rFactor2 now available on Steam (40% discount till 19th Nov!)

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Rob Hermans, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    What are your options if you are new to rFactor 2?

    You can buy rFactor 2 on Steam here:

    rFactor 2 = offline only
    rFactor 2 Lifetime = offline/multiplayer/no subscription required
    Online Services = Adds 1 year multiplayer to offline

    Be sure to check out things like the workshop, although you can install content through the packages icon in the launcher and manual downloading if you want to.

    There are a few guides up in the community hub, we highly recommend checking that area out.

    Already own rFactor 2?

    You can keep using rF2 as you are now, buy another copy on Steam (giving you two), or you can MOVE to Steam. When you move to Steam, your non-Steam access becomes DEAD. Also, your non-Steam subscription (whatever remains on it) is WIPED (you just get the offline version on Steam).

    Lifetime non-Steam users get a Lifetime steam key.

    You can get access to the form to request your Steam key on the ISI FAQ page under ‘purchase questions’.

    Yes, non-Steam and Steam users can race together. The current build on Steam is the build you have as a non-Steam user. Steam users DO have some additional features, such as workshop, Steam matchmaker and a few other things detailed in the recent Q&A.
  2. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    Although it may make maintaining rF2 easier, Im going to stick with my standalone install. Don't particurly like steam or anything that controls you.

    One biggie for me is steam will download and keep up to date ALL official ISI content....but considering I only race one or two cars, I like to just install what im using at the time........maybe I should invest in a bigger ssd for my games drive, but not just to install something I wont use.

    I think the main thing is though, steam may well grow the rf2 community more :)

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