It's Alive???

Discussion in 'Feedback & Forum support' started by Jim Cole, May 25, 2016.

  1. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Just checking to see if this site is still active and racing. Been quite a while since I last logged in and not seeing a whole lot of anything going on at the moment.
  2. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

  3. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    What happened Chris? I know Andy Breeden took over the site a while ago but it appears that it has died.
  4. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well i think the problem is that there were less and less admins, and so less leagues, which finish in less and less active drivers.
    At the end, there were only club races of about 5 drivers.

    Some members are now on REVS Simracing, XtremeRPM...
  5. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Thanks Geoffrey, not really interested in getting back into racing just yet, but will keep those sites in mind if I do happen to become so inclined again. Hope all is well with the both of you.
  6. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Well I think "Alive" isn't quite accurate... More like everyone left the room but someone it's not dead. Nobody's around anymore, just spammers :(
  7. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Good to hear from you Eric, glad to see that people still look here on occasion, though you could all be like me and still have notifications turned on for specific parts of this forum heheh. As to the title, I guess I could have said "lights still on but nobody home?" :)

    Kind of looks like I was in the beginning of the egress from the site though I am not sure why it happened. Perhaps one day when I get back into racing there will be an active site that I will be able to get into and find some of you guys still out there.

    On that note, I am currently building a new system that will be used for flight as well as potentially racing. It has an i7 5930 Haswell-E CPU, water cooling for the CPU, 64Gb RAM, 2 GTX 1080 GPU's, 3 2K monitors that are capable of running at 144Hz, head tracking, but no wheel yet. On the fence as to what I will get for the wheel and pedals at the moment. I don't want to go with the G27 again and am leaning towards the T500 I think it is, but will have to do some research seeing as I have been out of the driving aspect for a while now.
  8. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Yeah this is still the first webpage that opens up whenever I start Chrome so. I think Hermans took a break from simracing in general so there's probably the main reason why this all went downhill.

    Sounds like quite a build that though!
  9. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    So who is the main admin for this site now then? I had thought that Andy would still be the one but I guess I could be wrong. When I left we also had quite a number of people in charge of setting up and running leagues and events, did they all leave?
  10. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Nice build indeed lol! I'm jealous :p

    Hum as far as i know, Rob Hermans/ Andy Breedon & Yuri Braham (even if he wasn't so active at the end) were the main admins with Loffler, Bonar as league/events organisers but they all go to others communities.
  11. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Guess I should have stuck around a bit longer then, might have been able to do things to keep the site active. Ah well. If I recall correctly, wasn't Eric the organizer for the Clio Cup?
  12. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Hey Jim,

    Not entirely sure but...

    From the information I have been given, everybody abandoned ship (I'm guessing due to personal life problems), which left poor old Rob Hermans to deal with everything. Such a great job he was doing but as i'm sure you can appreciate its impossible to run and administrate a community alone.

    Things just slowly started to deteriorate which has led to the current state.

    I have spoken with Yuri late last year and he said he does have plans to bring the community back to life.

    So the wait continues. :(
  13. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    I got a reply from Yuri the other day and he mentioned that he is keeping busy with work and trying to take care of his family. I would not expect him to have much time for this in the near future. I have noticed though that he does look in from time to time to see what is happening though so there is hope.
  14. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    I was indeed, for once season. Had plans to start a second season but never did, not sure why it never happened though. Think lack of time was the main reason.

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