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Discussion in 'Hardware & Software' started by Andy Bonar, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Took a little break from racing tonight and had a spin out in the galaxy.

    Found my way back to mother earth in the star system called Sol. Docked at a nice little space station orbiting the moon :)
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    lol with that huge ship coming at you when you entered...upside down! :p
    "Avoid unnecessary disruption...do not block the access port" PMSL :D
  3. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    In space there is no upside down...well he might have been but i wasnt ;)
  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Haha, just watched it again....the signs are upside down ;)
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That's what I thought when I looked at the thumbnail before I loaded the vid. Even without those advertising hoardings, you can orientate yourself correctly by using the coloured lights:
    Ships and aircraft universally use red on the port side (left) and green on the starboard side (right). It makes sense to continue this to spacecraft. I just happened to notice that the station's approach lights were reversed during that docking...collision nicely avoided, anyway...and you're right that there is no upside down in space...and no one can hear you scream. :)

    FYI: we were talking the other day about finding that entry port and how we always seem to end up on the opposite side when exiting supercruise? Apparently (I haven't tested it myself yet) if you aim between the planet and the station when you're approaching the system, you exit supercruise on the side where the entry port is.
  6. Kane Lasky Licensed Driver

    Pretty cool! Loitering is a crime punishable by death, huh?

    If you find any galaxies out there that make advertising punishable by death... let me know and I'm going to point my spaceship in that direction!
  7. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    I noticed there was some talk of g-forces being added in post launch? Currently I get a very 'fighter-jet in space' feel off E : D with the artificial yaw, pitch and roll limits. I understand the need to stop the whole 'turreting', but I think the translation limits just make it feel unresponsive, or like you're fighting against atmo shear.

    Star citizen solves this by causing black-out/red-out if you push too hard into vertical g's. So while you can technically 'turret' or translate on a penny into any direction, if you push too hard too often, you're gonna end up with a black screen.

    I think this might loosen up the flying a little in E : D, and maybe lose that constricted feel when trying to turn your ship. As it is, I noticed I'm having to use reverse thrust way too often to keep on a target, when I should technically be able to just fire thrusters in opposition and spin the ship on its axis for that sort of thing. (Even with FA off, the limits on roll, pitch and yaw speed - particularly yaw of course - are still in place, though maybe not as extreme)
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  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    How often are you facing the arse end of the station when exiting supercruise? I'm guessing almost every time.
    When I said aim "between the planet and the station", that was a little vague perhaps, but now there's a perfect video explanation of the technique I had in mind:

    (really good channel for learning the tricks, btw)

    Bearing in mind that I haven't played the game for more than a few minutes to set up the controls and that the rest of my knowledge of it is from videos, I have a few questions:
    • How do you align yourself so that you're approaching the planet in that way?
    • Do you fly towards the system head-on and do a loop towards the planet's pole?
    • Where do you position the planet in the reticle if you wanted to fly straight towards the point where you pitch down between the planet and the station?
    • Is there an easy way to tell which side of the planet the station is on from a distance?
    There are lots more pressing issues with the game, but saving time when you're having to grind away earning credits is quite an important one for me; I plan to run "clean" rather than pirating or bounty hunting my way across the galaxy!
  9. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    I haven't been back to ED for a while. Only managed to put a few days into it overall, managed to grab a lakon type 6 and a cobra. (Though ended up dumping the cobra for a viper with about 4 mil put into it, as you have the same firepower - once you're careful on power consumption - but a lot more manoeuvrability)

    I noticed the same issues with getting aligned to the letterbox, and never ended up figuring it out. Though I did notice that no matter what direction you're coming from, once you come in hard at top speed with FA off, they rarely even get a scan started on you before you pass the gate, let alone see all that illicit cargo in your hold ;) . Now, you can mistime the spin to align correctly and smack the station if you're not careful when making the move at such high speeds, but after some messy insurance claims I managed to just get used to it. (Wouldn't try this with the haulers, it will end in tears)

    In terms of supercruising, I always just guestimated what speed I could push to on approach, and then do a quick loop if I overshoot.
  10. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    While not quite ED, I thought a new thread would be excessive. Star citizen's dogfighting module is coming along nicely... (You can really almost 'feel' the inertia/physics at times):

    Racing isnt too bad either...

  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    It looks so freaking awesome as well...shame you have to spend so much money. :/
  12. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    Yeah, they still have the wild ass prices on some of the digital items, though you can spend €40-65 ish and do all of the above. The only other extra's you may get hit up for are the module passes as there's no more alpha packages (€4 each, of which there may be 3/4).

    Also, with guarantee's over and over again from CIG and CR than anything purchasable currently will be available when the game launches through traditional gameplay means, I do have hope for the game's future.
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  13. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    The 'Imagine' trailer is pretty epic, just speaking of how awesome it looks: ( Don't worry I'll stop taunting with you eye-candy after this :p )

  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Epic is just too small a word really, isn't it?
  15. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    Just a head's up, if anyone did want to give Star Citizen a try, there's a free fly week currently ongoing. It only lasts until the 20th though - only copped it when flicking around the forums yesterday..

    Just head over to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/sxsw-2015 and enter the code 'SXSWFREEFLY2K15' when prompted.

    Some of the new non ship combat stuff too...

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  16. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Nice way to hook people in, might have to look at at SC after all...until they start askng for cash, in which case it's back to:


  17. Kyle Lossor Licensed Driver

    Oh yeah, you're not wrong there. Blatantly trying to loosen some potential purse strings. Thankfully though, with a little self control (something which I apparently lack lol...) you can avoid being financially ravaged for a game that wont be out for at minimum, another year - the whole persistent universe anyway.

    Though I do have to mention, I bought a couple of the €48 ish starter packs for a couple of friends back home (mainly because we've been losing touch as I haven't often gotten to speak to/see them in the last year or so, and thought this wouldnt be a bad way to have some fun, and catch up more often than we've been doing) who are into that sort of game but had similar fiscal concerns and its been a lot of fun, and neither of them have spent a penny further than the starter packs I gifted them through the RSI site.

    Oh and in the next update, they're introducing 'REC'. Its a sort of virtual currency you can use to 'rent' all ships/weapons etc that are currently available in game to test them out without purchasing them. REC is earned through playing the game only, not RL cash, and each rental lasts a week. (In-game play time, not actual time) So when that comes out, anyone who has bought the most basic pack can experience everything thats currently on offer in SC without having to spend another penny. (Maybe $5 for the upcoming fps and social module)

    I know I almost sound like an advertiser for the game at this point, but honestly, I've never experienced anything like it in that genre... and can't fathom how good it will be when all the game systems are tied together in the persistent universe. If they pull it off, its going to be a sight to behold.

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