[May 31, 2015] GT1 Open Events: Bathurst GT Open (Mount Panorama)

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GT1 Open Events: Bathurst GT Open
Mount Panorama
Start Date: May 31, 2015 07:00 PM
End Date: May 31, 2015 09:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver


    Date/Time: 31.05.2015 - 18:00 GMT = 19:00 BST
    Servername: Simracingpro.com Bathurst Open
    Track: Bathurst
    Class: GT1
    Game: rFactor

    Mod: EnduRacers Endurance Series SP3 (GT1 only)
    Track: Bathurst

    Note: If you already have all the tracks from the Endurance Pro Series, you do not need to download the tracks for these open events as you already have them.

    Free Practice: 40 mins
    Qualifying: 15 mins
    Race 1: 20 minutes
    Interval: 5 minutes
    Race 2: 40 minutes

    Rules & regulations: www.simracingpro.com/forum/index.php?threads/rules-regulations.40/
    Passwords: www.simracingpro.com/forum/index.php?forums/passwords.33/

    No chat is permitted in race or qualifying, arguments can be settled after the race. If you want to communicate you can use TeamSpeak.

    Weather: Dry
    Pit: 1 stop minimum in race 2

    Estimated Times
    18:00 GMT: Practice
    18:40 GMT: Qualification
    18:55 GMT: Race 1 (20 minutes)
    19:15 GMT: Interval (5 minutes)
    19:20 GMT: Race 2 (40 minutes)

    Driver Conduct
    • We expect that every driver at any event/league will conduct themselves to the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship attitudes, particularly in their relationship with other drivers and SRP staff, in a manner which does not damage the reputation of simracingpro.com. Failure to do so may result in warnings or bans.
    • Race with common sense in all the sessions (practice, qualify, warm-up and race). Don't hold up or block other drivers unnecessarily during pre-race sessions.
    • Respect the in-game rules; all flags should be respected, and followed.
    • After the race has begun, be very cautious entering Turn 1. This is the hardest part of the race and improper conduct may not only ruin your own race, but someone else's as well.
    • Keep two wheels on the track at all times. Curbs are a part of the track.
    • Cutting rules are the simulator cutting rules. When you receive a cut warning it means you are exceeding the track limits, gaining an advantage which is unacceptable .
    • If you go off the track, slow down and rejoin with extreme caution.
    • Pressing ESC is allowed (unless any league rules apply), but NEVER press ESC while on the racing surface - even after a spin or a crash. Always wait to be completely alone before moving your car off the racing surface. Only when the car is stopped in a safe place can you press ESC.
    • When someone is trying to overtake you on a straight, you are allowed to change lines only once. Swerving causes dangerous situations, and often results in crashes.
    • If a driver is on the inside and has overtaken you in the corner: give him room, follow him, be faster than him, and overtake him in a clean move. Deliberate contact will not be tolerated, and will be punished accordingly. Race fairly.
    Signup Process

    To sign up for this event, simply reply to this topic, stating what car you will be using and what car skin (either a custom one or the RL one you plan to use) you plan to run.

    Incomplete applications or any "maybe" applications will be placed on a reserve list, until they either complete the application or confirm attendance. This is to ensure a comprehensive list of all confirmed participants is readily available.

    Event Specific Information for 2-Race Meetings
    • Success ballast will be allocated to the top 3 drivers from race 1, in a 30kg-20kg-10kg ratio.
    • There will be a reverse grid for race 2. This will be the entire grid if less than 8 drivers participate and from 8 to 15 drivers otherwise.
    Extra Information

    We will allow the use of custom skins during these events, although this is not mandatory and a small selection of real life skins are available for each car. Drivers who took part in the EPS league may use their existing skins if they so wish. All new skins must be sent to myself via PM, at least 48 hours before the day of the race. A skin pack will be created and will be released the day before the event. Every driver must download this before joining the server to avoid mismatches.

    Templates can be found on the EnduRacers website: http://www.enduracers.com/downloads_es.htm
  2. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Entry List
    1. Joshua Anderson - Maserati MC12 (custom skin)
  3. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    I wouldn`t mind joining, so long as the missus hasn`t arranged for us to be away that Sunday.

    I`ll have to DL the mod and run a couple of the cars to see which I like though, so will get back to you with proper sign-up details.
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  4. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Fair enough. I'll stick you on (and create) the reserve list for now, and when you can confirm whether or not you can do it I'll move you accordingly. ;)

    Just for future reference, all people who say "maybe" or don't post a complete signup get put on a reserve list, until they confirm whether they will attend. Just makes sure people who aren't sure don't get hammered for not showing up. Not like that would happen anyway, but still. :D I shall add this to the OP also.
  5. Kris Vickers Licensed Driver

    Sorry Joshua, I`m going to pull from this one.

    I`ve not given rF much love lately, and i don't think that`s going to change much in the near future.

    Most of my time goes into AC now-a-days.
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