[July 6th, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 3 (Barcelona)

Discussion in 'SRPMC Season 2 (finished)' started by Aaron Channer, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Hi, storms at the home its possible that I're not connecting.
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Had better races, knocked off wide causing me a stop and go, complemented that and went into pits for tyres, oh wait someone wants to wreck the car.
  3. Marco Sbordoni Licensed Driver

    Andy sorry for my wrong in pit-stop. I hope that you didn't retired for my wrong :-(
  4. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I had a good race, I think I was just a little short of the fastest drivers here, I was driving with no stream but never-the-less I knew it was a gap so small that it would not matter in the race. I got P4 in qually. Going into turn 1 on lap one of the race, I misjudged the brake zone and tapped Foucaaaaaart in the ass which cost me 2 positions to Hermans and Swiderski respectively. I quite possibly lost the race win right there! I managed to catch up and over take them which involved an awesome 6 corner battle with Hermans trading places a couple of times. Thanks for that Rob, was my highlight of the race!^ :) This left me a couple of seconds behind the top 3 after only 2 laps. On lap 7 I have caught 2nd and 3rd place but Nico is another 2 secs up the road in 1st place. I overtook 3rd place of Vandevelde and had Foucaaaaaart just in front of me but were slowing each other up which aloud Nico to open up the gap to a comfortable 5 seconds! I wanted the win and knew it was no good losing time fighting with these two so I gambled and pit on lap 8, which was 3 laps before my scheduled stop. After Nico had pit he exited the pits only +1 second in front of me only! Oh so nearly got you! :) I thought I could do this and take the win! Unfortunately I did not realise that the fuel tank was not big enough for me to pit that early and I had 1 laps worth of less fuel!!! :oops: In 3rd place and heavily trying to save fuel, the guys in front pulled away and Hermans in 4th place caught me. My plan was to allow Hermans to catch up hopefully have enough fuel, and as soon as he got onto the back of me I was going to battle away for 1 lap and if I ran out of fuel, then that was that! As soon as Hermans was onto me I put the foot down and going around the right hander before the last chicane at the end of the lap, my front left tyre blew out!! Obviously I pit, added a sprinkle of fuel and 2 new fronts and finshed the race 9th place I think.

    Grats to my mate Nico, great mate, nice win!

    Thanks all, cya next race!
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  5. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    SRP Mini Challenge round 3 @ Barcelona.
    Quali: P1 in 2.08.0XX (My best so far in practice was 2.07.7XX)
    Race: P1

    I did a good gap in 4-5 laps. After that i managed my tyres and kept the gap!
    We took again some good points for our team Walk Racing!

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  6. Ben Hackeson Licensed Driver

    That really caused you a Stop/Go? I'm really sorry then, I only got a warning but I slowed down for you off track, and then again after I realised I had gained time over the guys behind..

    I moved back home today so had about an hour practice beforehand, luckily I love this track I was close to the pace, however, I disconnected once in warmup and twice in qualifying so I had very low hopes of finishing the race, but got in and started last after failing to set a time. Jumped quite a few guys off the line who don't use launch control (look in the controls people) and got up to around 8th relatively quickly, delighted I could see the leading pack but then got involved in an awesome 4 way battle with Dariusz, Geoffrey and Andy Breedon which lasted about 3-4 laps. Me and Andy broke away and I was pushing too hard, rammed him off track before the final chicane and was on my own until the pits.
    I had to pit a lap later than I wanted as Andy had pitted so I went round again, then drove really consistently for me opening up a gap to Dariusz and slowly catching Aaron until a few laps left, we had a really good battle until his tyres dropped off and I finished 5th, which is probably where I would have ended up anyway if I had qualified so I was really happy. Thanks guys that was a really enjoyable race, sorry again to Andy for spoiling his race.
  7. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    I came very late on the server, but i know the track so i was quite confident to don't be far away of the pack.
    In qualy i made 2:09.9 which is ok for me. It putted me in 9th position but i was 1 tenth away of Channer and 2 of Breedon, i was able to get a top 7 for the race.
    In race, due to my lack of experience in rFactor and GSC, i really don't know how to make a proper start,i thought i had putted Launch Control but i failed it and start too early, LOL then i had to put back the car on the starting position. It make me fail the start as Andy Bonar overtook me. I managed to get him after the first corner. The next fews laps were amazing with a fight including Breedon, Swiderski, myself, Hackeson who made a good start starting from the last position due to his lag & disconnection, and Andy Bonar who was never far but looks like he never been able to overtake us. This 5 drivers fight was amazing, overtakings each corners, change position in the straight, hard racing but fair. We had that battle during 4-5laps. Unfortunatelly for both of us, the leading pack was going away ... I been overtaked by Breedon & Hackeson who were keeping to fight but in last sector there were a contact, i was 1sec to them but they cut all the last part due to a contact, i never been able to comeback on them. I make my pitstop in the mid of the race, but the pitstop wasn't as good as i expected. I was 9th but far of the leading pack and with Bonar putting the preassure on me. At the end of the race, i overtook Shepherd who pit in last lap, but then i had also tyres issue, Bonar and Shepherd overtook me and i finished slowly in 10th position. Congratulation to all drivers, thanks for the hard fair fight in Andy, Ben, Dariusz and see ya for next round.
    It was a really good track where we were able to overtake everywhere compared to others tracks.
    I will do the interview of Caramidaru i didn't do as soon i can and an other interview, but i don't know to who yet (maybe mister Hermans? if he wants?).
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  8. Dariusz Swiderski Licensed Driver

