[June 8th, 2014] SRP Mini Challenge S2 - Round 1 (Johor)

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  1. Murat Erdogdu Licensed Driver

    No problem Mike. i couldn't escape from you, u just flashed in front of me :) See you next time.
  2. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    Good first event!

    Quali: P2.
    I was really disappointed about my time. 1.49.4 and i could take pole with 1.48.x.
    I checked on live result and my best possible time is 1.48.5....

    MiniCooper: Nicolas Bever #88 - Mini Challenge - 1:49.437 - 49.450 35.561 23.573 1:48.584 -
    190.6 kmh

    Race: P1
    I don't understood what happened at the start when i saw the guy in P4 jumped in front of me before the 1st corner!!! Amazing start, well done mate!
    After 4-5 laps i took the lead and never loose it!

    It was a good first event for me and for Walk Racing Team.
    Next round the best team mate as we can have will be there >> Sebastien Foucart << :D :D
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  3. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  5. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Sunday 8th of June was the beginning of the season 2 of the simracingpro Mini championship organised by Aaron Channer and Rob Hermans. The beginning of a new adventure for the Walk Racing team from the Romanian Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan. Indeed, Walk Racing is running 2 teams in that championship, the first team "Walk Racing" is composed of the Belgian real life driver Nicolas Béver (3rd in FGWTCC 2010, FGWTCC 2011 champion, C-Online TCS 2012 Champion & 2nd in SRP VW 2014) and of the French driver Sebastien Foucart (3rd in FGWTCC 2011 & 3rd in SRP VW 2014) who are both new to the team and made some really good results in the VW championship by winning the team championship together.
    Caramidaru also decided to run a second team named "Walk to Racing" by recruiting the French driver Geoffrey Fournier, a newbie on the Game Stock Car platform. The young Frenchman will run with veteran Walk Racing driver, Ariciuc Razvan who is also Romanian, like Caramidaru. So, out of the 4 drivers in the team, 3 are new. It's a great challenge which Andrei Bogdan has attempted.


    The liveries for the 2014 mini championship were announced somewhat late. It was now time for us to do a lot of testing to get ready firstly for Nürburgring and for Johor (the first round of the champ'). It was hard for us, but in the test event in Germany, we saw some interesting performance from Nicolas Béver and Ariciuc. Both made a podium and it won't be the last.
    The test event was a bit harder for Fournier who had some issues with his tyres: "That was a difficult test event for me, but thanks to the advice of my boss and my team mates, I hope to improve for Johor and the rest of the season. The atmosphere in the team is friendly, but we are also here to make goods results. This will be an exciting season. I wish my teammates and all the others drivers a good season." These were the first words of Fournier after Nürburgring's race.
    Now the things would become serious. We learned of the absence of Ariciuc and Foucart for the first round. Béver and Fournier would have to put Walk Racing at the top. Nicolas Béver, didn't manage to make the time he was doing in practise, and he took the 2nd position in qualy.
    Fournier was in 7th position in qualifying.
    At the race start, Béver was overtaken by Ben Hackeson who made an awesome start and he even started better than the polesitter Andy VandeVelde. Geoffrey Fournier gained 1 place by overtaking Andy Bonar and was close to Aaron Channer.


    After some laps of full-on fighting, Béver took the lead and Fournier managed to overtake the Brit Channer for 5th position after a good intense fight. There were some interesting moments involving Channer and Fournier fighting for 5th position. Fournier had some issues with his tyres, giving Channer the opportunity to overtake the new Walk Racing driver.


    Béver was able to keep the lead until his pitstop, even if VandeVelde, Hackeson and Hermans were close to him during the first 13 laps. Geoffrey decided to make his pitstop on lap 12, but he missed it, and chose to change tyres which made him lose a bit of time. Channer won 1 position by making a better pitstop than the Frenchman. Béver was first and Fournier in 6th position. It didn't change until the end of the race. Béver won the first race of the Mini championship SRP 2014. It was again harder for Fournier who took 6th place.



