[July 6th, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 3 (Barcelona)

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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Date: Sunday 6th July
    Practice Server: simracingpro.com Mini P
    Race Server: simracingpro.com Mini R
    Track: Barcelona
    Class: Mini Challenge
    Game: GSC 2013

    Practice: 7 Days (Server will be up at least 7 days prior to each event)
    Qualifying: 20:00 BST (20 minutes)
    Warm Up: 20:20 BST (5 minutes)
    Race: 20:25 BST (45 minutes)

    Start: Standing Start

    Pitstop: Open

    Weather: Dry

    Fuel Usage: x4
    Tyre Usage: x3


    SRP Driver Licence Point System
    Rules & regulations

    Game Aids
    Automatic Clutch: Yes
    Automatic Gears: No
    Swingman View: No
    Traction Control: No
    Anti-Lock Braking: Low/High
    Stability Control: No
    Spin Recovery: No
    Opposite Lock: No
    Steering Assist: No
    Braking Assist: No
    Auto Pitstop: No
    Car Damage: 100%

    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    To report a race incident CLICK HERE
  2. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Entry list

    Drivers (Alphabetical)
    1. Mike Bell #8
    2. Nicolas Béver #88
    3. Andy Bonar #76
    4. Cory Brayshaw #44
    5. Norman Bruce #49
    6. Aaron Channer #13
    7. Murat Erdogdu #99 Andy Breedon #7 (R)
    8. Vinicius Ferreira #37
    9. Sebastien Foucart #23
    10. Geoffrey Fournier #22
    11. Ben Hackeson #2
    12. Christopher Hall-Nelson #74
    13. Rob Hermans #43
    14. Tony Matthews #77
    15. Lewis McGlade #78 (2nd Fail to show)
    16. Ariciuc Razvan #3
    17. Marco Sbordoni #40
    18. Warren Schembri #10
    19. Chris Shepherd #21
    20. Dariusz Swiderski #69
    21. Andy Vandevelde #16

    Blue Bull Racing (Bonar #76 / Matthews #77)
    Long Hair Dont Care (Bell #8 / McGlade #78)
    Movie-Go Racing (Channer #13 / Ferreira #37)
    O-Sport (Shepherd #21 / Brayshaw #44)
    Smile Power Racing With Aurora Designs (Hackeson #2 / Vandevelde #16)
    The Black Rebels (Hermans #43 / Schembri #10)
    Walk Racing (Béver #88 / Foucart #23)
    Walk to Racing (Fournier #22 / Razvan #3)

    Pit Groups

    PitGroup1 = Norman Bruce+Murat Erdogdu
    PitGroup2 = Long Hair Don't Care
    PitGroup3 = Walk Racing
    PitGroup4 = Movie-Go Racing
    PitGroup5 = Smile Power Aurora
    PitGroup7 = Marco Sbordoni+Christopher Hall-Nelson
    PitGroup8 = Andy Breedon+Dariusz Swiderski
    PitGroup9 = Blue Bull Racing
    PitGroup10 = TBR
    PitGroup11 = Walk to Racing
    PitGroup12 = O-Sport
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    click the image for detailed results
  4. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Guys. Use caution, when pitting with another car close behind. Likewise for the car who is behind. It may be a good idea to have a quick chat button setup to alert of your intention to pit if there is another car close behind.
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  5. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan Licensed Driver

    or in the lap that you are pitting put lights on
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  6. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Hum... put lights during lap we want to pit its not a good idea.
    What about strategy?
    If you do that, all drivers know when you go to the pit and can change our strategy.

    Put lights before last corner i'm ok but not during all lap...
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  7. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    It's racing, the driver behind have to be careful. So if the 2 drivers are doing care both, there won't be problem. For be honest, if i'm in a fight, i never know when to pit and that's 3-4 seconds i make my choice.
    So better to don't put that lights on rules... It destroy the suspens and the realism of the race with different strategy as said Nicolas.
  8. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    (If lights is not in favor, do remember the chat button! (I think that one is getting out of sight now) The chat button often works like a charm if people use it)
  9. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Uff! Who cares about strategy Nico?? The strategy is to be fast enough to win, without a strategy. :p :)

    I'm only just starting today, so wish me luck!

    I go to the server now. ;)
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  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Here's what I think:

    IF the situation arises where you want to enter the pitlane and there's a possibility of a collision with another driver who is close behind, it makes sense to give some kind if indication of your intention, so that neither you nor the other driver are compromised. Certainly you don't have to do that until you exit the T14/T15 chicane.

    If you mess up the exit of that chicane and your rival behind has a good exit, he might have an overlap before you reach the pit entry. We're all experienced enough to know that in that situation, you wouldn't try to pit. However, if you're the one behind, it's your responsibility to avoid collisions, so just be sensible and don't try an overtake just before the pit entry! :)

    If you're looking for a clear rule, I'd suggest this:


    You are not allowed to drive over that red part which separates the track from the pit lane?
  11. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Ok so I haven't driven the cars nor the track (I don't even have the game), but how is this track harder than any other track to pit? just hold the inside line until pits, few tenths slower, but everyone know that guy is off the line he is pitting. Can anybody tell me the difference between zandvoort, monza, sonoma (infineon, nascar version), and barcelona?
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    The difference is that the entry is very close to the penultimate turn, and the "normal" way to enter the pits is a late dive. There's very little time to take an indicative line. Having said that, you point out the same as thing as I did, which is just be sensible! :p
  13. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I would like to talk about this pit entry and track limit to use!!

    Your rules seems good Rob. Do not run on red part of the track.

    But this rule must be for ALL drivers, not only for drivers that are close. Because if we don't want run on red part, we must be slowly in last chicane and we will loose some tenth!!!
  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Yes, that was my intention...but remember, I'm only an assistant on this league, and the final say about this is up to Aaron. ;)
  15. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    The red part is obviously not a kerb (different colouration spacing); as such, more than 2 wheels over the white line (outside of track limits) will be a cut. :)
  16. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Please remember though,
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  17. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Fingers crossed my pc holds up. Been having major probs. No end of screen freezes in GSC.
    Turned v-sync on and it seems to be holding up.
  18. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No! Not again?! :mad: I can't go back to vsync on with the input lag it introduces. Them beta graphics drivers are a pain. :/
  19. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Mate, I've had to take it down to level 1 anti-aliasing, trilinear texture filtering :eek: , and with v-sync on; just to get it to run without screen freeze. I'm pretty sure it's ram, but my system is now 5-6 years old and ram is hard to find for it, and expensive.. £120 for 4gb (x2). A new system is in order I reckon, that'll be £1200 to get anywhere near what I want. I'd have it by now too if it wasnt for some cooornt dragging me off for messy solstice weekends, and trips to 'dam. Oh, and a piece of crap car. :D
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  20. Christopher Hall-Nelson Licensed Driver

    Just letting folks know Im racing tonight, but im likely to be way off the pace.
    With the problems ive been having, ive been able to barely do any laps, so id be surprised if i wasnt more of a moving chicane, but ill still put my all in, as always

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