Race07 messed up again

Discussion in 'Race 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andy Reed, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. Diego Battaglia Licensed Driver

    I'm starting to hate steam. What's happening on it? Me too when trying to load servers on lobby, Race07 crash. I have checked all files from all DLC's, and every time i have to download some files.
  2. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I have found out a temporary fix.

    Disconnect your internet before entering the lobby. This stops the mini-dump. Go into "Filter list" and write in the name of the server or the first few characters of the the server name. Because you have no connection when doing this, it gives you a few seconds before you get sent back to main screen. Restart your internet and just keep flicking backwards and forwards, in and out of "Filter list" making sure that the server name you entered stays there whilst your connection is sorting itself out. Once your connection fires up you will see only the servers with the name you inputted.

    Why does this work ? Apparently it has something to do with invalid characters in the lobby somewhere that someone has used which is causing the mini-dump...... ? Works for me, wanted to race a few hours ago, only just found this out as I subscribed to a steam thread.

    I will go to Mugello for a bit. Hope it works for whoever wants to race now.
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    I'll try it tomoz mate, if it aint fixed by then.
  4. Dinca Andrei Licensed Driver

    Nope not fixed...damn stupid people who try to look cool inserting odd nicknames from different characters....or it could be a verry good hacker who is messing with us....either way it sucks and kills Steam slowly for some...
  5. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

    Glad it's not just me :D. I joined the server last night about 8ish and was fine. Left to change cars and then it kept crashing. I deleted Race locally but haven't re-installed yet so will try tonight. By the sounds of it though that' not going to make any difference.
  6. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Ok I see NO servers, except for 2 randoms. Does this mean they have fixed the problem and all dedi-servers need re-launching ? Please can you restart the DTM server so I can take a look. Thanks.
  7. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Just placed a new server up although all dedi servers are running.
  8. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Ok, thanks. I show take a look. ;)
  9. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Thanks I see a server which lets us know that all servers need restarting in order to be seen in the new lobby, but the MOD is UNKNOWN at the moment mate ? Any extra cars installed by mistake Andy maybe mate ?
  10. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Cheers Breedon, I'm in server now. ;)
  11. Dinca Andrei Licensed Driver

    "Hi all,

    We have cleared out the server list in order to investigate and maybe find the culprit dedicated server (if there is one) that is causing the issue.

    Dedicated servers will need to restart in order to re-register their server to appear back in the lobby.

    Whether it is an illegal character in a server name, or a troublesome content or a setting, we will keep investigating and hopefully resolve the issue.

    We have just cleared the server list to see if we can catch the troublesome server.

    The servers need to restart in order to get re-added onto the list so it will be quite empty until they restart.

    But at least it shouldn't crash until the culprit server gets added again.

    Thank you for your understanding."


    "Hi all,

    Both Valve and us here at SimBin, are looking into the potential remaining issues caused by the Conversion that was done few days ago.

    Valve has fixed most, if not all of the issues. This is a mere check to see if there are any issues remaining that we may have missed.

    Thank you."

  12. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    Just that you guys save some nerves:

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  13. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Hehe, I'm still in server racing ;) My tip works a treat still ;)
  14. Martijn van Bommel Licensed Driver

    Are the problems with the ingame multiplayer solved?
    Or do i have to try the tricks from Chris? ;)
  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    The server list doesn't crash the game anymore. Any servers that were running before they did a "purge" needed restarting, and I've done that with the Porsche server, tested it, and it's fine. However, I still have some problems with Steam updates (who doesn't? :rolleyes: ), but hopefully it won't interfere with the racing.
    Good luck.
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  16. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

    My Steam freezes whenever I try and reformat Race 07. Seriously, wtf.
  17. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Have you tried offline mode mate ?
  18. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    After coming home i have also some issues, even starting the game isn't possible. I decided to make a backup of all needed data (mods, skins, tracks, the Race07 folder in my documents) and make a complete new install of the game and DLC's. According SimBin which posted at RD this should help. Here the the two topic's t RD, started from SimBin. I hope everythink will work tomorrow :):

  19. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Just installed everything and everything seems working, could start and join the lobby - no probs, looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe you rethink your decision, i think it's fixed all.

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