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Discussion in 'PMSC Season 2 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Another top quality video Loffler, from Istanbul. Some seriously great camera angles/shots etc.... Really nice to watch!

    So thankyou. (n00b)
  2. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    Great piece of art, Andy!
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  3. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    LOL! what racing... can't wait to do report things :) will end up spending hours watching the cutters and they know who they are ;)
    but anyway was good racing with most people! not best track choice which we knew from lap 1 of testing... but Spa I hope will be more positive :)
  4. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Before you watch, have a look to the rules what is cutting, so that you don't watch for nothing.
  5. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    Can not believe this is legal! I can't wait for Spa! going to cut every corner and ill laugh my head off at you all! [IMG]
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    If you believe or not, this is legal as rule says clearly two wheels have to be on track. And, the curb is part of the track. If you can't life with it, nobody force you to take part.
    I also like to describe why i prefer this rule. First: if you use rule with two wheels between white line you would have to control every driver, every corner, every lap. that's not possible and the game also give not automatic penalties. Second: It's also easier for the driver to notice if they still on curb or not, because you get force feedback from curb. Third: If you go more over curb you loose in most cases time, so there isn't advantage for the driver.
    If you like to controle all drivers, every race we can maybe change the rule in other leagues, as this will not happen in leagues i orgenize. i would also adverse to jpoin a league with the two wheels - white line rule, which give only conflicts in my opinion.
  7. Shane Burke Licensed Driver

    its meant to be simulation to the real life thing and you don't see cars like these designed to drive over curbs like this every corner which makes it unrealistic. but i guess i'll have to just put up with it and abuse it :D
  8. Huseyin Karademir Licensed Driver

    Same here not looking good.
    Andreas will not be able to control all drivers for sure, but drivers can see most ,what happen around and report . Yes some track are bad if you hit curbs some not like Hope.I did few laps at Hope 2 days ago just like that picture and gain -800 :) but didn't do at race .Anyway spa is not great place to use curbs ....
  9. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    This isn't the only league to count kerbs as part of the track. Any regulars at *certain high-profile league* will already be accustomed to following that rule - it surprised me at first, too! :p
  10. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    I've installed the mod, did 1 laps offline but when i wanted join the server, it's ok and then, when i want leave the pit, the game is crashing. I've try uninstall/reinstall the mod. It's always the same -_-
  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No error messages?
    Do you have a fully licensed game?
    Did you activate it?
    What operating system are you running?
    What are the specs of your computer?
    Are you running any 3rd party addons (plugins)?
    etc., etc.

    Sorry Geoffrey, but you will have to give us more information if you want to solve your problem instead of getting more questions than answers.
  12. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Hum it say rFactor crash... yes i have the licensed game haha this time.
    I'm running Windows 8.1. Specs of my PC: Intel Core i5 3337U 1,8gHz HDD-1TB Memory-4gb nVidia GEFORCE 720M.
    Hum no i'm not using any plugins on that rFactor installation...
    Thanks for help guys ;)
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That's better, thanks. :D
    I don't have W8 yet, there may be some patch you need to make it work? Hopefully someone who runs that OS can tell us?
    With those PC specs you can run the game on the maximum graphics settings. It's possible that running it on the wrong settings is causing a problem:

    - navigate to your rFactor folder and run rF Config.exe. Set the options like this:

    rFactor config.png
    (not my gaming PC, this is my office machine!)
    Notice that Resolution is on the "native" res for my screen (Refresh Rate also), Anti-Aliasing is on NONE, and VSync is OFF.

    - now look at your graphics settings in-game: CUSTOMISE→SETTINGS→DISPLAY and set the options like this:

    (NB: this is the custom UI which is installed with the Enduracers Flat6 mod, not the original UI)

    Try those things first. If it still crashes, try it with SHADOWS on a lower setting, or with BLUR off.
    And if that fails, we can have a look at your global graphics card settings (outside the game), maybe it can be solved that way.
  14. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well i was in LOW Setting. I will try tommorow on my PC for race. What is strange is that i've been running many others mods like F1 VFR, Topstep and no problem... And in porsche, i CAN play offline but crash ONLINE ;( Anyway i will say you if it works. Thank you Rob!
  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    De rien, mon ami :)
    I should have added that you should look at what other programs are running, and either close down the unneeded stuff, or get rid of it completely (uninstall). Windows is really greedy when it comes to using available resources, and it's certainly unaware of how important your racing is to YOU! :D
  16. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Geoff, two things. A) Make sure rFactor is using the amount of processors you want it to, for me it defaults to using just 1. B) The Flat6 mod is known for crashing for no apparent reason, so if you can't find the problem, try reinstalling. Eventually it should work.
  17. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    I had similar issues with rFactor with this mod and I also have W8. I could play offline no problem but online, once connected to the server, the game would crash.

    Have to say that I have not had issues since Istanbul but what I remember working for me was first racing offline and then joining the server but what worked better was if there was another person was already on the server. Dont know why but when that was the case, the game would not crash.

    I also have not gone on the server for Oran Park yet. Will try tonight and see what happens.
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  18. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Thanks it's working Rob! Thank all others for trying to help me also! And Eric, if you can teach me how to set the amount of processor we want, please answer by PM ;) Thanks guys. Now time to practise !!
  19. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    srry guys, couldnt be there didnt had internet for the past 1 and a half days :(, hope you guys had atleast some fun ;)
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  20. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    Not sure that having 100% damage at Bathurst is a great idea - walls, walls everywhere! :p

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