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    Team Enduracers has released new previews of their upcoming Flat6 Series mod for rFactor 2.

    The mod will be a toe in the water project for the team’s much bigger Endurance Series mod, bringing a full field of six-cylinder sports cars to race with.

    In order to familiarise themselves with their new platform, the car has been equipped with many of rFactor 2’s specific features, including deformable tires, driver animations, new shaders and more as listed below.


    Graphics : High fidelity 3D model, with high definition cockpit.
    Graphics : 50 paints shemes inspired from the real cars.
    Graphics : Highly improved car materials, reflections, lighting and shading.
    Graphics : Animated driver, with high definition 3D Helmet.
    Graphics : Car details with backfire, headlights with lens flares, deformable tyres.
    Physics : Accurate car physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
    Physics : Up to date rF2 physics features.
    Sounds : Accurate and detailed sounds.
    Sounds : Up to date rF2 sounds features.

    Car Specs

    Engine: 3,797 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 102.7 mm diameter.
    Power: 450 hp at 7,500 rpm.
    Max RPM: 8,500 rpm
    Gearbox: Six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox (G97/63) with active oil cooling and pressure-oil lubrication.
    Brakes: Aluminium six-piston calipers, in red at front, 380mm. Aluminium four-piston calipers, in red at rear, 355mm.
    Suspension: McPherson strut-type axle, height-adjustable.
    Tank capacity: 100 Litres.
    Weight: 1160 kg.

    The car comes with two different sets of sounds, different types of rims and several car sets of full seasons of Flat6 racing series around the world.

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