    1st Nicolas Béver
    2nd Rob Hermans
    3rd Andy VandeVelde
    4th Ben Hackeson
    5th Aaron Channer
    6th Geoffrey Fournier
    7th Andy Bonar
    8th Marco Sbordoni
    9th Warren Schembri
    10th Tony Matthews
    11th Norman Bruce
    12th Murat Erdogdu
    DNF Mike Bell

    Interview with Geoffrey Fournier (P6 in the race):
    Geoffrey, you started in 7th position, what do you think of it?
    - Well, to be honest, my goal was to be in the top 5, but I didn't achieve the same lap I made in practice. The race was long and I hoped to overtake some drivers.
    You made a good start, where you were fighting with Channer & close to Hermans, what happened after?
    - Yes, I made a good start, I started better than Bonar and was close to Channer. Soon after, I took the 5th position and was close to attack Hermans. But I had some tyre problems, so it was preferable not to attack so much. Unfortunately, I missed my pitstop and Channer took 5th position. The rest of the race, I had to keep my tyres to finish in 6th position because Andy Bonar was 5s behind me.
    What's your first impression after this first round?
    - Well, on a personal point of view, I would have loved to have got a better result. But 6th is not so bad. I want to thank the team for all the efforts they made. I also want to congratulate Nicolas Béver for the race, he was attacked throughout the race, but he didn't make any mistakes. He just discovered the game about 2 months ago. There are some good racers and the race was friendly and fair. Personally, I would love to have seen see more drivers running in this league.

    Now it is time for a small break of 2 weeks for Walk Racing to prepare in the best conditions; the next round will hopefully be attended by all 4 drivers.
    Foucart hasn't attended any races, but we can be sure he will be at the top as usual. We will also follow the first race of Ariciuc Razvan in this championship after his good test event performance in Nürburgring. Interviews with Nicolas Béver and Sebastien Foucart will come in next weeks. Thanks to all for reading.
    Take a look at www.walkracing.com

    Geoffrey Fournier
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  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Wow! What a great report, Geoffrey! Thank you for taking the time to give us such a detailed look back on the events of the race, and for taking the initiative without being asked. Fellow Mini Challengers, take note: we welcome contributions to the richness of the league from everyone. :)
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  7. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan Licensed Driver

    So everyone that wants to see him self in a nice picture post here if you please (and admins allow it) what lap/time , moment of the race will that be so it's easier for the photoman to do it.
    waiting your replays
  8. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    OK, here is my post-race interview:

    Q: How were you feeling going into the first race of your first ever League
    A: Didn't feel too bad though I was a little nervous. Having a pre-event right before the race (pre-family barbeque) probably helped the nerves a little but it meant that I only had 15 minutes practice before Qualifying started. Would have liked to have had some more time to get up to speed but all in all, it went ok

    Q: You started 11th and you quickly gained a position at the start of the race but you lost the position on the first corner
    A: Yes, I was a bit too tentative in that first corner. I guess that I did not want to crash out or cause an accident on the first corner of the first lap of the first race in my first league so I was a little too slow and wide which caused me to lose the position that I had gained

    Q: Later on in the first lap, you ran a little wide causing you to go off track and lose a position to Marco Sbordoni
    A: Yes, that happened on the first lap and for the rest of the race I was stuck behind Marco unable to pass him. Normally you think in a 45 minute race that if something like that happens on the first lap, no big deal, plenty of time to come back but I just could not get passed him for the whole 45 minutes of the race. Full credit to Marco, he did not make any errors that would have enabled me to pass him. He drove very well!

    Q: You also had a collision with Marco on the 7th lap on the last corner
    A: Yes, I was probably coming from a little too far back but I thought that I had found a little gap on the inside. We then collided and that caused me to lose about 12 seconds. That's racing I suppose and those things happen.

