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  1. Wesley Hartog Licensed Driver

    Lol, i was already did he do that with the same accent :)
  2. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    I bought fraps a few weeks ago, but haven't got round to having a play with it. I thought I'd see if my machine was up to the job for some live recording and it appears that it is. I wouldn't trust it in a league race though! :)

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  3. Bruno Sousa Ferreira Licensed Driver

    What FOV do you use? compared to mine you can see a lot more on your's
  4. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    Do you mean there being no helmet visor getting in the way? There's a DDS file you can put inot the 'Teams/Formula Master' folder that removes it. It also doesn't cause mismatches when joining servers.

    I don't have access to my main machine for a couple of days to upload, but I believe others run it too if anyone else has it handy?
  5. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Extract THIS into your \Steam\steamapps\your name\race 07\Gamedata\Teams folder.

    It will remove the helmet from your view as if you were not wearing a helmet.
  6. Bruno Sousa Ferreira Licensed Driver

    No , I meant the FOV, it's in the visual setting. i.e I use 105 %
  7. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Hey Bruno, i think i maybe correct to say matt hasnt changed the fov but moved his seat like i do, check your control settings for which keys are set to and try that ;)
  8. Bruno Sousa Ferreira Licensed Driver

    oh ok.
    P.S. not changing my view was just interested on people's different ways they like to setup there view.
  9. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    If you hold down the alt key and the left mouse button, then move the mouse forward or backward to adjust the FOV to get what you want to see.

    P.S. Mine is set to around 65

    EDIT: I should point out that I use triple monitors so that is the reason for the 65° :)
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  10. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Well I run at 45% with triple monitors. Maybe I sit a bit close realistically when you look how far away I a from the things wheel.
  11. Matt Cox Licensed Driver

    I'm not quite sure what mine is as I set it ages ago and have left it ever since. I like to sit quite far forward, not quite sure why, I just feel more comfortable with it.
  12. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    My qualifying hotlap from Round 10:

  13. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Made a little highlight vid, big thanks to Daniel for the video material, great stuff :):

    Happy watching :p:

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  14. Daniel Higgins Licensed Driver

    Good job :), sorry you were 3 races short :p
  15. Martijn van Bommel Licensed Driver

    great compilation Andreas.
    And great video's Daniel.:)
  16. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Really cool Andreas :)
  17. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Brilliant compilation of the season. Love the Tunes you play :)
  18. Frans van der Linden Licensed Driver

    For the videos only, i would join again in season 3 :D
  19. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    Well no words for this Andreas.... Absolutely fantastic vid man, AWESOME! :eek:
    Please tell me what's the name of first song/band, i liked that one as well and don't know it yet.

    Thanks to daniel as well ;)
  20. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

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