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    That's the short version. :D

    For those of you who would like a bit more detail:
    • First, go and download the Lite installer HERE
    • Before you start, make a backup of the ...\rFactor2\Packages folder. This folder can be quite large (20-50GB), depending on how much content you have.
    • In most cases you also want to back up the ...\rFactor2\UserData folder to keep your controller setup, car setups and replays. The Replays folder can also be quite large, even if you've been keeping it have been keeping it tidy, haven't you? o_O:D
    • It is important to remember that if you installed rF2 using the default settings, you will have data in 2 separate folders (C:\Users\Documents and C:\Program Files) and some of the folders are duplicated. I find that unnecessarily complicated. Simply specify one folder during the installation process, and everything will be in one place.
    • From the previous point, you can see that if you want to UNinstall before you do a clean install, the uninstall program may not remove all the necessary folders, and there are 2 separate locations to check.
    • We use the "Lite" installer because it contains only the core data, and is relatively small. Other installers contain content we probably already have.
    That makes things a little clearer when following the clean install step-by-step below.
    1. Back up your Packages and UserData folders (I know it's mentioned above, but just in case!)
    2. Open Control Panel and uninstall rF2.
    3. Navigate to C:\Program Files and check that the rFactor2 folder has been removed successfully. If not, delete it manually.
    4. Navigate to C:\Users\Documents and check that the rFactor2 folder has been removed successfully from there as well. If not, delete it manually.
    5. Open the LiteInstaller.exe program and follow these steps:
    After the Licence agreement, you have this choice:
    Do not change those settings and hit Next.

    Core files choice

    Choose a different Core Destination folder, something like this:

    When you hit Next, the Data and Settings Destination folder should be the same as the one you chose previously:

    Continue installing rF2. When you have finished, restore your backed up folders. If you decide to start a new profile (may be necessary sometimes), copy ONLY your car setups from the ...\UserData\player\settings backup. You will have to reconfigure your graphics/sound/difficulty options, as well as your controller(s).

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