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Discussion in 'BTCC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andy Breedon, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Firstly, Conragtulations to our new BTCC champion, Simon Kilov!

    Thank you to all those who have stayed commited and given me the support to try and bring you a different yet fun league.

    I suspect, the cuts rules and other rules will be of concern, weather too, what ever you feedback is for Season 2 please leave it below with honesty and fairness.

    Thanks Again

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  2. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Wow, it was awesome league. Thank you Andy for all the work you made for it.

    +++ Good drivers, cut rules briefing, fair on sanction for all drivers,live broadcast, amazing skins, sls result, vid of andreas and dariusz, awesome mod from Michael Van Sheppingen, real weather.

    --- not junior team, i don't like score pts, put things like at salzburgring for not cut.

    Here is mine. I have been honest. Thank you!
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  3. Ryan Walker Licensed Driver

    I only did 1 or 2 rounds as I had to pull out to other commitments but the races I did were great fun and loved it. Can't find any faults to be honest and also have to say thanks to Michael Van Sheppingen for a great mod and also Andy for the work he put in.

    Will be back for a new season :)
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  4. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Well done Bree.
    All that work and long hours have paid off mate. Season 2 was great.
    After personally seeing all the stress, and work you put into this season, you deserve a medal.
    I know season 3 will be awesome, whichever mod we use. :)
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  5. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    Even though I only drove a handful of races, it was an absolute pleasure to have raced in a great well organized league,
    All the info that was give was correct and up to date, Shame that a lot left the league, and ended up disbanding the D2.

    But am looking forward to Season 3, as I am sure it will be even better :)

    The only downside I have, is the fact that all the races was not broadcasted live, But hopefully that can be sorted out for next season,

    Thanx to Andy Breedon, and SRP on the event, see you Season 3 :)
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  6. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Agree with Andy on the broadcast front. I think a league as good as the BTCC SRP deserves a broadcast for all the races. I appreciate that was probably the plan but for whatever reason didn't happen. Hopefully for the next season a bit more organization on that front will cure it.
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  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Thanks for all that positive feedback, guys. Regarding the live broadcast: Bjorn, Wesley and Yuri put in a lot of effort for little or no reward. Yes, there were a few races where the live broadcast did not happen; that was not due to a lack of organisation, but was caused either by one of them not being available or by unexpected technical problems. Remember also that this was the first time any of us have done this, and there isn't a big team of guys working on it. One of the main issues was that there was almost no audience; it seems an awful lot of effort for 2 or 3 live viewers...basically, those interested in watching were driving in the races!

    From my own point of view as a participant: :D I had a great time, :( sad it's finished. This was the first league in which I was asked to join an established team...and WHAT a way to kick that off! Andreas put in some incredible drives, staying in one of the top 4 places in the standings for more than half the season. I did my bit for the team, finishing every race in which I took part (although I was absent for round 9) and scoring about 30% of our team's score...we even led the teams standings after round 7! Thank you Andreas, for inviting me to The Black Rebels and for being a great team mate. ;)
    The way Andy applied the weather for this league made it unique; that worked really well, and even when it was fluctuating a bit too wildly, it made it very exciting. The fact that we used the RL calendar also lent a certain authority which made it seem that much more real. Apart from the "hiccup" at the first Thruxton round, everything was spot on, and that deserves some kind of award! Thank you to every driver who took part, it was a great way to get to know many of seems like only yesterday (11th January!) that we started this league, but it's hard to remember NOT knowing you guys! :)
    Personally, I'd like to move on from RACE07 now; it's on its last legs imo. It feels I've said that for years when finishing leagues.

    Lastly, I want to thank all the SRP staff who helped to make BTCC season 2 a success, you all deserve a medal. Thanks also to Simon Gardner, who provided the source files for the standings graphics.

    P.S.: Look out for the final standings table, which will be posted when the results from Thruxton are official.
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  8. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Appreciate the feedback from you guys, I hope there is more to come from other particpants. :)
  9. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    You can have some from me, if you like.

    Now, my sim-racing career has been very short (~October last year I think I got Race07, and a few weeks later drove a game with a wheel for the first time) so these are the opinions of a back-marker and nothing more, but I had an absolute blast. Yes, there were very occasional issues or miscommunications or whatever happened that time in D2 at Croft, but I think you guys have done a marvelous job.

