Discussion in 'rFactor 1' started by Zachary Hultstrand, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Zachary Hultstrand Licensed Driver

    the dw12 mod is out now. i have race it off line. its pretty fun. it would be nice if there was a league for thismod
  2. Zachary Hultstrand Licensed Driver

    im even willing to start one if we get enough people intersted
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  3. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    I've just been running the Izod Mod around a few oval tracks and a few, for a newbie like me, well known Indy Car tracks (Street and Permanent) and they are very nice to drive.

    It's a bit dissapointing that you don't need to be more careful with the throttle out of slower corners when you're in 2nd or higher but the racing could be very nice.

    We will see if we can't organise a few Single Events with the Mod to see what the interest looks like :)
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    There is usually quite a fair bit of interest for ovals in race07, hope there is for this too, thanks for letting us know Zachary.
  5. Zachary Hultstrand Licensed Driver

    No problem. I'm hoping to have a single event soon.

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