[Nov 9, 2013] SRP Wellington 250... (1987 Wellington Nissan-Mobil 500 (Wellington city circuit))

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SRP Wellington 250...
1987 Wellington Nissan-Mobil 500 (Wellington city circuit)
Start Date: Nov 9, 2013 06:00 PM
End Date: Nov 9, 2013 10:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
  1. Rui Martins Licensed Driver

    This was the first online race i had with this cars, it was really hard to get use to them and i wasn't a threat to the faster guys who are more use to this cars, it was completely impossible to me to do better.

    Q: I wasn't expecting to do a great time, so i was just wanting to do as many laps as possible, but i ended up not being able to put in as many laps as i wanted. in the end i did a new personal best for me and got a bit disapointed for being around 0.5 seconds behind Andy Jonhs, if i had been a little bit faster...

    R I started at the back of the grid, but it was ok, i REALLY liked the formation lap before the start, it's a shame the races on rfactor 1 that i did on the past ussually didn't had this kind of start. I was able to get out of the grid ok, and i was rigth behind the cars in front of me, there were some cars who spun in the first couple of laps and i was able to pass them, but then, on lap 4, i also spun, after scrapping a whal at the end of sector 2 i think. After that i had a battle with Andy Jonhs for the rest of his race, most of the time we weren't close, but i was able to pass him when he pitted, then he caugth me, we stayed together for a while, then he pitted again, after some more laps he was able to catch me, we had a small battle and when he passed me he alçso went to the pits, some time after he quitted the race :( . I was able to gain positions with dnf cars, it isn't the way i like to ain positions, but my main goal was exactly avoid collisions that could cause a dnf and i was able to do that, i was also aiming to complete 75% of the race, and i was able to do that, i completed 71 laps, which were more than i was expecting. At the end i had a great time during this race, it was hard to keep it between the walls during 2 hours withouth crashing hard into them :D. I did my best not to hold faster cars behind me, if i did that i'm sorry it wasn't my intention at all.
    Congratulations to top 3 and to those who finished this hard race. I really hope there are more events with this cars and in this format, it was really nice, thank you for organizing this event :)
  2. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    To begin with, thank you everyone for showing up for the event and that you all tried to get in. Sorry for the trouble with finding the server, should have thought that there might have been a trouble with that but I've never had that kind of issue myself :(

    The winner of the SRH Prize will be announced tomorrow afternoon as I don't want to do it tonight because I'm very tired after the broadcast, trying to help out those who got into contact with me and so on :oops:

    Here is the link to the Video of the broadcast, I hope that you will enjoy it :)

    Again, thank you everyone and I hope that you will be back for more events in rF and, hopefully, the TCL mod :)
  3. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Well that was great fun.

    So glad I was in a car with decent amount of power. Had Rhys close to me for loads of laps with some great racing, at least from my seat.

    Sorry to Nilsson for the slight tap on lap 1 into the chicane, can't remember what happened, didn't think I was that close, I guess I should've been a lot more careful than I was.

    Also Sorry to Hermans, I take a bit longer to stop the car into the Northern Hairpin and kept it left to try and avoid you but couldn't stop in time. Hope the tap didn't damage anything.

    Made a minor mistake and turned in just a moment too soon for the Cable Street chicane, with the result being a bounce off the concrete into the tyres across the track and the impact resulted in killing the engine immediately.

    Was aiming to finish higher than I started and before my crash, I was on for it, being in front of Rhys and Andy at the time, who unfortunately did come together at the Town Hall Chicane when I was hunting Rhys down after stopping after him.

    I think sitting by myself at that point, where after some bad laps, I decided that I wasn't going to catch Lennon and Andy not catching, I wasn't pushing as hard as before so mistakes creeped in and my race ended due to the mistakes.

    With more practice prior to the event (lot of college work preventing loads of practice) maybe I could've kept up with the likes of Orban and Holm. Race was great fun, track was fun to run around even by yourself.

