F1 07 single event/championship?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Forum support' started by Alex Torres, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    I have allways loved F1 since my childhood ,so I would like to have atleast one race with the comunity. I hope this gets approval even if it takes years for it.

    -Alex Torres
  2. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    I would certainly like to try this at some point. I know there was one a few months ago, but I don't really know much about how it went. :p
  3. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    Even if it is formula raceroom ,I would love to see and participate on atleast one race.
  4. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    ewww, formula raceroom :(

    Hehehe, those cars are just way to arcadish for my tastes. We did a hotlap competition with them and making setup changes did very little for to the performance of the car for me. I know it might have just been my driving, but the changes I made should have caused the car to bring the back end around quite easily but they still gripped like crazy.
  5. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

  6. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    sure! I started to search for even older F1 series to relive the real F1 times when Nigel Mansel, Nelson Piquet, Gerhard Berger, Martin Brundle, Jean, Alesi and of course my personal hero, Ayrton Senna ( I swear if I had only one chance to use a time machine to go to the past or the future, I swear I would use it to stop that race in that day, showing him what was going to happen using my cellphone:( ). And the V12, have to love their sound.

    By the way the CTDP F1 2005 mod download link is dead :/
  7. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    This sort of thing sounds more like someone didn't find the limit! :p You're gonna have to expand on what you mean by arcadish though. It's such a vague and ambiguous term used in all sorts of places, so doesn't really mean anything to me.

    I've had a very limited experience driving the RR myself. It doesn't seem bad from what I've seen. It's quite easy to drive, and doesn't really take much practice (I guess since it was the car that took centre stage in RR The Game). I did find pretty dramatic differences in top speed via downforce changes though. I tried a high downforce setting in it at the Nordschleife once, and was then unable to reach 7th gear. :p

    The MMG F1 2007 mod still seems popular though, and is certainly a much bigger challenge than the Formula RR to drive! :) And I'm also putting together a GP2-ish car myself, although I don't think that'll be ready any time soon. :p
  8. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    When I say the FRR cars are arcadish I mean that it is way too easy to drive them and setup changes that should effect the handling as far as cornering potential didn't really seem to make much difference at all. As I said I made some really large changes to the setup to test and didn't feel much if any difference in the way the car felt on the track. The down force might well slow you down a bit, but try and get it to where you lose the back end on a turn and see what happens with low down force.
  9. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

  10. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I'm practicing with MMG 2007 atm, so if there are races that I'm practicing on anyway for my league season, I would join too
  11. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    Yep that one is the mod i had in my mind in the start.
  12. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Since we are on this topic atm; here's a hotlap by me with this mod around the older Hungaroring layout :D

  13. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    And there is a sign for you too, Aliens..... errrr Allianz :)
  14. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    There's a F1 2010 trackpack out there if you don't mind running slightly different tracks.
  15. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Why why why didnt gsc include the f1 tracks formula reiza would kick dogs balls!
  16. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    Sure! But Estoril has to be there! :3
  17. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Some f1 mod-tracks are available for GSC. There is actually nothing stopping us from doing events with the F-Reiza at Barcelona or similar tracks. I'm pretty sure Guy will shedule that stuff once in a while on our Tuesday GSC club.
  18. Alex Torres Licensed Driver

    This http://f1-sim-racer.co.uk/index.php/extensions/f1-1994-le is what I was looking for. Hope everyone agrees to use this one instead of the inicial F1 07 mod.

    EDIT: I think this is a mod for rFactor so either someone who knows about modding changes the game to GTR or we will have to stick to F1 07
  19. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    If we do this with GSC, it can't be a club thing. F1 doesn't do well with clubs IMHO. If we have double the drivers and settle on a format we can make it into something serious. That said, it depends on how they drive in GSC. The F3's are garbage, I suspect that the FR' s are going to be faster garbage. You can't just throw the physics of a touring car and speed it up and call it a F3.

    But we are going to do a FR race coming up Aug 21 so if anyone wants to join up and test it out, join us. We can make it Spa just to make it a F1 sort of race. There's also Abu Dhabi, Interlagos, Jerez (they test there), Montreal, Monza, Nuerburgring, and Valencia to consider as well. A half-length GP would be cool to do.
  20. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I had uploaded this one a few weeks ago to show the car here

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