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    It's recommended that you do a fresh install of rFactor for every mod you want to use. This makes it less likely that conflicts will occur, which are usually caused by contrary data from various mods being stored in the same location. It also helps to keep the amount of data in many of the game's folders relatively low, which speeds up loading the game.

    Follow this step-by-step guide for installing a fresh copy:
    • Download the Lite installer (Minimal cars/tracks included): rFactor v1255g – (274MB).
    • When you install, name the folder something easy to identify; name it after the mod you'll be installing or call it "SGTC", for example.
    • If you have a previous install of rF, navigate to ...\rFactor\UserData and copy the Controller and player folders to ...\<new install>\UserData. Also copy the contents of the Plugins folder to ...\<new install>\Plugins
    • If you do NOT have a previous install, ignore that last step; those folders don't exist yet! You will have to purchase and activate the game. You can play it for a limited period before purchasing (30mins, I think).
    • Are you running a 64-bit OS? Then download this 4gb patch which lets rFactor use 4GB of RAM (on 64 bit machines with more than 4GB!) rather than 2GB.
    • Test the new install: rF Config.exe will run automatically. When in-game, check that your profile is selected and that your controller works. If all is well, exit the game
    • Install the mod content and track(s).
    Please note that this method will not solve any problems with an exiting install. To troubleshoot issues, you must perform a "clean install". READ THIS for instructions.

    Feel free to post additional things which I may have left out, and I'll add them to this post.

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