[July 17th, 2015] BMW M235i Challenge - Test (Nürburgring Sprint)

Discussion in 'BMWC Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Lag is never an issue I rarely have a ping over 35.
    And never apologise for your English, we are bad enough at it ourselves, you guys do great at what is your 2nd or 3rd languages.
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  2. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Yes Stacy ping very low 30-33 but still once in a while one big lag out of nowhere :( , but idk if it net connecting or just server remains a bit back and to put all data syncronizing once again it block randomly a player.
  3. Chris Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Yeah game is defo not ready fully yet, features missing and bugs a plenty :p

    I had a pretty decent run appart from race 1 were i got involved in the major crash in the last chicane, came around the corner to see a BMW nose pointing at me had no were to go :/ Damage felt fine to me but game said no and gave me around 2-3secs slowdown per lap :eek: ... So i pitted for 45sec repairs. After that i saw nobody as i was over 50sec behind the person in front did gain 20sec over the rest of the laps and only had a 30secs gap when i finished so i wasnt to pissed off, was a test event anyways :p

    Race2 all went well till i tried to overtake someone, saw there was no gap so i had to rejoin the line a little down on speed (but still racing on the line) when someone decided to give me a nice asstap and span me in the last chicane after that i think i was down to 12-13th? so had to do some hard racing to get positions back, but i did get em back :D
  4. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I thought the original post was a question ? Was lag my problem for being slow ?, the answer was no, lag was not my problem.
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  5. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Stacy are you driving as part of a team or an independant?? I'd suggest you ask your teammates for setup help! If your an indy, I can only suggest 2 things......turn TC off. and go to the car setup, as you hover over each setting (IE: Bump on front dampers) it should list what it does when you turn it either harder or softer. AC makes it quite easy to self-setup a car if you need to.
  6. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    If you are struggling with the car spinning when you put the power down, you might not need to bother turning TC off the very low factory setting. I did a 1:36.5 on that last track with TC by accident. I think the main thing like Rob said too is to find someone who can help with the setup and gearing, and finding the optimal racing line. That's where the time will be found.
  7. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    It's not setup Rob, anyone of you guys in the top 10 could still go 3 seconds a lap faster than me with "Default" settings and a full tank, I'm a full 2 seconds off "The rest".

    2 things keep coming back to me.
    The first is I have over 170 hours on AC and probably twice that on the forums trying to find a decent wheel setup I have less than half the feel through my wheel that I have in RF2, and yes I have even changed wheels, If I can't feel it I can't drive it.

    The second is I have always been a FWD person in Sims, RWD in sims and "Understeer" is just not what I experience around the country lanes of Kent in my RWD 193 bhp Mercedes.

    There is no "Gearing" on the 235i.........
    And ax for the OPTIMAL LINE... I was running 7th in race 1 through sooo many not taking the optimal line ..;)
  8. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    If someone with a top 5 time would like the opportunity to prove me wrong, drop me a setup and I promise to give it my best shot for 20 laps, the server is still online.
  9. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Also Stacy If I may say so , a few more laps of practice might help ? ...I don't know if you have run the same combo elsewhere before but the laps stats show you have only done 30 laps !! ...while most of us have done near a 100 ! ... you cant go wrong with more practice !!
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  10. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I probably did 50 offline before the servers went up.
  11. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    When I say "gearing" I mean what gear to use and when on the track, not changing the drive lengths or anything (yes, that's not possible). And the optimal line is just in Hotlapping terms. Race lines when you are surrounded by other cars can be anything you want it to be, as long as it gets you past them.

    I don't know a lot about AC, I only bought it around May this year or something, but all the basics of sim games can be translated here too. I have driven sims without ANY FFB or wheel centering, i.e. ZERO feel, and tbh it is possible to go just as fast that way. It's about how and when you turn the wheel and press the pedals. Setups are just about finding that little bit extra for your style of driving and I think they rarely make or break your overall time. It's those who do the basics the best who succeed, and being able to complement that with great setup knowledge will of course help that bit extra.

    By no means am I saying I am a great racer :). I know I am actually not very fast in the grand scheme of things and I have seen that first hand. Like Nira suggested, practice makes perfect!
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  12. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    The problem is people assume that because I'm slow and making comments as I do, that I'm a young Noob, the fact is I've never been in the top half of a grid and never complained about it, I just ask the questions and hope to get answers, Rob Hermans has been a great help to me since my arrival here at SRP and in FWD in RF2 I am showing signs of improvement.

    I am 58 years old and have been sim racing on and off for 10 years, I fully understand that FFB and or setups is never the be all to end all argument, we are all aware that there are guys out there that would still make the top 5 here using a gamepad, "BUT" That's them ... and this is me , I need that feel and without it I struggle.

    Added to these problems is my ongoing issue with AC and its v1.0 incomplete release, which also makes me angry.

    Lastly.. I "Rage quit" last night, and that's just not me, I have suffered all the trials and tribulations of 7 years as a World of warcraft player and even that failed to make me do what I did last night, and for that I apologise.
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  13. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Stacy, what wheel are you using? Maybe some of us can share settings or suggest tips to feel more. I know it took me a while to sort things out correctly!
    If you want a hand with setups etc, im happy to pop on sometime before 10pm tonight to "talk" (aka type) you through the lap and some setups.
  14. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Honestly guy's its a done deal, Thanks for the support and offers of help, but my descisions are always thought over long and hard , I have not dropped out on a whim, I am signed up for a Clio series and I'm sure I will be happier running in that for this year.

    It's not like I'm quitting SRP, its just AC and RWD are not what I'm feeling the love for right now, when a series comes along with a choice of Front and Rear wheel drive comes along... which it will, I will be back with a smile on my face .

    Till then enjoy your championship thanks for all the kind words and offers of help, and Cya on track in the future.
  15. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Well Stacy you are (or supposed :p ) to be wise at your age and you have made up your decision, so no need nor it will change anything trying to convince you otherwise.
    Wish u good time and fun with the Clio champ, because at the end of the day we all need FUN
    So good luck out there ;)
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  16. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    At least its not long till retirement, then you can have many many MANY hours to perfect your RWD performance on AC :))):D
  17. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    So, the next race is coming along very soon, but I noticed that there hasn't been a lot of discussion - then I saw why! Any chance of unlocking the Imola thread?
  18. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Sorry, opened :))).

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