape to monitor ;( I had totally forgoten about that, I hope noone suffered from this mishap.

    Race2 was big fun with Dariusz. He even waited for me, after I lost my back very ackwardly at the low-speed corner at the end of the lap.
    Towards the end, I let him past 1 lap too early because I did not know if the race was over in this lap or in the next one. The good thing was, we had a great last lap that way and we finished side by side on the finish straight :D

    I'm uploading my qualifying lap right now, to get some impessions of this car out :cool:
    Cu guys on future events
  20. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

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