    It's only been a few months, but I have partaken in a couple of other leagues and this one is by far the most well organised, the most reliably attended (at least D1) and the most competitive. Live streaming most of the events was just a bonus, and on several occasions I went back after the race and watched the whole thing (because, you know, it's nice to see what's happening at the front sometimes :) ). It's been a struggle as a relative newcomer to adapt to switching between the S2000 Chevy and the standard WTCC Honda that I used for pretty much everything else, but it offered a new challenge and I'd like to think this has helped me to improve my sim-driving quite considerably.

    I'd sign up in a second for a third series (though I personally hope it is Race07-based, largely because it is taking bloody ages to save up the cash to buy a computer that will run anything better...).
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  10. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    I enjoyed the few races I competed in but with my job change right before the season I was never able to do all 3 races so I only entered for fun.
    I missed several events as I sometimes had to start work earlier and then division 2 grids became very small so called it a day.

    With regards to the broadcast I think edited highlights suit this championship better, several sites do a live show but none come close to matching Touring Pro Series who have set the bar very high.

    That isn't meant as a criticism to SRP but if the viewing figures are so low it seems, as Rob says, a lot of work for very little return. Highlights by Andreas and Dariusz have been good quality, they probably have more reach and a polished end product does a better job promoting the league at this stage at least.

    I would like to thank staff members, Andy, Rob and also Michael for the mod. Finally thank you to David and Ethan for your efforts driving for Simspeed Racing this season.
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  11. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Maybe a standard template for race highlights could be followed by a number of designated people so a level of consistency is reached. Then commentary dubbed over the top? I just think there are so many highlight videos around that the commentary adds that bit extra & would give more of a professional appearance to the league and the site as a whole.
  12. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Last season I initially made the videos for commentary but nobody was available so went down the music route. I had a go but I was terrible ;)
  13. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    A bit of input from me.

    First of all the league has been enjoyable. Pretty good, had a good time with you guys, thanks to everyone involved in making this possible.

    Well my feedback... I will start with the things I didn't like.

    1. Penalties
    This is propably my main issue. The +1 second rule to added to your time is not right, it messes up the result and it's heavily over the top of arguable advantage you gained by not respecting the track limits. I've lost around 30-40 points this season coz of these. Because it's often the case when youre racing in the crocodile you may lose even 5-6 spots.

    Now in real life you get a WARNING after you cross the track limits 3 times. 4th strike and you get a drive through. That means people who ACTUALLY do not respect track limits repeatedly get penalised not ones who do it accidentally once. This rule needs to be changed. I drive from cockpit camera when you cant really tell if your over the limit, usually i find out about my "cuts" after the race.

    Also I don't like the word "cutting with intention". Many of us try as hard as they can to get the maximum performance out of their car and sometimes we go over that limit. We don't intend to do that. For me cutting with intention is going straight through the chicane at full speed for no good reason not running wide 1 inch too wide.

    Also this season some bizarre decision have been released by the stewards. I don't wanna argue here but a fair few decision lately have been the ones that i STRONGLY disagree with. For example at Thruxton Chris Dark makes an attempt to overtake into the final chicane makes contact eases my car almost off the track and I get that added 1 second for that. That is not right. I advise stewards to watch closely watch ACTUALLY triggered the incident other than just watch the results of it.

    2. Points System
    I don't think the points system rewards race winners enough. You got drivers like Chris who won 10 races this season whereas Simon wins 3 and takes the championship quite comfortably.

    3. Pre-qualification
    It was a mistake. It has turned into 3 day hotlapping competition. If a number of drivers exceeds the ammount of gridspots for the championship in the future it has to be done differently. Especially not allowing people to swap cars during that period.

    Now Positives.

    1. Great mod from Michael. The cars are much more fun than the simbin ones. Joy to drive
    2. Great fun and banter with you guys on TS. Really enjoyed it every friday lots of laughs and jokes
    3. A lot of effort put into the championship with broadcasts and stuff. Thanks to Bjorn and Wesley and the rest for doing it!
    4, Nice attendances at the races. Over 20 cars on the grid whole season is impressive well done to you guys.

    Hopefully I will see you on the track during another season!

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  14. Roger Prikken Licensed Driver

    Well I had a really enjoyable season with a high level of professionalism in the organisation as well as the driving. My own driving skills really got better in the championship because of this.

    Thank you very much Andy and the rest of the staff for putting so much time and effort in this championship and Michael for making this cool mod :D

    I really liked the weather files, some rain from time to time spices up the races and makes them less predictable.