    Q: All things considered, you must be happy to have finished the race and gained some valuable points for your team
    A: Yes, finishing was the main goal as that helps the team in getting points. However, feel like there is more to achieve and get out of this league. Feel like there is some more speed to gain, hopefully some extra positions and some more points :)

    Q: Must be looking forward to Magione in two weeks
    A: Bring it on! :)

    Q: Finally, must be happy to firstly have a teammate like Rob Hermans and also for him finish 2nd must be pleasing
    A: Yes, great performance by Rob who has been absolutely wonderful in welcoming me into TBR and helping me out and getting everything sorted. Sure, no one at TBR knows how to properly spell my name but if that's the worst thing, I dont have much to complain about LOL :)
  9. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Good interview race report mate and grats for your first league race. 1st league race is full of stress for many of us. At least for me it was in 2009 when i started simracing league. I'm sure rob with his expérience will help you and you will getting faster and faster. Come on guys i'm loooking for more race report. I dont know if drivers interested in sign up are reading those one but maybe if they see the good atmosphère they will signup
  10. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    ok, here my race report, althought i can't remember the race :D:

  11. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Great report Warren, and thank you for the compliment! I have to say, I really like your style :) You and Geoffrey took the time to make it interesting to read, with some humour and original ideas...good stuff! Looking forward to some more of that. :D
  12. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Rob if you could fettle with Geoffrey's post, ill make time to place it on the front page and fb ;)
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  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Done. :cool:
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  14. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver


    We had the honour to get an interview with the first leader of the SRP Mini Championship 2014 Nicolas Béver, one of the new Walk Racing drivers.


    Q: Hello Nicolas. Once again, congratulations for your first round result at Johor where you won and you lead the championship. The public don't know you very well, could you introduce yourself, please?
    A: Thank you. My name is Nicolas Béver, I'm from Belgium and I'm 27 years old.

    Q: What are your hobbies and how do you like video games and motorsport?
    A: My hobbies are motorsport, snowboarding and basketball. I have the competitive spirit. I do my maximum to win in every sport I do. The passion I have for motorsports comes from my dad; when I was born, he was doing karting in competition. He immediately passed on his love for motorsports to me. I began in competitive karting in 1998.

    Q: And when did you begin simracing? What have been your main results so far?
    A: I began simracing in 2010 after a big accident in a karting race. I wasn't able to finish the 2010 season and I was missing motorsports, so I decided to search for a simulation racing game. I bought RACE 07 and quickly learned to like it. Now I'm fan of simracing games. I took part in some leagues in FGW, C-ONline and now on simracingpro.

    FGW WTCC 2010: 3rd
    FGW WTCC 2011: Champion
    C-ONline TCC2012: Champion
    SRP Mini Hotlap 2013: Champion
    SRP VW Scirocco Cup S1 (2013): 7th
    SRP VW Scirocco Cup S2 (2014): 2nd
    SRP VW Scirocco Cup S2 (2014): Team Champion

    Q: It's your first league in Game Stock Car Extreme, what do you think of the game and of the level of the other drivers in the league?
    A: Indeed, I discovered the game about 2 months ago, and I must say, I quite like it. The driving, the feeling when you drive, the behaviour of the car when you make a mistake is very realistic. When you go over the limit, it's hard to come back to the correct lines. We must not make mistakes, because any mistakes can lose you a lot of time.
    About the level of the competition, I don't know many of the drivers running in this league, but looking at the 1st race, the level is quite good. Unfortunately, some drivers missed the first round. We will be able to judge a bit more after the next event. My team mate Sebastien Foucart will be present next time and even if we are team mates, I think he will be one of my main rivals on the track.

    Q: You started in 2nd position and you took the lead quite quickly, but the other drivers were very close to you. What was your strategy after you took the lead?
    A: The strategy we decided with the team was simple: take the lead as fast as possible, attack in the first part of the race to have a good gap before my pitstop. After that I had to keep my tyres. We knew we could do that and we did it. We made some tests with the team to see the best strategy for the pitstop on this track. It paid off, and I was 6 seconds front of Rob Hermans. I had to manage the gap to win.

    Q: You are now leading the championship, what are your ambitions for the rest of the season?
    A: Keep the lead of the championship all the season, haha! But it will be hard. We will work very hard with Walk Racing and Sebastien Foucart to be in a good position in the teams' standings. We will help Foucart and hope that he will be back at the top of the standings, even with his absence in the first round. But I'm sure he's able to do it.

    Q: Well Nicolas, thank you. I wish you a good season full of success for you and your team.
    A: Thank you, Geoffrey.

    Geoffrey Fournier
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  15. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    I see a new PR guy has stood up =D *kicks Mr. Breedon to hire him* *tries tagging, but fails*

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