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Discussion in 'rFactor 1' started by Joshua Anderson, May 19, 2014.

  1. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Hey all. :)

    Just thought I'd post here to test the waters for a possible open event using the Enduracers Endurance Series mod (should I get the go-ahead to hold one).

    Don't have any solid plans for it ATM but I'm thinking something along the lines of LMP2 and GT1 at Daytona (road course). Race length wouldn't be long, about a 30 minute sprint. I'll post more details once I've got a vague idea of potential numbers.

    E: Forgot to add a poll :/ Just reply with yes or no in the thread if you like. :p

    E2: Current Interest List

    Joshua Anderson
    Ethan Bass
    Chris Shepherd
    Rob Hermans
    Matthew Allington
    Rui Martins
  2. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Enduracers is one of the truly enjoyable mods for rFactor, I would be down, but 30 minute sprints aren't what the cars are made for. Need to be 90 mins at least imo.
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  3. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I agree with Ethan, however, I think shorter races will see better size grids.
  4. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Yep, I agree, but this is solely for the purpose of the open events. :p Were I to start a series I'd be looking at that sort of length, maybe 1 hour to 1.5 for the races, but for these short open events I don't want to make them too long.
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I like endurance racing, although I had never done more than about 40 mins before the Enduro Pro Series last year. Yes Josh, I'd participate in races using this mod, liking your idea, mate. :)
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  6. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    I'd be happy to do shorter races if the tracks suited. Gives us races where we can go full attack on Super Softs (they still in Enduracers? :confused:) and really enjoy the cars without having to watch tyres and fuel. But for a championship, strategy in such cars makes it more interesting for me. Like how back in STC days with the Doran, I ran a dis-jointed strategy just so I could get the Super Softs (Quali tyres) on for the final laps of the race.
  7. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    As I mentioned earlier, should I get the go-ahead to run a season I would do 1 hour or 1.5 hour races (long enough to be classed as endurance but short enough to avoid driver swaps). For the shorter open races (like a Cup, if you will), it's really just to get interest and to have fun :)
  8. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    Sounds good - date-dependent I might turn up for a blast. I LOVE the GT1 cars!! :D
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  9. Rui Martins Licensed Driver

    i think i could take part in this event, depending on my availability on that date, nice idea :)
  10. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Well, since I'm getting support for this, I'm gonna think of a tenative date for this. Stay tuned ;)
  11. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Okay, would a Friday do for this? I'm thinking of having it on either the 6th or the 13th of June.
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    You must mean June, I think? :p Those dates look good, no racing planned yet.
  13. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Great. :) I'd say sooner is better, so if everyone's OK I'd like the 6th, but I'll wait for a few more people to have their say. May get more interest once the official thread is up anyway :D
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  14. Matthew Allington Licensed Driver

    6th should be fine for me :D
  15. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    I would say at least 2 weeks notice for the first one, I may not be able to attend the 6th but i like the idea. ;)
  16. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Well, if the official thread were launched tomorrow it would be 2 weeks ;)
  17. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Just need permission to post in the Events page and all will be ready to make an official thread I think. :) (Although I don't know how I will do those nice banners :p)
  18. Rui Martins Licensed Driver

    I think that the 6th would be better, since the 13th is on Le Mans weekend and i'm not sure if it wouldn't be during the qualy session for Le Mans ;)
  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    This is an often-repeated argument. We made a decision quite some time ago that there's no point in trying to schedule races to fit in with RL events, because there will always be something happening on any given date. Football, Formula 1, NASCAR, Indycar, Le Mans, etc. etc.
    Everyone has different interests, and it's impossible to accommodate everyone's agenda. If you can't make a particular event, that's too bad...wait till the next one.
  20. Rui Martins Licensed Driver

    i can make the event in any of those dates, i can be racing and then go watch the quly or the other way around, i just sugested that becuase there migth be other drivers that prefer to watch the qualy instead of doing the racem especially being such and event as Le Mans, it was just a sugestion, but it's up to the organizers to decide waht to do, which have far more experience organizing events that i do :)

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