    Hope we have more events with these cars and hopefully the cars will be matched closer.
  4. Rui Martins Licensed Driver

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  5. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Grrrr, sorry folks. ANOTHER case of not waking up for the event!! I left practice late, only this morning did I really get into things, doing 100 laps with Breedon getting my PB time down a nice 1:25.7* I could drive flat 26.0 consistently for many laps. So sorry to all who I would have been racing with. I think its best if I do not enter any more races as I have enough to deal with at the moment. I mean driving 100 laps practice after a night shift with no sleep, until i'm litterally sleeping at the wheel.....is definately not the way, for all kinds of reasons.

    Ive just got into work now! :(
    Wil be interested to see your laptimes as I seems to have hit a nice sweet spot in the Sierra. I will drive a league with these cars mind you.

    Godd night all! ;)
  6. Máté Orbán Licensed Driver

    A long race after a long brake.

    I had a good start, passed Kjell and managed to keep up with Eric and Adrian.
    After a few laps, Adrian spun and I passed him.
    Kjell was on my back and I couldn't loose him. We had a never ending battle....started it on the 3rd lap and finished it at around the 34th lap after I made a mistake at T1 and spun off.
    Than I made my first and only pitstop, everything went well.
    Continued my race on the 6th place. My second stint was a lonely mission.
    I passed Gary after he hit the wall. Kjell did a mistake too...so I took back the 5th place and finished the race on this position.

    I really enjoyed this race, especially the battle with Kjell.

    Congrats to the podium finishers!

    Thank you for the organization!
  7. Glenn Morris Licensed Driver

    Mate, did you end up racing the VL TWR after our conversation the other day?

    Sounds like a great event, I'll have a look at the broadcast when I get a chance... When's the next one?? :D
  8. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Smashing job on the Broadcast. The best SRP has seen yet! Lets hope this is a trend that will continue??

    It has to be said, John Munro! What a legend....for me, he is the voice of simracing commentary! Lool. Superb effort mate, well done.

    The top 2 in Qually would have been to fast for me, very nice speed. Well done Tveit, really good drive lad. ;)
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  9. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Again please. But without the stupid Sierra...
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  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    But disagree with the Sierra part! :p
  11. Lars Brugman Licensed Driver

    George could keep up ;)
  12. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    "Could" :p And only when you two were busy racing side-by-side for 110% of the track ;)
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  13. Adrian Holm Licensed Driver

    110% of a street track, seems legit ;)
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  14. Máté Orbán Licensed Driver

    No. I didn't want to change my decision, but later I will try the VL...just to know what I missed.
  15. John Munro Licensed Driver

    thanks Chris, means alot! had a blast, really great racing guys :D
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  16. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Have to agree Chris. You did a stirling job, John. Enjoyed every minute of the broadcast.
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  17. Anders Nilsson Licensed Driver

    O well this could have gone better . Entered first chicane 8th i think exit it deadlast :( U are forgiven Ethan , but i think after that i drove in anger.Was climbing back up to 7th i think chasing Gary down,when i overdid it and hit the wall in last chicane. Lol and i landed out in the water :cool: Race over
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  18. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Regarding the Prize:

    The 75% rule, as stated in the opening post, is in use for this event and the special number to hit was 58 laps.

    12 drivers are therefore eligible for it and those are:

    1. Erik Tveit
    2. Lars Brugman
    3. George Talbot
    4. Eric Stranne
    5. Máté Orbán
    6. Gary Lennon
    7. Andy Breedon
    8. Rob Hermans
    9. Rhys Gardiner
    10. David Carter
    11. Rui F Martins
    12. Adrian Holm

    I will commence the draw shortly, good luck to all of you who are in for the draw.
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  19. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    The draw has been done. I will post the pictures of how the draw turned out.


    Congratulations to Rob Hermans who is Number 8 on the list of drivers eligible for the prize in the post above!
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  20. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Congrats Rob !

    Jonatan.. have you got enough tabs open? :eek::D
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