    Day didn't start too good for me. Trying to connect to server i was booted a few times and was close to giving up before i realized i may not have DL'd the track....dear me:rolleyes:. Then that bloody freeze in warm up....:(
    A few laps in practice and i was confident i can at least fight with the mid pack. My aim was to finish this time and not to go off which resulted me being to cautious in the first few laps and loosing few positions. Nevertheless i had great time fighting with Ben, Geoffrey, Andy and others thru out, and almost got Aaron on the last lap:). Respect guys:cool:.
    I had to go to work straight after the event and probably won't have any time to do any practice before the next round, so mid pack here i come again:)
    I had great fun and that's what matters most for me, see 'y next time:)))
  9. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Welcome to the club of the mid-pack drivers Dariusz ;)
  10. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Yep knocked me enough and was still a fairly fast corner, after correcting the car so not to spin the quickest way back on track i headed, accidents are accidents just a shame the damned game didnt recognise that.
    It stopped my pit guys doing there work, damge was taken and the esc button was the easiest and more suitable option, one stopngo and then another pit to re-do the tyres and damage wasnt worth it. You have had the game sometime, it is not race07 when in the pits. :confused:

    All is done, other than that there was some good moments and mostly enjoyable.
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  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Official results:

    click the image for detailed results
  12. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Interview with Rob Hermans after Barcelona's race:

    Q: Hello, today we are with Rob Hermans, who is in the top 3 of the championship. Hello Rob, how are you after the first three rounds of the championship?
    A: Hello Geoffrey, hello everyone. I'm feeling good this season, I seem to have decent pace even compared to the fastest drivers...usually I'm much further behind!
    Q: What a beginning of the championship for you: two podium finishes and P4 in Magione. Did you know you would be fighting for the top 3? What was your goal with The Black Rebels team before the start of the season?
    A: Thank you. Yes, I'm happy to get the results I've had so far, particularly because they have come from good performances, not just when others have made mistakes.
    You can never know what your pace will be compared to others until the season starts, but with my experience from last season, plus the limitations on car setup changes, makes it a more level playing field. The fast guys are still fast, but us "non-aliens" have a better chance to be near the top. Also, I try never to expect anything, that way I'm never disappointed!
    I have no goals other than to have the most fun possible, and to me that means giving 100% so that I can give my best performance. I never set targets like "must finish top 10" or something...if I can say that I've done my best and can look back at my performances with pride, it's enough.
    Q: How was your race at Barcelona today?
    A: Mostly it went to plan; no bad driving mistakes, good pit stop on schedule, podium finish...and I beat Chris Shepherd for the first time EVER in a league race!
    Q: And now, after the third round, how ambitious are you for the rest of the season?
    A: My ambitions are mostly focussing inwards: continue with good race performances and enjoying myself. I'm also enjoying helping my team mate Warren Schembri to improve his performance. I want to have a good result at my home race in round 5, Zandvoort.
    Q: We can see a group of 4-5 drivers able to win, and you are in this group. We know how hard it is to win, but do you think you can win a race this season?
    A: It will be difficult, Nico Béver, Chris Shepherd, Andy Vandevelde and a few others...they all have better pace than I do. Some dramatic things would have to happen and luck would play a big part, I believe.
    Q: We saw that you are usually a little slower than Béver in qualifying. Do you think it's is a disadvantage for you not starting on pole? What is the secret to your success so far and having a good pace throughout the race? You are probably one of the best in race pace...
    A: Thank you for that. Of course, it's best to start as far up the grid as possible, and every position behind pole has some disadvantage, particularly in the mid-field...it's often a "trouble zone"!
    Tyre management is key this season; you must not over-use the rubber before the pit stop, or risk losing big chunks of time. If you stop too early, you will not have enough left to last the race. Stop too late and you lose a lot of time on track. It's a difficult balance. But you can overdo the tyre saving, and end up behind and unable to overtake. As many laps as possible in practice before the event is also crucial.
    Q: Well, thank you mister Hermans, we wish you and your team mate Warren Schembri the best and hope to see you on the top of the podium. Maybe this Sunday in Cascavel ? Who knows?
    A: It would be great to get a win in an SRP championship again, it has been a long time. I'm looking forward to the race at Cascavel, it will be close at the top again, I imagine.
    Merci Geoffrey, thanks everyone.

    Geoffrey Fournier
  13. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Great interview again :)
  14. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Offending driver: Nicolas Béver #88
    Timestamp: 11:17, 24:57, 29:14, 31:23, 37:52, 44:23.
    Description: Running beyond track limits under race conditions and gaining an unfair advantage (turns 14 / 15).
    Penalty: Nicolas Béver incurs a 6 sec time penalty, added to race time.

    Really??? :eek:
    Sorry about that... i really though i was in track limit!!! :(

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