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Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kenny Press, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    Recently been talking a lot with Ginetta G55 driver, Max Coates (BTCC support series) and we have been discussing doing a Ginetta mod for Race 07.

    I did have the idea to do one some time a go but the idea included doing a model of the car which I don't have the skill or patience to try, maybe in the future I will.

    For now I am looking for a Ginetta model. There is a G50 out there for rFactor but I can't find much information on it.

    Can anyone help? Does anyone know where I could find a Ginetta model, where I could get permission?
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Hi Kenny,
    I have wanted a Ginetta for a long time, searched around a while back but found nothing.

    Dinca Andrei i believe models, not sure how busy he is with other projects but he maybe able to help somehow.

    Is it not possible to port the rfactor model etc? With help of course.

    Hope you can make this possible Kenny and please keep us updated.
  3. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    Well I've got the rFactor mod but still no idea where or who it came from.

    The only information I can find is this Ginetta G40 by someone with the name Stew2000, reading through it looks like he started both the G40 and G50 models, might send him a message all though he hasn't been on No Grip since June.
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Cool find nevertheless, Sounds worth a try Kenny sorry i couldn't help.

    Hopefully some others will post also.
  5. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    Maybe some good news :)

    Asked around with a few other guys I've worked with and one of them linked me here Ginetta G55

    Its a project on hold at the minute but once its finished I've been allowed to convert it to Race 07. So maybe we will see a Ginetta series in the future.
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  6. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Good news for sure Kenny, looks nice, looking forward to seeing the mod. :)
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  8. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    Yeah seen that message from Simbin, this mod should be safe as the Ginetta G55 I found is being modeled from scratch which is allowed. But if its original content for that particular sim then its not allowed.

    I hope it is ok as for the BTCC 2013 mod I've used 2 models (Focus/Civic) which have both been made from scratch for rFactor and converted to Race 07.
  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Indeed, that should be fine. They're just trying to stop SimBin content being copied to their competitors' advantage. Scratch-made material is certainly not in that category. :)
  10. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    Bringing this topic back to life.......Still no news on the G55 model at RD but by chance I sent a guy a message on No Grip back in August about a G40 and G50 model he was working on. He got back to me today and has not only given me permission to use the models he has also sent me the models. So we now have a Ginetta :D

    BUT there are issues as the models are from an unfinished project.

    1...The Exterior is finished bar a few minor details and the Interior needs finishing.
    2...They need adding to a sim.

    As I only know skinning cars I can't sort either issue out. So if anyone knows who can help?
  11. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Dinca Andrei may have time and may have interest, no promises but you never know!
  12. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Mint news Kenny. :)
  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Great stuff, Kenny! Like yourself, I lack the knowledge you require for this project, unfortunately. Perhaps most people aren't familiar with Ginetta series and might be interested if they knew more. Some images might help then:

    The G40, run in the Ginetta Junior Series

    Nathan Freke leading at Donington in the G50 Cup cars (2009)

    The 2013 GT Supercup cars at Rockingham

    Anyone with skills able to help Kenny, please put your hand up! :D
  14. Daniel Marr Licensed Driver

    Do you have the files still?
    If you do, I may be your Dan! :p
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  15. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

    I have the files that was sent to me if you want to take a look?
  16. Daniel Marr Licensed Driver

    Yeah, send em over, I'll take a look!
  17. Daniel Marr Licensed Driver

    Whilst we are asking we'll need some physics and some sound guys!
  18. Kenny Press Licensed Driver

  19. Daniel Marr Licensed Driver

    Thanks! Will check them now.
  20. Daniel Marr Licensed Driver

    What the models look like when imported:

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