[Nov 27th, 2015] BMW M235i Challenge - Round 9 (Adelaide)

Discussion in 'BMWC Calendar' started by Andreas Löffler, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    No, its unfortunately not. Would be nice if someone could share it.
  2. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Congrats to Andreas for the win.

    Had a real up and down race this time out, yet again I failed to capitalize on Ross' misfortune. I feel Sorry for Ross and his T1 accident, it was not much contact, but sadly was enough to send both him and Oscar into those horrible, slow motion, unsaveable spins :(

    Although this sent me to the front of the pack, after a few laps Andreas and Shaun got past. I just didn't seem to be able to find a rhythm.
    Coming up to the "pit window" I was starting to get held up by the guys ahead, so decided to go for the undercut. It worked perfectly, jumping Shaun by 3 or 4 seconds and closing the gap after the stop on Andreas from 23 sec to 18 seconds........
    Then a mix of the low Sun and someone having an off at T8 meant I misjudged my apex point at Turn 8 and clouted the barrier hard! :(
    (bit like this one! )
    Straight to the pits..........2 minutes and 30 seconds to repair!
    This left me down in 8th Place and a long way back. Decided at this point that I might as well push on without holding anything back, and it seemed to work! Managed to string together a few 1:34.4's (no, I don't know where they came from either!) and made up a 38 second deficit to Dieter within 10 laps to pass him and all drivers behind him for 5th place.

    Annoyingly doing the maths afterwards, I worked out that if I hadn't crashed I would have most likely Won and got the championship gap down to 4 points. Instead its a nice big 22 points. I have a Craig Lowndes-esque battle on my hands for the round at the Nordschleife.
  3. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I had a quiet race - was well off the pace due to lack of practise, but noticed that my fuel prediction in settings was 28 laps or so, so I thought I'd try to go without a pit stop. I guess I was a bit too cautious, though, as I was very slow in terms of lap times and I only got the yellow low fuel indicator at the start of the last lap. I also got a bit of aero damage somehow, caused by grazing the phantom wall along the back straight.Got to say I'm surprised that the buggy wall didn't claim any other victims (afaik) - it would have been very easy to scrape the wall approaching the fast right-hand kink, especially if side-by-side, and that's all it needs if you're unlucky.
  4. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    Wasn't too fun race for me.
    I don't know what I do wrong but seems that in every race I get either pushed form behind just enough so I spin, and then someone crashes on me when I'm sideways on the track doing the best I can to get out of the way, or someone in front of me spins and I can't avoid crash my self. I don't mind my own bad driving causing me to hug the walls and limping out to pits, but these collisions I can't do nothing about.. *sigh*

    Am I doing something wrong?

    You guys have raced with me now. You know I'm not the fastest dude on the track, but I really try my best to leave room and keep it safe, because I know If I get to race bump and crash free I have a good chance to finish in good position. (Good position for me, that is. somewhere in top ten. )

    That aside. I'm really looking forward to see how things at Nordschleife goes. -- BTW, is it gonna be the endurance version or the other one? Plain Nords? I doubt the tourist version is out of the question anyway..

    And how about that replay? Anyone managed to save one?
  5. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    You seem pretty fair and sensible to me, sir.

    I would have saved the replay, but the session switched to practise before I could quit.
  6. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Is this on the first lap normally Jyrki?
    I find first laps just come down to experience, after a while you start to sense where to go and when to brake, and start using unusual lines that remove risk. I suggest 2 weeks training using LFS demo servers, T1 incidents are every race almost, it trains you fast!
    But sometimes there is just nothing you can do. The further back down the grid you get, the more cars there are around you, and the further down the chain reaction you are. If all else fails, go super defensive/protective of your car on lap 1, it may mean dropping to the back, but you can make that up over the remaining laps.
  7. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    Thanks Neil, Same here. Missed the save window by 5 secs or so.. :D

    Well That pretty much sums up what I try to do in every race. My goal on lap 1 and partially lap 2 is to save the darn car, because I realize there's nothing to win for me in the first two laps coming from the midfield, or further back. If I survive the first 2 laps then I usually have realistic chance.
    I raced in Simraceway from 2011, more actively from summer 2013 to March 2015. Pretty much every race there too starts with a horrendous T1 chaos. I learned my super careful "DON'T TOUCH MY CAR" - driving style there..

    But like you said, it might just be lack of routine. Absent ability to sense the upcoming trouble spots.
    What ever it is, it sure takes the joy away from the whole thing when you're not able to race on your normal level.

    BTW. I think Assetto Corsa's AI is a great learning tool of this too. You'll do just fine if you don't randomly change the lane in the middle of the corner. ;)
  8. Rob Taplin Licensed Driver

    Jyrki, just another question, I assume you use cockpit view? If not do you have the virtual mirror enabled? Oh and keep a look out for the little red arrows to show cars around you, its a great help on AC.
  9. Jyrki Ihalainen Licensed Driver

    I use cockpit view and virtual mirror.
    And I even installed Helicorsa to give me heads up when there are cars sneaking up on me from angles where I can't spot them, because I felt the red arrows sometimes just blend in to all the awesomeness happening..

    And I learned this the hard way: I turn all the apps I absolutely don't need off after or during qualy. Less distraction, more eyes on the road.

    Mostly the accidents I'm involved are something I didn't cause my self (far as I know) and usually happening so fast I just can't avoid it. Of course I, like everyone else, sometimes misjudge situations and bang into the car in front or something, but that is rare. - At least that's the image I have about my driving...

    (edit: Now that I blurted this out I most likely crash everyone and everything in Nordschleife, taking at least half the field with me in T1... :confused: )

    Now how about that replay? :rolleyes: Anyone?
  10. Mladen Vukicevic Licensed Driver

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