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    The following instructions take you through the procedure of installing custom skins in RACE 07:
    1. create or download a skin: the files to be installed must include an ".ini" file which tells the game to which car the skin applies, as well as other important information such as your team name, driver name, etc.
    2. custom skins live in the following folder: C:\Users\[user name]\SimBin\Race 07\CustomSkins
    3. if you create your own skin, make a new folder which will contain the following files:
    - a .dds file for the body of the car
    - more .dds files for interior and exterior windows, helmet, driver suit, etc. (optional)
    - files for menu graphics such as country flags (optional)
    - an .ini file containing information about which files are for which parts

    The minimum requirement is a body .dds and the .ini file. Below is an example of the simplest .ini file:

    [[[Your Team Name]]]
    [[Driver Name]]
    [BMW 320si E90 2007]

    Please refer to "Readme.txt" and "Template.txt" in CustomSkins folder for a more detailed reference for when you're creating your own skins.
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