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  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Welcome to the Flat6 meets SRP - Cup

    The pre-season Cup of SRP's PMSC (Porsche Mobil SuperCup) season 2.
    endu SRP1.jpg

    PMSC banner.jpg

    About the MOD and recommended settings: click here

    Tracks of the Series:

    1. Road Atlanta (USA) 10.05. - 2 sprint races, 30-40mins each
    2. Norisring 2009 (GER) 17.05. - 2 sprint races, 30-40mins each
    3. Virginia International Raceway (USA) 31.05. - endurance > 60mins
    4. Le Mans 1972-1986 (FRA) 14.06. - endurance > 60mins
    Server password: Passwords

    Racing rules: Rules & regulations


    1st place 25 points
    2nd place 22 points
    3rd place 20 points
    4th place 18 points
    5th place 16 points
    6th place 15 points
    7th place 14 points
    8th place 13 points
    9th place 12 points
    10th place 11 points
    11th place 10 points
    12th place 9 points
    13th place 8 points
    14th place 7 points
    15th place 6 points
    16th place 5 points
    17th place 4 points
    18th place 3 points
    19th place 2 points
    20th place 1 point

    Pole Position (Super Pole): 2 points

    sign up:
    To participate, just sign up in the specific race thread. The sign up applies only for that event, if no extra information is given.

    Standings categories:
    • Overall Standings
    • Endurance Cup
    • Sprint Cup
    • Super Pole Award
    Please note: This Cup is initially to test the car and gather information for the upcoming league - PMSC season 2. If necessary, the race format may be changed from race to race.
  2. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    Looks like fun, particularly le Mans - I may have to pop in some time :D
  3. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Yep! Looks fun, might give it a go if I get the chance :)
  4. Roy Magnes Licensed Driver

    I really enjoy this mod. Will try to join if it will be run on even weeks, as I work late on odd ones :)
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  5. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    We had to move to saturdays for the Flt6 meets SRP - Cup, but weekend stays the same. So, first race on 10.05.2014 on Road Atlanta.
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Thanks to everybody who participated in this little pre-season Cup. Finally we found and tested everything to run start the league. Sign UP's no opened till 06.07.2014 here. Skins have to be posted till 13.07.2014 here.

    Not to forget, i won beside my TBR teammates :p - well done.


    Round 4.jpg
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