Oulton Park

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    Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_oulton-park-short_24-1-2015-19-59-8.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_oulton-park-short_24-1-2015-19-58-50.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_oulton-park-short_24-1-2015-19-54-25.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_oulton-park-short_24-1-2015-19-53-13.jpg Screenshot_nissan_primera_btcc_oulton-park-short_24-1-2015-19-51-55.jpg I have looked high and low. I have spoken to people in the know and nobody can tell me wether this is legit or not. It is obviously an conversion, and a bloody good one at that.

    It contains 3 layouts, Fosters, the large complete layout and the smaller one with no chicanes.

    I have taken some pictures and provided the download.

    All I can say is, unless I know, or informed otherwise, this is public domain and is legit...if I am told different, then I will remove this download, but at this moment in time, I am non the wiser or know any different. I have asked loads of people on the AC forums, just to add

    Download Here

    Enjoy !!!!! - I am :)

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