Can someone help me with AA in Race 07?

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Matt Fearon, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    Guys, I have been reading up on this topic so much and I have tinkered for countless hours but I just cant get rid of this jagged edge on the track lines and guard rails. I am running Nvidia 560 GPU and I have my FXAA turned to 36, I have tried setting the LOD bias to Clamp, and allow (the screenshot is with CLAMP set) I have turned Anisotropic filtering off, and then every interval to full. It does look alot better with AF set to off, and Negative LOD bias set to Clamp, but there is just this spot between where its right in front of me, and when its far enough for the mipmap to blur it, where it still looks like a set of stairs and its keeping me awake at night while I try to cry myself to sleep.

    Has anyone found out any kind of trick or work around to get it nice and smooth?

    Thanks guys!

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  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Turn off all AA off ingame etc, got to your nvidia panel and use your cards performance instead.

    Start AA on 1 and fxaa at 16 and turn supersampling on and then work ya way up with the AA.
  3. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    Yeah I'm using my nvidia control panel, it just seems like no matter what I set it on, it won't fix the aliasing.
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Make sure AA is turned off on race07, if you have doubled it that maybe a problem. im on AAx4 and FXAAx16 and looks fine but i have ATI, not had nVidia for a long time.

    Updated drivers? if so revert back they maybe crap.
  5. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    UGG, in all my tinkering now I am back to having the issue when I turn a sharp corner and the whole screen stutters. I just cant win :(
  6. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Try different drivers Matt.
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    These settings should work well as a staring point, but if you get that stuttering, you need to decrease the Antialiasing setting:


    Keep in mind that graphics card performance has a very wide range; what works for one user almost certainly doesn't bear any relation to your combination of hardware/software. Certainly, the rate of development of GPU performance is quite staggering at times. Look at this comparison chart of high end cards and it's likely that you'll find yours isn't at the least, not for long!
    Even THAT isn't really a good guide if your CPU/RAM isn't the same as their test rig. The poor antialiasing in your screen shot might be improved a bit, but it's mainly caused by the game's age; we've become used to the image quality provided by modern games running DX11, and RACE just isn't capable of getting near that. For example, I'm running a 4.2GHz CPU (Intel i7 950), 6GB of RAM (@1600MHz) and a GTX680 with these GPU & in-game settings:



    ...and I STILL see those damn jaggies! :( :mad: :D
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  8. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    Thanks so much guys.

    Andy, I will look into switching drivers, its just one of those things that kind of freaks me out, lol

    Rob, HOLY COW MAN, thanks for all the info. I will try out these settings when I get home. Is race 07 more CPU reliant than GPU? I realized last night that my ASUS mobo does a kind of factory overclock on my CPU, I had it set to "performance" since I built the PC, but Saturday night, it wouldn't load that setting so I had to reset to default, which is "normal" and the CPU runs at 95% instead of 110%. After I went into my BIOS and set it back to Performance, the stutters went away.

    Still those jaggies though...
  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    You're welcome. :)
    Good to know you can get rid of the st-st-stutters easily. Be aware that any kind of overclock is trading performance for reliability; shortening the life of the components to gain performance. RACE is no more CPU-dependant than any other modern(ish) sim; the trick is combining decent components to minimise the chance of getting a bottleneck.
  10. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    I looked at that list, my GPU is pretty low under yours, its a GTX 560. When I built this PC I had a budget of $350, I already had the HDD, case, sound card and optical drive though. So, I couldn't get anything too fancy, I got that 560 for a total of $20 after rebates and due to the fact it was an opened box. Does the CPU control the physics? I'm wondering because I always seem to get stutters and issues like that when I play racing sims, but if I play an arcadey game, such as Grid 2, or a non racing game, like I have been playing alot of Saits Row the 3rd, I can crank those games all up to max with no issues whatsoever, and Grid 2 looks amazing graphically.

    Sorry I am going a bit off topic here.
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Nice deal for that card, then. :)
    I have no idea about which component deals with physics, other than the fact that newer games can use the PhysX part of the NVidia drivers, and you can set that to use CPU or GPU.
    Modern games like GRiD2 are better able to use the capabilities of modern GPUs, and are optimised to use DX11 - something which RACE certainly is not.
  12. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    Guys, I have found a solutions for my problem. The different kinds of AA in my Nvidia settings page don't seem to do the trick for me. So, I downloaded Nvidia Inspector and went to the Race (steam version) tab, and I changed my AntiAliasing Transparency Super Sampling to AA Mode REPLAY SGSSA 8X. With this, plus full 32x AA from my Nvidia setup, the games looks so good, no jaggies at all, but the frame rate stutters a bit for me. So I set my regular AA to 16x and it runs great now. Here is a screen of the same corner as before, as you can see, the white line is a lot less jaggy. Its hard to tell from the screen, but all of the shimmering effect in the distance has gone away too.
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That's a big improvement, Matt! I've never use that Inspector before, nice find.
    Loving the "Green Flag!" :D
  14. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

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