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Discussion in 'Skinning' started by Kevin Vaassen, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    As I enjoyed making my first skin, I'll probably make some more in the future.

    With many thanks to the guides and help from this forum, I present you my first creature:
    The Seat Leon. Not the most shiny car in my opinion, but good for a start. If you got any tips, you can leave them behind.

    (p.s. I hope it was oke to start a thread, if not, I'll move it to somewhere)
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Good first time effort kevin, the more you play about and keep trying the easier it will get ;)
  3. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Indeed, this DTM Audi was a lot easier, I'll be driving this car if I drive the Audi :p
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Where bungle and zippy? ;) thats better than the fist and the next will be better again im sure.
  5. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    I just saw Dinca's post of the windows, gonna try something with that I think tomorrow, because I just a different window file. I didn't change the front and back window :p
  6. Jamie Calleja Licensed Driver

    which skin template did you use for this?? i tried one using the skin in the dtm season 2 announcement and it puts things all over the place. Things that were meant to be on the roof appearing on the front quarters of the car etc. If its not the skin, then what settings did you save the .dds with as i must be saving it with the wrong settings?
  7. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    The skin in the info thread is not the working one.
    On this link, post #55 you can download the working body and nameplate (though the mercedes plate has the audi logo, but that's easy to change), (and perhaps helmet and suit, I didn't test that).
    The window in that pack does not work, instructions for that I put on the same page, post #60
  8. Jamie Calleja Licensed Driver

    Ahh thanks a lot :)
  9. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    My Clio skin in the pit box at Hamburger Harbor (didn't upload pictures with it, so here they go:
    2012-06-21_00001.jpg 2012-06-21_00002.jpg
  10. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    And my first creation for others (Barry Collins and Drew White) (though only the car of Barry seen, but only numbers and names are different)(to be driven in the clio series)(that's a lot of brackets xD)
    2012-07-04_00001.jpg 2012-07-04_00002.jpg
  11. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    New league, new skins :p guess for what cup these cars are used:
  12. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    And the clio skin for Dariusz:
    2012-07-16_00001.jpg 2012-07-16_00002.jpg
  13. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    well the ext windows aren't working with this car apparentaly and sadly :( but still I think it turned out nice, looks a bit like the camaro :p:
    2012-08-01_00003.jpg 2012-08-01_00004.jpg
  14. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Kevin, I guess you didn't find THIS :)

    Window fix for Retro cars.
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  15. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    I didn't find that indeed, updated the pics (not that much special, and no rainbow on the rear), but the files are apparentely the same?
  16. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    That window fix goes into your steam\steamname\ etc etc, the custom skins goes into your documents\simbin etc.
    The files update the names associated with the parts of the sking ie.. windows body etc.
  17. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    one thing is for sure, you like bright colours kevin :)
  18. Dinca Andrei Licensed Driver

    Damn,i was looking over the posts around here and rememmber about DTM....
    I know its not my thread but i post this picture as an answer for yours :D

  19. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    Hmm seems I forgot to update this thread, would be nice to keep all my skins in this thread :p
    So now my main league is the EPS, Rob made some nice renders for me to be seen in that skin thread, but in the interest of this collection, here they are:
    (ty Rob ^^)

    I also spent some time skinning 2 BTCC cars:

    And yes those last two show different numbers, but I had to change number in January (because someone took my 48 :() and was too lazy to swap the numbers on the body as my new skinning programm messed up the original file.
  20. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No one will be able to say "sorry mate, I didn't see you" as an excuse! :D

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