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  1. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Good evening gentlemen. I'm looking at upgrading my sim gear slowly and firstly looking into the Clubsport V2 pedals. I checked the fanatec site to purchase but they want 50 odd Euros for shipping which seems mega, but i can't find another online shop which sells the fanatec stuff, do they not distribute it to anyone or are they just hard to track down?
  2. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I have no idea bro. Hope that helps ^^ ;) :D
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  3. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    I would steer clear of Fanatec products. They are poorly made, the Fanatec customer service is awful and you WILL have issues and you WILL need to use the customer service. I had CSP at one time and they lasted a year. $240 down the drain. Fanasuck refused to replace them or refund my money and I ended up contacting them 6 times. You will have to disassemble the pedals every month or 2 to clean them. It is a process that takes a couple hours. When you take them apart the appalling quality of work and poor design really shines through. I lost many races because the gas pedal would only register at 90% down in Windows, the clutch would only go in 50% (got a drive through for that false start) or the brake would only register 90%.

    Fantatec Clubsport pedals are pieces of shit.

    Get a new wheel.
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  4. Mário Peixoto Licensed Driver

    WTF Guy??

    Seriously, that's a hate post towards Fanatec, nothing else. I would suggest for people not to read that, as it isn't the truth about Fanatec. I'm not a Fanatec fanboy or anything else, but when you say "Fanatec Clubsport pedals are pieces of shit" you simply don't know what you're talking about. If Clubsport pedals suck, then all you can do is buy over-the-top material from guys like Frex, everything below that sucks according to your post. The Clubsport pedals are the best at the moment (unless you buy custom-made stuff). They are way better than G27 pedals, which are the best from Logitech.

    You will just lead people into believing Fanatec sucks with a hate post like that. There's a barrier between opinion and lie, but anyway, I'm not going to argue about it, clearly you don't know what you're saying about Fanatec. You had a bad experience with them, so immediately everything they do sucks and isn't good. I smell a tantrum going over there.;)

    @Chris: usually you should buy from Fanatec themselves, although there might be a few shops in your country that may sell Fanatec products. Shipping is quite expensive, but your order comes very quickly and you can track it down all the time. I don't know what material do you own at the moment. If you have G27 or even G25 pedals and they are working OK, there's no real need to change, but if you own MOMO or DFGT pedals, you will notice a huge improvement. If you really want new pedals, then the Clubsport are the best at the moment. You will need to get used to them, especially the brake pedal, as it works like a real brake pedal, but once you do, you will be fine. In case you don't want to spend so much money, CSR Elite pedals are ok too, but not as good as Clubsport, of course.

    Granted, you can have problems with Fanatec material, as you can have with any other material you buy. No brand makes defect-free stuff, at least not on this planet. Fanatec's costumer service is very good, I had a faulty pedal unit and all it took was a week before I had a new set of pedals at home. They sent me a newer model (CSR pedals) at no extra cost, and I didn't even had to send the faulty unit to them.
  5. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    My suggestion would be to go to a nearby shop, perhaps a few extra cents but you got nearby support and not all those shipping stuff and whatever it may bring, so you definitely get that coin back. Perhaps you can't get the exact thing you want, but most likely something you will like as well.
  6. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Gentlemen, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions about hardware, and most of us base them on our own experiences. I would suggest that if you are asking for advice on hardware that you get a large sampling of responses and even have a look at other racing sites to see what is being said elsewhere as well. Don't be afraid to contact the manufacturer and ask questions regarding return policy, warranty repairs, average mean time between failure etc before you make up your mind.

    CSP's are expensive, and with that expense it is not unreasonable to expect excellent tech support for your money. I can tell you that there are many occasions where Fanatec and other companies will troubleshoot an issue and send replacement parts which they expect you to install. If you are unable to install the parts for some reason, then you may have to find someone that is capable of doing so for you, though I am pretty sure that the manufacturer would take that into consideration when offering to send replacement parts to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. It is in their interest to ship parts rather than your pedals going back and forth as the shipping costs will be large if that happens.
  7. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Search around. You'll see that my story is the norm. the only people I read about who are happy with Fanatec are people who never had a problem with their products. Of course someone with no probs would be happy. The fact is, too many people with fanatec products suffer problems and Fanatec customer support is infamous. It's the worst kept secret in the business of sim racing- Fanatec does not provide good customer service.

    The least amount of time I had to wait for a response to a tech support issue was 1.5 weeks. 2 times they did not respond at all and I had to email them again multiple times. I had 6 issues I contacted them about. They would not refund my money and tech support was to refer me to videos or to send me new HALL sensors- which failed after a short time like the original parts did.

    I'm not hating on this company on a whim. I got screwed by them and many others have too. I'm glad you had a good experience with them, Mario. But you have to look at the big picture and take into account the experiences of the larger group of people. Even ISR said that Fanatec support was not good.
  8. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    Im also looking for a good pedalset but it seems to be only g27 and fanatec that can off me some quality.
    Its true that the csp have no sensors like the g27?? and therefore have a longer lifetime?
  9. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I know from reviews over the net that there is a patchy history with fanatec products and there custumer service, although the more recent posts do point to a change in both quality and the custumer service side of things.