    The only downside of the season has nothing to do with the racing or the organisation. Why do so many people drop out before the season is over? It shows little respect to the organisors and your fellow racers.
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  15. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    A bit late but.... better then nothing ,keep it short :)

    First of all Andy, many many thanks for organizing BTCC S2!!
    Enjoyed training and racing with you teammate.
    Congrats to Simon for winning this Championship ;)

    As i said, i'll keep it short.

    Standard of S2 i thought was better then S1.

    Long seasons though and dont think will join S3.
    • to much of the same after 2 seasons
    • to many frontrunners so to say, are using much to many
    little contacts or whatsoever, to pass people who are just a little bit slower.
    • Myself i was not a top 8 racer in this field, but when i was somewhere in front
    they made sure i didnot stay there......
    • Or topdrivers who'm made mistakes and fall back in the field, and then "raced' there way back to the front
    screwing up the race for midfield racers. Sadly it were a few, but always the same names.
    • Offcourse i made a few mistakes myself also, but the intention is NOT to contact,
    i would rather go onto the grass or into a wall myself then put the opponent in front of me there.

    Still think the standard was a bit higher then S1, cause that was a mess to many times.

    Well stop now, it's enough.

    See you all at the tracks sometime, somewhere...... :)

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  16. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    I think I'll throw in my two cents as well, a bit late but I've been thinking about it, then forgot it to then remember it again when I was nowhere near my computer :oops:

    First of all, thank you very much Andy for organizing the series and also a big thank you to Rob who, together with Andy and me, worked behind the scenes with penalties, points tables, weights, servers etc (although I didn't do more than look at the incidents and giving my opinion on them :) ). It was a lot of work to get it to work but I think Andy in perticular did a brilliant job.

    My thoughts on the way it was put together:

    As I didn't take part in Season1 I don't know much about what it was like in S1 but what I liked was the long Qually before R1 and then the One Lap Qually for the double races. I also enjoyed the mod, although it might still have had one or two flaws, and it was millions times better than the default cars in my opinion.

    One of the more dissapointing parts of the season was Pre-Qually which most people seemed to regard as a Hot Lap competition and not a way to sort out which server you would be starting from. In my opinion the track that was used could have been a bit better and the layout of the whole Pre-Qually could have been different but I think it would have been hard to not make so that most people would think of it as a HLC. The reason I didn't fully like the track was that the FWDs could gain a lot of times by climbing the curbs which you couldn't do with the Mercedes but I think that was more me not having sorted the car out fully yet and me not sitting for hours on end doing laps. I also knew that even if I ended up in D2 I would have a fair chance of getting into D1 by staying consistent like I've done in other Leagues I've been driving in.

    The driving itself was generally good but there was some unnessecary contact in many of the races which drew down the standard at which I thought it would be. But some of the racing I was allowed to get, especially with Rob at Silverstone and Neil Rocks at several occasions with many others that I can't remember it was a series and season to remember!

    For the future:

    I would think that you could do a more retro-angled series using, for example, the Super Touring Mod that is out there and make something like the '98 season or there about with those kind of cars, or 96 so we also have the RWD Biimer ( :D ), and maybe do it with two races and two qualies, one long, 15 minutes, and one short, One Lap Shoot Out, for the races and then have a sprint race (prefferably 15 minutes) and then a feuture race of 30 minutes, maybe with an obligatory pit-stop, to spice it all up a bit. That could favoure both kinds of drivers. Those who are good on their tires and not that good in Qually and those who are fast but not that good on their tires to make it, possibly, more open championship where even more people could take the crown next season :)

    Let me end this by saying thank you to all the drivers I had the pleassure to race with and I hope that we will all be back for next season :D
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  17. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I'd just like to say that a '98 BTCC based series would be bloody splendid. Great idea.
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  18. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    I know it is early to talk about BTCC S3, but I think that the next mod used should be
    Super Touring Mod and maybe this add-on BTC 01-04.

    The owner AndreasFSC is a member @ RD and also works on the mod all the time,

    I have driven the STM and I loved the mod, their is also other add-on mods available on the RD forum too.
  19. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Not a bad idea, the Lexus needs some work handling wise though.
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  20. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Season 3 and a 3rd mod already. Use the same I say, or even go back to Season 1 mod. :) Good work from MvS. ;)
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