[Nov 27th, 2015] BMW M235i Challenge - Round 9 (Adelaide)

Discussion in 'BMWC Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Right then,

    First of all, thanks to everybody who turned up to test this..........namely, Zero.

    Second, I tried to mess up entry to the corners as much as possible but never made it to the wall. So tried it with damaged suspension, hit the wall 3 or 4 times and got "stuck"..........the solution? Select neutral, full throttle, pop it into reverse. Came out easy every time! So I can't see any problem for Friday. Nobody seems worried enough to test so they must be ok with it *shrug* o_O
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  2. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    Or maybe they just can't be bothered to appease someone trying so hard to push forward a broken track for use...

    Don't get me wrong, I would actually prefer the newer layout too, and I would have suggested to use it long ago had I not known it was broken. You just seem to keep ignoring the idea that a racing incident could be what puts someone IN the wall, very literally. It isn't difficult to keep yourself out of the wall driving by yourself in any way, but what if someone puts you there. there was never going to be any way to test group racing before the actual race just based on a suggestion, as we have clearly seen people's motivation to race just disappear as the Rounds went on.

    If somehow yo......

    Actually, I really cannot be arsed anymore. Fine. Use the broken track for Friday because that is a REALLY clever thing to do, and if you end up stuck in a broken Grey wall by whatever means, then I will sit and piss myself laughing til the end of the year.

    Good Luck everyone :cool:
  3. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    There go the toys again.....

    Surely its more a case of turning up to prove there's a problem?? If you want to prove something is broken you have to test it surely? In every test ive done I've been able to get back out again. Nobody but yourself seems bothered about it having a problem, and the evidence you show is a video of someone going 2-4 times any normal speed into there.

    To be Frank, your constant moaning and whining when anything isn't 110% your way has made my participation in this series quite a chore. I expected a more mature calibre of driver here. Maybe if I wind back the clock a few years to the mind of a teenager it'd be more palletable. I'm continuing to race to fulfil my contract with my team, that is all.

    On the other hand, a big thanks to Andreas for his patience with this series. It's been a tough first time out I'm sure.
  4. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Yes, first thanks to Andreas for putting up will all of us ;) .
    Second the battles between Ross and Rob where great in the entire series so far race after race, so do not screw it up now boys :p .
    Ross was just observing a fault in the track and sticking to his observation.

    @Rob , sorry but i only read these posts now and also preparation for this round , at least for me, begins on wendsday (2 days before race), that is why i did not show up because i did not know.
    @Rob , do not pretend u do not like the series :rolleyes: , because i know u are :) .
  5. Matthew Williams Licensed Driver

    Says the guy who reports Ross after every race because you didn't win.
  6. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    I've only ever reported SRP rule breaches and dangerous driving. If he behaved I wouldn't have to. Thankfully the rest of you have been well behaved!
  7. Ross Macfarlane Licensed Driver

    Oh my....I've never believed something less in my life than the statement you just made :D

    There have been countless other 'SRP rule breaches' that other drivers have made. To me, each other, everyone. I haven't made a single first report about any incidents and have only got involved once I have been reported or a report involving me has been initiated (by you most of the time). You only seem to report me, not because I only break the 'SRP rules' and everyone else has 'been well behaved', it is because I am the one finishing ahead of you more often than not. (don't think this is some big-headed statement, I'm not saying I am better than you).

    You wouldn't have anything to gain for yourself by reporting incidents for people who finish behind you, now would you? ;););););)

    **btw, I'm done chatting about this nonsense you create until the end of the League. So you, nor anyone else, has to bother continuing this. TOODLE-OO!**
  8. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    I think I need to get some...
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  9. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I'd hold off on the popcorn ... this is just another poor sequel.......;)
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  10. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Mainly because this parts:

    2015-11-23_00001.jpg 2015-11-23_00002.jpg

    First picture you can go on a parallel road, in hotlapping without any warning. Same for second, you can cut a alot without receiving penalty. Not to control for us in the league.

    Thats why i prefer second, 2011 version.
  11. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    And to that wall bug. Sure anyone could get pushed into it. But, all know it now and i would however risk it. I think everyone is careful and capable enought that this won't happen. Finally it is for all the same, just imagine there is a hillside or a black hole and if you fall down or you get in it, you lost. If you get pushed into it, you lost too, but that would be reportable. Consequence for the pusher would be a DQ, as you coulnt finish the race or you loose a lot time to get out.

    So, because that i would stick to that version. I try now the pitstop in race and if you hear not any problem, you can know that all worked well.

    Lets have just a nice race friday!
  12. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Pits working fine.

    Reminder for this track. As always, stay with at least two tyres on the curb. Specially on this track at this points:

    2015-11-23_00003.jpg 2015-11-23_00004.jpg 2015-11-23_00005.jpg

    I will not start and count how many pixel you maybe beside the curb, but going full over - ignoring the curb or be significant over it many times is illegal and is reportable with leading to a penalty according our rules:

  13. Matthew Williams Licensed Driver

    Was just about to ask about that track limits, thanks.
  14. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    LOL this thread. Been involved in a few of these in my time at SRP. I wish I joined the series. ;) I've got AC, tried it once in the Nissan and did enjoy it to be honest. I just never continued with it and went onto rF2 and Raceroom.

    I thought about joining this race but then remembered reading a lot about the setup of the sim and its not just as straight forward as turning on sim and then racing the car. A lot of complications to get used to (I mean a lot of file editing etc, a bit like the heartache I had with rF2 trying to sort the steering out.) ....Would I be correct in saying that?
  15. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    To be honest Chris it's ffb and wheel setting is vastly improved over the last few patches. Mp still needs a heck of a lot of work, but that seems to be put on the back burner to allow them to work on the console platforms, so it's better but still not finished on the pc side.

    Need any more honest, non fanboy info pm me mate.
  16. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    :eek: the track is so narrow !!!
    It will not be a matter to stay on track it will be to stay off the walls:p and not damage your car.

    @Shepherd - everytime i see your avatar can not stop laughing :D , the look on that sheep

    @ Andreas, in the #32 post with the curb pictures, one question , after the curb is coming the long straight that has the yellow line on the left, can we cross that going close to the wall for next right corner or not allowed to cross that line ? Thanks
  17. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    As a heads up. AC has just released an update. 1.3.5. tyre heat properties have been adjusted. So best to get home early for practice tomorrow!
  18. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Yes, thats allowed of course. I don't care about yellow lines in the middle of the track ;).
  19. Oscar Pink Licensed Driver

    I'd like to apologise to Ross immediately. I was trying to just give you the space and get back in behind you but when i took the kerb i just flew across the track

    I would also like to look at the replay if anyone has it
  20. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Anyhow my game crashed in finish, but it seemed it saved something. If its the race i upload.

    Thanks all for racing!

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