    I currently have a G27 which is in perfect working order so am in no rush to upgrade/change, But the lure of the BMW wheel and clubsport pedals does require a change of underware...

    I'll see if anyone else has more to add :)
  10. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    They use contactless HALL effect sensors on the gas & clutch, load cell on the brake. In theory, yes a longer lifetime, but my G25 sensors lasted 4 years before they got spikey, the Fanatec sensors only lasted a few months before developing problems.
  11. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Very strange for a HALL sensor as they are contactless sensors and only require that they be kept clean of metal bits to function.
  12. Mário Peixoto Licensed Driver

    "Search around. You'll see that my story is the norm. the only people I read about who are happy with Fanatec are people who never had a problem with their products. Of course someone with no probs would be happy. The fact is, too many people with fanatec products suffer problems and Fanatec customer support is infamous. It's the worst kept secret in the business of sim racing- Fanatec does not provide good customer service."

    I have been in many other forums and I can say it's the other way around. People who bought stuff from Fanatec and never had any problem, even after years. And there's also lots of reports about people who got a problem with their wheels or pedals and solved it easily. ;)

    Your case was clearly a bad one. It's normal that you don't like them now, I understand that, believe me. But to say things like "you WILL have problems" doesn't make any sense. It is not true. The quality of Fanatec products is the best at the moment (for an average costumer). Unlike Logitech, Fanatec kept improving, releasing new products, trying to improve their service, actually improving sim-racing.

    I'm not going into a fight about Logitech vs Fanatec, but the truth is, I see some people just complaining about Fanatec without even knowing anything about them. There's the case of Logitech fanboys who just say "Fanatec sucks", no comment on those. There's others who had a faulty unit and since then Fanatec is the devil. And there are others who want to buy Fanatec, but say things like "what if my wheel doesn't work??"

    No product can be defective-free, that's all I say. Logitech products also fail and their costumer support is, in my opinion, worse. As I said, I had a faulty pedal unit and within one week I had a new set at home. Like me, a lot of people solved their problems. I'm sure there was bad cases, like yours, but that can happen. It shouldn't happen, but unfortunately, it does. But that doesn't "retire" the qualify of Fanatec's products, especially the high-end stuff like CSP.

    Those HALL sensors you talk about, yours failed because they were faulty units. It can happen. But they are much more reliable and work much better than potentiometers.
  13. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    I have dealt with customer support for Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster. I currently have a thrustmaster wheel. Fanatec was consistently poor, as you read above. Logitech I have contacted several times for a few different products (I have had Logitech stuff for the past decade +) and Logitech is the best. Quick service, they always get right back to you and they will work with you to resolve problems. Thrustmaster I contacted one time, the response was timely and they solved the problem.

    This is why I recommend people avoid Fanatec. Not because I had a bad experience necessarily, but the reason my experience was bad. My story is typical of those customers who have had to contact customer support. Plus, I paid $240 for pedals I contacted the company about 6 times and I did not get my money back. That's just a fact.
  14. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Since you are looking for feedback about the CSP:

    Yes you can only get them via the website or via eBay if you're looking for used ones. They only sometimes have some distributors in countries where they don't ship to (Australia for example).

    About the ClubSport pedals:
    I have the v1 for about 18 months now, they are like the v2 minus the oil-damping system.
    • They perform very good and have a very nice precision in the brake and the accelerator. You can also modify the springs in the future if you want different tensions for them.
    • They are relatively easy to take apart and rebuild if you are swapping parts on the unit
    • The load-cell on the brake is not a high-quality loadcell in terms of how much pressure it can handle for how long; so you need to expect that it wears out over time (my first one lasted for about 15 months). On the flipside, the load-cell is the easiest and fastest to replace part on the unit (takes ~ 5 minutes). A tip: If you set your brake to not require so much pressure to get a certain percentage of application, your load-cell will last longer
    • The hall-sensors on the gas- and clutch-pedal are very precise and should in average last longer than potentiometers, but that doesn't mean neccessairly forever
    • You need to lubricate the pedals once in a while as soon as they start to squeal
    I can personaly recommend them, but I would also recommend to get a spare-loadcell (for 15€) from them from the beginning, so you don't have any downtimes if one fails (you will get a replacement if you're still under warranty also of course).

    About Fanatec: Yes they have a defective rate (especially on wheels) which is definataly higher percentage wise than with their big competitors, but it varies alot between different products.
    I wouldn't really recommend their products without good longterm testing.
    About the customer service: I'm not really the right person to rate that, as I live in the same country as them and just called them once on my phone and the matter was done with in 3 minutes :D (getting a replacement load-cell)

    I hope all that helps you
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  15. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Thanks Dino for that informative post. Like i said earlier i'm in no hurry as my g27 is still going strong, but it is something i would like to get in the future.
  16. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I should have mentioned that I use the pedals together with a G27 wheel

    Pls don't translate that review into a review of the ClubSport Wheel as, as I already mentioned earlier, they can have big differences between different products. There are guys with perfectly working wheels and some with huge problems like burned-out motors and other defects after only minimum use (that's what I gathered from reading throughout the web).
  17. Matt Fearon Licensed Driver

    Guys guys.

    Just throwing in my 2 cents. I have had a CSR wheel and CSR Elite pedals for about 10 months now and I have had zero problems with both.
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