[June 22nd, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 2 (Magione)

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  1. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    What a race!!!!

    Quali: P1
    It was close qualify, top 4 was less than 2 tenths! Time of quali told us it will be an hard race!! And it was :)

    Race: P1
    I took a good start (For once). During the first part of the race i had lot of bump in my back. That cost me some tenth per lap and i could not manage to have a gap. We had some good fight with Chris, Rob and Seb. I did a mistake in 2 rights corners after the straight when Chris tried to overtake me. I didn't let enough space to him and we had a small contact. I went to the gravel and down P1 to P4.

    At this moment i was talking with my team mate (Sebastien Foucart) to do a strategy.
    We tried a gamble and i went to the pit before all drivers. Chris, Rob and Seb were in battle!
    It work very well and i jumped to P1 with 1.6 in front of Chris.

    Now i had to manage my tyres for the end of the race. But Chris was pushing really hard and i had to push too but not to much to keep my tyres... What a stress!!!! oO
    Chris closed the gap... i was totally in stress because my tyres were totally out!! Fortunately i crossed the line first!

    If we had 1 or 2 laps more my tyres will be explose...

    Walk Racing did a great strategy!! Well done :)

    Big big level at this race! This league will be interesting!
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  2. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    You can say the name m8 , you did it in the server anyway and with a great over acting.
    are u old enough to even have a bit curtesey and discuss it with each other i would be happy then AND ONLY then to take a penalty.
    Butt i geus as a member off W... R..... team its the normal way to make look ppl bad.
    Mature is far too see at you.

    U see how easy it is to make or say bad things to/over someone else.
    Iff u come to me with anger/frustation exspect to be treated the same way.
    Iff u come to me with curtesey ill treath u the same way.

    u could pm or took me apart on ts and disscus the situation and see what agreement we could have off penalty iff u wa ted to choose for that.

    Butt no u want it openly so lets hear it then. ......
    What kind off penalty u want ; points deduction... drive trough.... starting at back next race ....
    This all can be by pm butt ill whait for ur answer.

    Regards Andy
  3. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    For what it is worth , sorry for the sitution on track had happend.

    Can't do or say more than this.

    i can say this... fellows racers and members off wk. Don't be offended by my post.
    i'ts only ter illustration on how fast u can assume /say bad things.

    None off them where ment to hurt. Hope we agree on this ? Yes?
  4. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Hum... thx for your second poste Andy.
    Don't include the team by an independant action :eek:

    GF was frustrated and he don't use the good way to explain his point of view.
    After the race i talked with chris about our race and what we thought about our contacts. All its ok and we are still good friends (no... i hate this guy.. @ç5/8+ Sheepy!!) :p

    Plz continue your conversation in PM together or with an admin if you need it.

    Cheers ;)
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  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Provisional results:

    click the image for detailed results
    NB: results are provisional until made official by the race directors.
  6. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    +0.609 after 45 minutes flat out! Gutted. :rolleyes: :D
  7. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Fell asleep in my chair till the early hours guys, Avebury took my wind, next time! :(
  8. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well my first apologies goes to walk racing for representing badly the team's mentality. My second goes to Andy Vandervelde and admins for this behaviour. I was a bit stressed because of big exams i had ( study is very important for me because i want to do a job i like in future). Well now all exams are finish " a tête reposée "i apologies. It wont happen again. Now let's fight next time. Will do an race report of team; an interview with mister pro driver Sébastien (Vettel Loeb ? Omg) foucart hehe. For finish an interview with team boss caramidaru andrei Bogdan making a summary on the walkracing results. I hope to making all of that before barcelona's races. Bye
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  9. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Interview with Sebastien Foucart after round 2:

    Q: Hello mister Foucart, congratulation for the race, where you finished 5th,
    10seconds to the race winner, your team mate Nicolas Béver.

    A: Hello, and thank you. Indeed, it was a very difficult race, especially in the first part of the race. Until Lap12 of the race we were very close with Nicolas, Chris, Rob and me. It was very fun.

    Q: Some persons maybe didn't know who you are, can you introduce yourself fastly please.

    A: Of course, i'm Sebastien Foucart, I'm 23 years old , i live in France. I'm working since 4 years now in a company in which i enjoyed my work. When i can, i love play racing games.

    Q: You joined recently the Walk Racing team, what motivated your choice?

    A: Well, we, Nicolas and me both chose to join the team. I play for the fun and the competition. I'm not really interesting in the performance but all of us, want to give our best to be in the best position. And thanks to the team, i will do my best to be at the top of the standing.

    Q: We didn't saw you in the test event in Nurburgring and also in the first round in Johor, but we saw in this race, that you was very quick and regular all the race. What's your first impressions after this race?

    A: Yes indeed, i wasn't here. It was my first race on Game Stock Car Extreme 2013. So i was very careful because of it.

    Q: Nevertheless, you think to be able for the fight to the championship tittle? We noticed that the race was very close today where you were 5 to claim the win. Are you scared by the differents competitors?

    A: No, with the team, we have a goal: we want to win the team standing championship. We will do our best to win it. This race was very close, we had to don't do any mistakes. I was able to analyse some things about some drivers, and for Barcelona race, i will be there to surprise all the drivers.

    Q: Nicolas Béver (your team mate) shows an impressive speed since the beginning of the season, does it amaze you?

    A: No, Béver is a very quick driver. We saw it in the last SimRacing Pro VW Cup in which he was everytime in the top 3. With Nicolas, we practise everytime together, we practise together on the track to improove and see differents lines we can have. It's very helpful to practise with someone like him.

    Q: I would first of all want to specify that you are running with a PS2 Controller, how are you so quick with that? It's very hard to compete with guys using steering whels...

    A: Ah, i have always play with PS2 Controller since i'm playing Racing games. So it's easier for me to use a PS2 Controller than a G27 for example and so, to rivalize with the drivers using G27 Wheels. I have the same PS2 Controller since about 10years.

    Q: How ambitious are you for the Barcelona race and the rest of the championship? Top 3? Help Nicolas to get the tittle?

    A: For Barcelona, i think, i can do the surprise, i have a good feeling on the track and i enjoy play on this track. A top 3? We will see...
    What is sure is that i'll be absent for the round 8 in Jacarepegua because of a trip i have in Canada. But my goal as i said is to get as many points i can.

    Q: Walk Racing is a competitors team, what did you learn since you are in the team? Is it an enriching experience for a simracing driver?

    A: Yes of course, it's a unique experience for me. This is the first time, i'm taking part in a team, that play on all the bests leagues and on different games. I want to thanks Caramidaru who trust in me to run for his team. I shall not disapppoint him.

    Q: Very well Sebastien Foucart, thank you, i wish you the best then for the rest of the season. We are hoping to see you on the highest walk of the podium as fast as possible.

    A: Thank you and see you for the race of Sunday, 6th of Jully 2014, which will be for sure a beautiful race. You won't regret it.

    Interview from Geoffrey Fournier to Sebastien Foucart
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  10. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Again a great interview by Geoffrey Fournier!!
    Thx to you for all your effort :)

    (and thx to Seb for your words about me ;-) )
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