[July 17th, 2015] BMW M235i Challenge - Test (Nürburgring Sprint)

Discussion in 'BMWC Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I've already answered that:
  2. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

  3. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    Yeah ignore that and go by the GMT time.
  4. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No, your question was "Why is CET even there when we should use GMT?" - there should be NO OTHER TIME ZONES, only GMT. That's my point.
  6. Chris Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Gr had some good fun :D
  7. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    frustration,frustration... ...I managed pole on both the races just ahead of Ross.... and in race 1 I pulled out a lead and was goin well, when bang , a stupid time penalty , in the stupid chicane...then I was catching back up when Andreas hit my back and I spun and then again a charge back only to be ruined by another time penalty :( ..... race 2 started well too , but that damn penalty screwed my race again, and this time too twice...uggg :mad: but atleast on the podium with a p2 and p3after all that disaster :( ....but it was a strong showing For SDEv, with a podium for Adrian in race 1 and strong finishes in both races for Jyrki , Ross unfortunately had technical issues in both races ... lets hope for better luck in the future ....We will see you all soon :)
  8. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    hmm, still get irritated on this game still a lot off issues, race one a got a penalty in last chicane on lap one by avoiding a collision, I slowed down to penalty speed hoping the penalty will be over by the time I passed start finish, NOT black flagged, lol
  9. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    I got caught out at least once in both races at the last chicane too. But its a fair penalty, we all DID cut the chicane in some way. Sorry to hear of your trouble Patrick with the DQ. Good racing though, although I shouldnt have won either race!
  10. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    Was great fun. Shame I had to miss race 1, but made it for race 2. Had some great racing with Neil, Patrick and then Loz right at the end.
    No pressure, no set up changes (except lower ride height and enough fuel to get NASA into space), hardly any practice, just dived in, dont care I 'only' finished 10th and this was the most fun online race I've had for a long time. If the league is like this, then it's going to be really good fun.
  11. Norman Bruce Licensed Driver

    I got the same penalty as Patrick, I had to cut the chicane as it was blocked, fortunately I slowed down and was able to continue.
    Also sorry to Patrick R2, L1 at the chicane again, I was beside you as the chicane approached and I missed my braking point, it was not intentional but it was just the same as dive bombing. :oops:
  12. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    I had great time.

    The first race was a total disaster from my behalf. First I participate in the famous chicane crashbangery and do a loooong visit to pits after that.. Then I crash my self out of the race right on the next lap.. Classic noobery.
    Sorry, anyone who got bumped by me. Nothing I could do there to avoid piling up on the chicane. :(

    Anyway the 2nd race went much better for me. Enjoyable battle with Adrian Brezeanu and Andreas Löffler. Thanks.
  13. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Great fun :D
    Too bad those huge lags apears out of nowhere.
  14. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    First of all, i try to make the start time more clear in next event thread :D.

    Next, you have to arrange with this panalties as they can play also a role on other tracks. Training is best aid against. I noticed myself, there are two different types.
    1. 5 second penalty: You have to slow down (and no throttle) till 5 seconds are over or better slow down under 35 Km/h - then you can go again
    2. 15 second penalty: here you have to slow down also, when time decrease, dont press throttle again till the red text is away from your screen, otherwise the 15 second starts again, i made today a 45 second penalty due i didn't knew this as well :D.
    3. And of course, serve your panalty always off racing line, what everyone did what i noticed.
    From my point of view i'm satisfied with this first test. 14 cars on the grid. Sure the one or other smaller incident, but many many good clean side by side racing, was good fun. Where we should be careful ar taps from behind, as already small can lead to a spin. But, if we keep this dicipline over all races, i'm sure we will have good fun togehter.

    Ross was the only one who reported lag. Even from Niranjyn with the highest ping i noticed no problem. So, i hope you get your connection sorted, Ross. Try to have a look which other applications could have access to the net. Or if you use w-lan, try to use a cable. Maybe you can give informations about, that maybe one can help you.

    Server for test 2 next week i hope we get up over the weekend. Then probably with working skins, at least from the ones who are ready.
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  15. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    Frustrating event for me - managed to spin the car in both qualifying laps (no such problems at any other time), and then made slight contact with pit entry in race two causing aero or engine damage. Whichever one it was it cost me dearly in top speed. If it hadn't been for that I think I'd have stayed with Loz and Nick and joined in their little battle, but as it was, I was 1-2 seconds per lap slower than what I could do and thus it was a lonely race. Still, the racing was fun where there was racing to be had. Cheers Andreas, and see you all at the next one.
  16. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    Yeah, I had several issues in the races.

    The first being that odd lag. Everyone else was moving off the grid before the red lights had even gone out for me, and there was a constant lag for me seeing other cars as the kept glitching around on front of me (Causing the crash in the chicane lap 1 of race 1 :oops: sorry...) Don't understand though, as I am running a 55mbps wired connection. Makes no sense in my mind, but these things happen.

    I also picked up a couple of silly slow down penalties which were tbh 99% my fault and 1% lag, but for the life of me I was not able to serve them :(. I was sat still on the road in the second race and just wondering why a tiny mistake that lost me time anyway ends up asking for 15 secs of standstill, hence the DQ just to add to the non-finish in race 1.

    Overall: a good start on the timing boards, but a horrendous start in the races. It can only get better from here :confused: right?
  17. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Ross, Double check your LAn socket on the motherboard doesnt have some kind of "energy saving" mode. I know mine has, made sure i disabled it asap! Might be worth temporarily disabling Anti-virus to see if it makes a difference too.
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  18. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Over 5 seconds off the pole time, at least 3 seconds off where I should be on current RF2 form, obviously have no understanding of why,
    a RWD car has so much on power understeer, but that's my issue not AC's as 12 other people clearly were capable of getting the car through the corners.

    Race 1, great start as always in AC, no idea why, managed to be in 7th !!! by the end of lap 2, clearly there was a mass track cutting adventure and I made the places by other drivers penalties, still in 7th on lap 8, found a cone (5kg's of plastic) in the middle of turn 2 with the front of my BMW 235i (1470kg's of German steel), the cone sustained zero damage, while I was launced a couple of metres into the air causing damage and making the car even worse to drive, pitted and waited till the end.

    Race 2, great start as always in AC, went the long way around turn 1 and had the inside line for turn 2..... Punted off spun back to last place, "Rage quit" something I never do "Ever"..... seriously guys I'm the slow guy !! but I take care of where I am in relation to other drivers.

    2 great starts,
    + zero time penalties for cutting
    + no contact caused by myself

    = 2 DNF's

    I will take time to consider whether its in my best interest to compete in this championship, the combination of my lack of performance coupled with the incomplete state, and the still gaping errors in AC, and the complete non understanding of what's needed for online leagues by Kudos, is giving me serious doubts.
  19. Mladen Vukicevic Licensed Driver

    It will be the season of good racing. :) Sorry for my bad English. :( I will speak in the style of Kimi Raikkonen :p
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  20. Mladen Vukicevic Licensed Driver

    maybe it happened because you were a bit laging :(

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