[May 27, 2015] ISI Renault Clios (Barber Motorsports Park)

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  1. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Date: Wednesday 27th May
    Server Name: SimRacingPro.com Clios
    Track: Barber Motorsports Park
    Class: ISI Renault ClioCup 2010 v1.51
    vmod: SRP_Clios@Birmingham (in case you can't get it when you join the server)
    Game: rFactor 2 Build 946

    All Assists off, except:
    Auto Clutch: Allowed


    Practice: 18:00 GMT (60 mins)
    Qualifying: 19:00 GMT (15 mins)
    Warm Up: 19:15 GMT (5 mins)
    Race 1: 19:20 GMT 12 laps
    Warm Up: 5 mins
    Race 2: Top 10 reverse grid 12 laps
    Start: Standing Start
    Weather: Warm and Sunny

    Additional information regarding track conditions:
    The practice server will be set with a "race" level of rubber pre-laid on track.

    On race day, the official practice session will start in green conditions, and will continue naturally through to qualifying. The amount of rubber on track for qualifying will therefore be dictated by the number of drivers laying down rubber during the official practice session, so we recommend joining the server as early as possible and running plenty of laps during official practice.

    For each race, the rubber will be set to that used for the practice server.

    Driver Conduct
    • No chat is permitted in race or qualifying, arguments can be settled after the race. If you want to communicate you can use TeamSpeak.
    • Race with common sense in all the sessions (practice, qualifying, warm-up and race). Don't hold up or block other drivers unnecessarily during pre-race sessions.
    • Respect the in-game rules; all flags should be respected, and followed.
    • After the race has begun, be very cautious entering Turn 1. This is the hardest part of the race and improper conduct may not only ruin your own race, but someone else's as well.
    • Keep two wheels on the track at all times. Kerbs are a part of the track. *
    • Cutting rules are the simulator cutting rules. When you receive a cut warning it means you are exceeding the track limits and potentially gaining advantage, which is unacceptable.
    • If you go off the track, slow down and rejoin with extreme caution.
    • Pressing ESC is allowed (unless indicated otherwise in league-specific rules), but NEVER press ESC when it could affect another driver's progress - even after a spin or a crash. In some situations, it is better to press ESC to avoid causing more damage, but usually you should bring the car to a stop in a safe place before you press ESC.
    • When someone is trying to overtake you on a straight, you are allowed to change lines only once. Swerving causes dangerous situations, and often results in crashes.
    • If a driver is on the inside and has overtaken you in the corner: give him room, follow him, be faster than him, and overtake him in a clean move. Deliberate contact will not be tolerated, and will be punished accordingly. Race fairly.
    * see Cutting rules explained for a detailed description of what is and what is not allowed.

    How can you join the fun?
    The event is open to everyone, provided you are a registered and licensed member:
    Register Here & apply for a Racing Licence Here.
    Sign up below with a post "Sign me up please."
    Show up & enjoy the races!

    Rules & Regulations
  2. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Entry List
    1. Andy Bonar
    2. Rob Hermans
    3. Stacy Newcomb
    4. Tony Matthews
    5. Andy Moore
    6. Andreas Iten
    7. ...
    Roger Prikken
  3. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

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  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    In please, Andy. :)
  5. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

  6. Tony Matthews Licensed Driver

    sign me up please
  7. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    I always struggle to understand fwd cars....both to drive and to setup.... any suggestions , tips pls ??
  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Try making the car tend a bit more towards oversteer. Detached rear ARB, and higher tyre pressure on the rear than the front.
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  9. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    I think you need to try and drive as smooth as possible, so to avoid scrubbing up your tyres. Keep them within temps as best you can or they wont last long at all.
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  10. Roger Prikken Licensed Driver

    Put me up as a maybe Andy. I'm out for the day but should be back in time
  11. Andy Moore Licensed Driver

    yes please Mr. Bonar
  12. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    All we need next is Norm.....
  13. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    I know its funny...but i do believe it will happen...maybe not for this one...but very soon :eek:
    Someone else can sort him out on teamviewer....
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  14. Andreas Iten Licensed Driver

    Hello racers,

    I would like to participate in the race on Wednesday 27th May. :)

    Best regards


    Edit: Sorry, I write with Googel-translator... English is not my native language.
  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Welcome Andreas, of course you can race with us, I've added your name to the entry list. :)

    Please make sure you have read the information and rules about driver conduct in the first post of this thread.
    Looking forward to racing with you.
  16. Andreas Iten Licensed Driver

    Hi Rob,
    thanks for welcome. I have the rules translated, read and understood.
    Regards Andreas
  17. Marius Neverauskas Licensed Driver

    Hi all. No tires sound what normal ? no sound?
  18. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Sounds work perfectly here, Marius. If you haven't done it already, I suggest you uninstall and delete the previous version of the Clios; you only need v1.51.
  19. Marius Neverauskas Licensed Driver

    Cerrs Rob i have only v1.51
  20. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Any Trackmap users having the flicker issue with this track, tried Ctrl + F which worked with Malaysia, no effect here,
    can't seem to find an answer on Google, any ideas ?.

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