BMW E92 M3 Supercheap Auto

Discussion in 'Skins' started by Steve Bean, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

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  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    I really want my skin done for this car, but don't know who can do it for me. All my other skins was done by other people, as I am totally useless with a paint brush :oops:

  3. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    Lol just take a bit of practice mate im far far from a pro i only know basics in PS but bit of persistance i get the end result lol its off my race 07 car just a copy of what id done b4


  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Trust me Steve, I have been 11 yrs persistant, and not got any better, I am miles better at video editing and matching music to videos that I am with any paint package (tried PSP, PS, Gimp) you name it...Sometimes I have just to succumb that I am no GFX artist :)

    Here is one of my random examples:

  5. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    And this one

    Considering there is no night racing in LFS and no Dynamic lighting (as in head lights) we all drove with our brake pedals slightly touched to give the read lights that effect...

  6. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    Nice edits pal do some vids myself u will see some on here and no doubt some more pop up but yet again total noob and know the basics lmao its persistance again :)
  7. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Yeah those edits was with my old PC, which consisted of the following..will make you laugh

    Intel Dual Core
    4GB Ram
    250GB HD
    GForce G210 + Intel HD onboard

    I now have
    Intel I5 3.1hgz
    16gb match 1600 Ram
    2 x 500GB Sata Drives
    GTX 750ti 2gb
    (SSD on the way ;) )

    Anyway, will shut up now, as going way off topic LOL

  8. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    lol its a conversation people can read need to keep peeps entertained on here lol
  9. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Keep peep's entertained on here, not a problem Sir ;)

  10. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    So do I have any GFX Artists that could skin some cars for me out there :)

  11. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I've had a few kind words said about some of my stuff But......I only really do cut and paste sticker jobs, not mastered the whole coloured shapes side of it, maybe over the winter I'll get someone clever to teach me.

    But if you want a change from your regular stuff, just name a colour or 2 and suggest a sponsors name and I'll put something together.
  12. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Hi Stacey, trust me, if you see my Team skin, there is seriously nothing complicated, its just I am just so rubbish (even downloaded PS tonight) to give it a try..

    How about I show you and see what you think? If you say no, you say no, no biggy, No Drama's :)

    If I find somebody I will dontate £20 to SRP :) Now there's a challange HE HE
  13. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    NP Shaun, if you have the logos I'll give it a shot, £20 for SRP is always a good incentive, and spelling my name right would be lovely to.;)
  14. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Oh s**t, so sorry mate :oops:

  15. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    It's fine......I'm not that touchy really ;)
  16. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Stacy do you have am email address that you can PM me, would be easier

  17. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Shaun, if you want more work done after Stacy has presented you with this current masterpiece, I'd be happy to do a skin or two, mate. You need to provide some info though:
    • game
    • car(s)
    • primary sponsor / most visible name on car
    • other sponsors
    Using that list to make a request is a good start. Ideally, we also require:
    • link to the template(s)
    • example images of logos
    • if you want a real livery duplicated, as many images from various angles as possible
    There are some examples of my previous work in THIS THREAD.
    If you like what you see, start a conversation with me if you're still looking when Stacy's work is done ;)
  18. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    To be honest Rob, if you have the time to take this over I would be happy for you to do so, as I have already let Shaun know, my spare time is a little limited at the moment.

    You could do what Shaun needs in a quarter of the time it would take me.
  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Not a problem mate, I'm only running one league now! Add me to your convo guys, let's see what we can do. :)
  20. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    Updated link for download

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