[Jun 27, 2014]Daytona 250

Discussion in 'NASCAR Events' started by Kevin Vaassen, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    :eek: Stunning liveries, Nick. I'm not much of a fan of oval racing, but I love looking at the skins. :)
    I just painted a car for Josh based on Tony Kanaan's '08 indycar. It's not quite ready to be revealed yet, but keep an eye on the skins submissions thread for the STG league. ;)
  2. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

    I can do a render, if you need it.
  3. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Thanks for that offer, I may take you up on it when Josh has confirmed that he actually likes it! Your scenes look excellent, I may have to start picking your brain...but perhaps not in an event thread, I'll pm you... :oops: sorry Kevin, as you were.
  4. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Anime cars, have seen them before her, always fun to have them around!

    Owh and no worries Rob, some bumps to this thread are always welcome (not too many, but some fancy skins can act as eye catchers), but Nick, perhaps check out the skinning board, a place where you can really spam all your creations!
  5. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

  6. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Last reminder, skin deadline tonight! (and I need links, not screens :p).

    I think I might be online this eve for some laps perhaps.
  7. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

    This message will be important. Most of what I'm saying comes from personal experience of running this game for years. I won't be able to be there on Friday to say this in person, so read this before you head off to the race.

    First thing. Don't you even attempt to think of touching another car, player or AI in the corners. Unlike iRacing and rFactor, NR2003 has this...hit box in a sense, to where it is only advisable to touch PLAYERS in the rear bumper on the back stretch. Anywhere else, the car will hook, and spin, almost leaving you without a way to save it.

    Next, learn to make a loose setup. The weird thing with most NASCAR sim-racers (I'm not bringing any of them here, because the entire NR community is full of douchebags), is that they almost want their cars to turn to the left as little as possible in the corners. Once you become more experienced, you can try to find out how to make your car comfortable, yet fast to you. Personally, I like to start off with a slightly loose setup, and let the tires wear off to where it's tight in a long run.

    Third, you're racing with the AI, which can be buggy at times. When the normal pit cycle comes around, be extremely careful, as if they're on the bottom when they pit, they will start to slow down viciously on the race track, which will throw you off guard.

    Now if you're doing a single file restart after cautions (which you should be due to the AI), when the green flag drops, you can only pass on the outside, or else you will get a black flag. (To the admins, make sure you have your chat keys mapped to clearing blacks, giving and taking away laps, and throwing yellow flags [http://www.racelm.com/rlmv2/nr2003-admin-commands/ ])

    If you get a black, and you feel you weren't at fault, stay calm and state that you have a black, and your car number. If needed, I will go back and look at the replay to see if that black deserved to be clear. Other than that, you live by the black, you die by the black, and you have three green flag laps to clear said flag.

    That's all I can think of for now, be careful, because the cars tend to be a bit jittery, but have fun and take care out there.
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  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Getting all Game of Thrones on us there, Nick! :p
    Really good info, thank you, mate. :)
  9. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Perhaps if we really get this going we can get admins on races, but for now, perhaps with some voting we can figure something out. In any case, game rules are rules in game, and they are well explained in the lessons coming with the games, we expect you to know them (do not pass the pace car as the leader when going green!)

    Good idea to map the chat keys for the commands, but how do you include a number to such a command? And we will have double file restarts, but old style: lapped cars start on the inside. I assume drivers got enough brain to know these cars may be slower due to an accident (they aren't lapped for fun sake).
  10. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

    It's in the options, check around, should be an entire screen dedicated to it.
  11. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Yeah I found them, but they state messages to all, not like, send this message/command to that player? Or can I say like driver A gets autochat message 2?
  12. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

    You have to enter their number once you type it in chat.

    !black 00
  13. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  14. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Could you perhaps send it as a car file? Saves space for the final package and you can set your team name, main sponsor, strength if your car is driven as ai etc. You can create such a file via the opponent manager, create a driver, and import your skin (car and war wagon) as the tga you just send.
  15. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    I will try, just wait a bit :rolleyes:.
  16. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  17. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Works like a charm!
  18. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator


    AI joining: #1 Jamie McMurray, #2 Brad Keselowski, #5 Kasey Kahne, #7 Dave Blaney, #9 Marcos Ambrose, #10 Danica Patrick, #11Denny Hamlin, #13 Casey Mears, #14 Tony Stewart, #15 Clint Bowyer, #16 Greg Biffle, #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr., #18 Kyle Busch, #20 Matt Kenseth, #21 Trevor Bayna, #22 Joey Logano, #24 Jeff Gordon, #26 Michael Waltrip, #29 Kevin Harvick, #31 Jeff Burton, #33 Austin Dillon, #39 Ryan Newman, #42 Juan Pablo Montoya, #43 Aric Almirola, #47 Bobby Labonte, #48 Jimmie Johnson, #55 Mark Martin, #56 Martin Truex Jr., #78 Kurt Busch, #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr., #98 Michael McDowell, #99 Carl Edwards
  19. Nick Dawson-Lathan Licensed Driver

    If somebody pushes that 55 or 1 to the win they get a free car
  20. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Remember if Mark needs to win, we need to finish under green (or at least full speed). Under caution, he might decide to pit on the last lap...

    Still free car, does that include taxes? (A) Could use that!

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