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Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Geoffrey Fournier, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    A small vid' from an Hungarian league where i'm racing (i'm the only one who isn't hungarian). They use a custom mod including all WTCC 2014 cars. Each drivers use 1 in real life tcc driver. Same cars, same calendar in real life, Q1, Q2, Q3. A very realist champ including the TC2 Cars that were about 4-5 sec slowers than us. I'm in the Hugo Valente's chevy (number 7). This mod give me back the like of fwd ;) . Take a look at those somes recaps and subscribe. :) Vids isn't from me.
  2. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Hungarians love the WTCC don't they? The Norbimania just too strong to handle. That Peugitroen 407 Elysee looks very close to real one! Amazing effort whoever did that :D
  3. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Yes i was surprise to see how they are all hungarian fan of Norbert Michelisz. it's incredible. The races are also very close and yes the citroen which is the Peugeot with some changes and a citroen skin is incredible and also amazing to drive. But unfortunatelly, they don't want to share this mods.
  4. Janko Glavac Licensed Driver

    Looks great. Always been a fan of simracing with reallife liveries.

    As for the Hungarians, they are totally mad about any kind of racing. Everytime there is a race in Hungaroring, doesnt metter what racing series that is, the stands are packed with fans. I ve been at Hungaroring 3 times in a row for WTCC and this year we decided to go for a DTM race there at start of June. Im sure it will be great as always, and beer there is so cheap... :)

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