Pre-Season event #2: Karlskoga Motorstadion

Discussion in 'WCS Season 1 (finished)' started by Eric Stranne, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    Race format / Session info:
    Race day: 15th of June 2012

    Track: Karlskoga Motorstadion
    Required Games: Race 07, STCC II
    Required Mods: Clio Cup by T2L racing (DOWNLOAD)
    Race Length: 2 x 25 laps

    Time schedule:
    • Official Practice: 18:00 GMT
    • Qualifying: 19:00 GMT
    • Warmup: 19:20 GMT
    • Race: 19:30 GMT
    Server is up according to the correct format that will be used during the race.
    Server Name: Clio
    Server Password

    If you feel that a certain individual has some questionable driving skills, then it is very important that you contact me for me to take a look at. If you don't tell me about this, this person might end up taking you out in a proper race and you won't be glad that you didn't bring it t my notice earlier.

    To sign up for the event, simply post a message saying so below.

    Entry list:
    1. Matt Clark .
    2. Nick Deeley
    3. Dan Allison.
    4. Pedro Mourao.
    5. Miguel Neto.
    6. Diogo Loges.
    7. Hugo Barbosa.
    8. Simon Gardner.
    9. Yuri Braham.
    10. Tobias Olsson.
    11.Duarte Lopes
    12. Chris Sykes.
    13. Sebastien Foucart
    14. Paulo Honorato.
    15. Mario Peixoto.
    16. Marius Neverauskas
    17. Frans van der Linden.
    18. Drew White.
    19. Andreas Loffler.
    20. André Caiado.
    21. Dinca Andrei.
    22. Mathias Bonne.
    23. Alexander Lauritzen.


    1. Duarte Lopes
    2. Barry Collins
    3. Sebastien Foucart
    4. Nick Deeley
    5. Andy Breedon
    6. Andy Reed

    NOTE: These drivers did not participate in the race at Brands Hatch Indy and MUST race in order to be eligible for the season opener at Hamburg Harbor:
    • Chris Rigby
    • Marius Neverauskas
    • Jonas Orfelt
    • Dinca Andrei
    • Dariusz Wielgosz
    • Matthew Zaczek
    • Diego Battaglia
    • Tiaan Louw
    • Dan Allison
    • Danny Ritsema
    • Ivan Borisov
    • Andreas Löffler
    • Miguel Neto
    • Frans van der Linden
    • Drew White
    • Simon Gardner
    • Matt Clark
    • Chris Sykes
    • Hugo Barbosa
    • Diogo Lopes
    • Fabian Werner
    • Tobias Olsson
    • Pedro Mourao
    • Luca Hoffman
    Prority will be given to these drivers. When all of these have signed up, I will allow more people in if they want to.

    Cutting rules:

    Nothing special regarding cutting. The only slight difference is the apex of turn 1:


    This is the maximum amount of gravel you are allowed to use. Keep two wheels on the tarmac. Nothing more, nothing less:
  2. Matt Clark Licensed Driver

    Sign me in bud
  3. Fabian Werner Licensed Driver

  4. Dan Allinson Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please mate.
  5. Barry Collins Licensed Driver

  6. Pedro Mourao Licensed Driver

    Count me in for this one ;)
  7. Miguel Neto Licensed Driver

    Sign me in please:)
  8. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Sign me pls

    EDIT : Ah, just read the whole writeup. Dont worry , sign me out and let those that haven't raced race.
    (Quickest sign out .... ever :) )
  9. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    I'll add all the ones who were present at Brands to the reserve list, and then you will be picked from there.
  10. Diogo Lopes Licensed Driver

  11. Emil Sällberg Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please!
  12. Hugo Barbosa Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please
  13. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please
  14. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    That a mod track or one from an expansion?
  15. Paulo Honorato Licensed Driver

    Is from STCC II
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  16. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Sign me please ;-)
  17. Yuri Braham SRP Moderator

    I'll be there!
  18. Tobias Olsson Licensed Driver

  19. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver


    I'm in, I love the track :)

    I've signed up for the season but haven't been added to the list of drivers yet but I hope I will when this event is done ;)
  20. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    You are, check the 16th spot :) I substituted you for Bradley ;)
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